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Publication: Annals of Richmond County and Vicinity add link
Issue: Volume I, 1966, page 64
Title: Municipality of Cleveland: Richmond - Janesville

James Murdoch Smillie, son of John, was three years old when the family toiled up the St. Francis River to Shipton, upon their arrival from Scotland. When he grew up he purchased a new area of forest land close to a high hill, locally called "The Mountain", which in those days was covered with a fine stand of oaks. He spent a busy lifetime moulding it into a well-kept modern farm. He raised a large family, many of whom migrated to other parts of the world. He bought additional land as the economics of farming changed, making larger farms more desirable.

His son, James, Jr., took over the farm and James Sr. lived with him to the ripe age of ninety-four. The fine house they built to replace the first house was, like the Nelson Smillie house, built of hand-made bricks, because in the early days it was impractical to purchase bricks at distant points and transport them over rough roads.

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