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Publication: History of Compton County (L.S. Channell) add link
Issue: 1896
Title: Chapter XI: Township of Eaton

Mr. Noble came to Canada with his father, Alexander Noble, in 1838. They settled near Sherbrooke, carrying on the farm known as "Meadowbank," then the property of Peter Patterson, of Quebec, now owned by Geo. F. Terrill. Tehy remained there four years, removing to Gould in 1843. His father there carried on a farm and saw mill for nine years when he moved to Parkhill, Ont., where he died in 1875. When they moved [121] to Gould in 1843 there were no roads beyond Bury, and they had to walk. The carts were afterwards taken around by Victoria, where there was a road when the river could be forded. In 1848 Mr. Noble and his brother John went to Massachusetts where they had a saw mill and furniture shop. In 1852 he returned and bought out the business of one Clintock, who had two years previously opened a store at Stonoway. The building was made of hewn logs. In those days there were no roads between Lingwick and Winslow, except in the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Noble in 1856 wished to make a visit to Lingwick in June, adn they were obliged to carry the baby (now Mrs. Pope), nine miles, in their arms. Mr. Noble remained there until March, 1892, when he removed to Cookshire.... [pp. 120-121]