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Publication: History of Compton County (Leonard S. Channell) add link
Title: Chapter XIX. "Lingwick"

The first settlement made in Lingwick was the building of Victoria village, in 1836, by the British American Land Company. ... In 1837 the first settlers, who were to remain in the township, arrived. They were John, Randal, and Henry Cowan, and a man named MacDowd; and James, John, Lijah, and Thomas Hanright. The Cowans were from the north of Ireland, and were half Scotch and half Irish; the Hanrights were Irish. They settled in Gould on the farms on which some of them are still living. [p. 256]

The Cowans, previously mentioned as among the first settlers, were a little better off, and in what then could be considered comfortable circumstances. They, with the Hanrights, settled on the east side of the Salmon river. Henry Cowan was ferryman for the first fifteen years before a bridge was built. The Cowans and Hanrights were always willing to help the Scotch settlers whenever their Highland pride would permit them to ask for assistance. Instances were known where some of the settlers would go for weeks with nothing to eat but potatoes and salt. Messrs. Henry Cowan and James Hanright are both living, having seen this townsihp reach a prosperous state, and all those around them doing well.