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Issue: 1933
Title: A History and Story of Botsford, by W.M. Burns
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Another industry of later years is the raising of Silver Black Foxes for commercial purposes. Botsford was not long behind Prince Edward Island in embarking upon this enterprise for self-evident reasons. Little Shemogue was the former home of the late Robert T. Oulton who along with Lieut-Governor Dalton were pioneers of the business in Alberton, P.E.I., and therefore it was natural that among his relatives and friends in Shemogue a business with such possibilities should have a beginning. In 1910 or thereabouts the first fox ranch in Botsford was established by J. R. Taylor and in 1912 Murray Corner Black Fox Co. Ltd. was organized and a ranch established on the farm of the late Job S. Peacock. Since that time the industry has spread in a wonderful degree. Many large companies were formed within the next few years and since then very many of the farmers of Botsford have adopted fox raising as a part of their farming operations. While prices at the present time are far below what they were during the early days of fox raising yet no branch of farm work brings a better reward than does fox ranching when carefully administered.

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