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Publication: The Daily Times, Moncton add link
Issue: 30 July 1896
Title: Lost in the Woods

Unusual Experience of two young Girls from Moncton

Two young girls from Moncton, Annie Legoof, daughter of Mr. Paul Legoof, trackman, and Lena Smith, daughter of Mr. John Smith, of electric light service, had an unusual experience yesterday. They started from town about 7 o'clock in the morning to pick blueberries of the plains back of Coverdale. They strayed beyond their reckoning during the day, and finally became lost. They failed to return in the evening and search was made for them unsuccessfully. They turned up all right this morning, however, coming out at 5 o'clock near Mr. Balser's place several miles down the river. They tramped all night in the woods and were naturally much alarmed but suffer no serious effects from their tramp.