NB: Index to New Brunswick Marriages (RS141B7) 1592
QC: Non-Catholic marriages in the Montréal area, 1766-1899 7
MB: Manitoba Vital Statistics, Marriages 46
SK: Marriages 8
BC: Marriages Index 815
Other - please see notes for details 615
NB: Early County Marriage Records PANB RS159 21
NS: Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Marriages 1943
BC: Pre-confederation marriage records 1859-1872 GR-3044 5

NS: Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Marriages

View Dennis Eisner Lizzie McLaughlin 1906-01-24
View Currie Acker Lydia Selina Robar 1904-12-03
View Elias Dawson Acker Edna Loretta Conrad 1906-09-27
View Evern Charles Acker Bessie Lavinia Holland 1910-06-04
View James Howard Acker Lida Mary Daniels 1909-07-02
View John Eleazer Acker Delilah Feener 1906-12-03
View Obidiah Acker Hattie Feindell 1904-07-14
View Norman Ackles Anna Bell Thomson 1905-09-27
View Benjamin Arthur Acorn Jessie Bertha Cameron 1909-08-11
View Clarence R, Adams Lottie Warren 1903-11-18
View Edwin Cecil Adams Alice Melinda Eisenhauer 1908-12-23
View Ernest W Adams Jessie Beaton 1905-12-20
View James Adams Henrietta Maria Corkum 1906-12-24
View James Arthur Admas Gertrude Margaret Smith 1907-11-18
View Robert D Aldons Rosie J Julian 1908-06-20
View Joseph P. Aldred Isabelle Simmonds 1908-11-01
View Austin Allen Lillian Selig 1901-07-06
View Calvin E Allen Florence Evelyn Tanner 1909-04-07
View Clarence Allen Letitia Knickle 1902-04-05
View Henry Allen Eva Risser 1908-03-12
View James Hennigar Allen Elva Belle Robart 1906-10-30
View James Lemuel Allen Effie Read 1904-01-27
View James Steadman Allen Hilda Bertha Tanner 1910-03-05
View h allison a miller 1868-01-01
View Charles Austin Amberman Effie Gregory 1909-05-12
View John L. Amberman Lucy H. Rumsey 1908-10-01
View Duffis H Amburg Lizzie M Covey 1906-10-03
View Déramée Amirault Anne Genevieve Leblanc 1915-11-22
View Urbain Amirault Rosalie Muis 1878-01-21
View Cherith Aubrey Anderson Ethel Alice Scott 1906-12-27
View Allison Angus Susannah Mitchell 1876-12-27
View Willoughby Anthony Lavinia DeWolf Bent 1901-06-12
View James Albert Apt Ethel Maud Middleton 1910-06-26
View John Apt Abagail Everett 1905-10-25
View Dean Stanley Archibald Ethel Smith 1910-05-18
View Caleb Fletcher Arenburg Laura Haines 1909-07-25
View John T Arenburg Winnifred Lohnes 1903-10-14
View Milledge J Arenburg Adelia C Hirtle 1895-06-30
View Bayard M. Armstrong Lulu C. Bishop 1908-12-16
View John E. Armstrong Hannah May Thorne 1906-06-27
View Leslie M. Armstrong Laura M. Neily 1907-07-17
View Morris Armstrong Mamie Hatt 1906-07-16
View Wallace George Armstrong Mary Murphy 1909-03-02
View Sidney Gardner G Ashley Lola Eunice Black 1908-08-12
View William Henry Ashley Ida Isenor 1904-09-10
View Herbert L Atwood Florence C McGowan 1904-07-01
View Ephraim Benjamin Aulenbach Emma May Veinot 1907-06-21
View Josias Aulenbach Martha Beck 1902-06-19
View Allen Aulenback Lottie Langille 1910-10-22
View Delmas Borden Aulenback Victoria Beck 1906-10-01
View Inglis Austen Helen C. Mills 1902-06-18
View George Backman Sophia Cleveland 1906-09-17
View George Archibald Backman Bessie Bell Morash 1903-12-23
View George Haliburton Backman Nora Edna Shoop 1905-01-11
View Joshua Emanuel Backman Dianthis Conrad 1903-10-10
View Omen E Backman Grace b Baker 1908-10-22
View Robert John Backman Mabel Emily Backman 1910-11-03
View Harris Edwin Bailey Willietta Maud Curll 1901-09-03
View John H Bailey Cecelia McDonald 1910-12-21
View Leslie M. Baird Edna E. Wright 1905-05-05
View Alonzo Jerome Baker Grace Garland Gates 1910-06-23
View Calet (Caleb) Roger Baker Elna(Elva) Blanche Wolf 1909-03-21
View Edward Charles Baker Bethiah Wallace 1911-03-30
View Ervin Baker Emily Young 1908-06-17
View Gabriel Baker Emma Cross 1886-10-27
View George Alfred, Jr. Baker Annie Smith 1906-04-15
View Israil Baker Sophia Wentzell 1873-12-01
View John A Baker Minnie Bertha Jodrey 1910-11-10
View Joseph Martin Baker Rebecca Hysler 1903-02-18
View Levi Joseph Baker Cordelia Leah Conrod 1903-02-25
View Noah Franklin Baker Belle Mercey (Mersey) 1910-12-06
View Robert Malcolm Baker Nellie Elizabeth Everson 1909-12-24
View Silas James Baker Della Rhodenheizer 1909-09-15
View Titus Baker Isabella Covey 1891-01-28
View Vernon Baker Sadie Lyons 1906-01-01
View Willard B Baker Cora B Kaulback 1901-12-25
View Willie Baker Adelaide Dares 1911-01-11
View Owen M. Balcomb Ida May Maughan 1910-07-09
View Aubery F. Baltzer Ardella Emma Craig 1906-07-19
View George W. Baltzer Blanche Gower 1905-12-20
View Aubrey DeWolf Bancroft Lennie Ethel Miller 1901-10-22
View William Bancroft Anna Maria Williams 1902-04-23
View James Leander Bangil Julia Florence Richardt 1907-02-16
View Arnold Sanford Banks Lillian J Wentzell 1906-12-26
View Arthur H. Banks Annie I. Balcom 1906-12-24
View George Banks Maggie Cassidy 1905-10-02
View Oakley Banks Pearl Wiswell 1905-04-03
View Alexander Edmond Barkhouse Bertha Nancy McDonald 1904-04-20
View Malcolm Barkhouse Edith Mansfield 1910-10-26
View Ralph Alfred Barkhouse Alice Evelyn Evans 1906-01-23
View Reuben Edwin Barkhouse Alice Amanda Boutilier 1903-02-24
View Roy Seymour Barkhouse Mary Mrytle Thomas 1908-10-25
View Benjamin Edgar Baroni Annie Odessa Linehan 1909-06-30
View James Edward Baroni Ethel M Lenihan 1908-01-29
View Albert Henry Barry Elva Grace Eichel 1907-03-05
View Dean William Barry Ada Pearline Greek 1910-06-18
View Hibbert Barry Eleanor Elizabeth Aulenbach 1902-09-20
View Horace St. Clair Barss Florence Elina Morton 1903-06-06
View Benjamin Barteaux Myrtle MacKenzie 1910-12-21
View Charles A. Barteaux Fanny B. Harris 1907-02-20
View Ernest Burton Barteaux Lizzie Gertrude Berry 1903-01-28
View Frank H. Bath Bessie M. Dodge 1908-09-02
View Abbot S Beck Effie C Cook 1900-12-13
View Forman Willett Beck Mavilla F. Beck 1902-02-04
View Joseph Beck Alice Maud Selig 1904-11-29
View Leander E Beck Emma B L Demone 1894-06-12
View Raeburn Harold Beck Clara Gertrude Lohnes 1931-10-31
View William Beck Ada Wile 1909-04-01
View Thomas Benjamin Beckwith Mysie Ann Hayman 1923-01-09
View Frank Russell Bell Beulah Edith Lilian Eisenhauer 1909-12-23
View James Bell Annie Green 1879-03-27
View John Robert Bell Elizabeth Catherine Wolfe 1905-04-05
View John W Bell Eunice Hollingsworth 1904-02-10
View Robert William Bell Lizzie Marion Remby 1906-10-31
View Michael Bellfontaine Bertha Purcell 1905-10-17
View Alton Lorne Bent Grace Edith Farnsworth 1905-09-15
View Archie Lawson Bent Margaret Mary Armanella Gesner 1905-01-11
View Arthur S. Bent Ferne Bezanson 1908-10-28
View Edward A. Bent Alice Ward 1907-10-30
View George A. Bent Laura M. Waught 1902-11-05
View Henry Harris Herbert Bent Stella Josephine Phinney 1905-05-10
View Ralph Bent Alberta Messenger 1908-09-18
View William E. Bent Lucy B. Young 1907-05-15
View William McMilland Berring Ada May Lohnes 1906-04-25
View Haliburton Berringer Bessie Herman 1905-06-14
View John Henry Berringer Janet Maude Gilnought 1908-10-21
View Josiah Archibald Berringer Helen Ada Rhuland 1911-02-15
View Ralph E. Berry Annie May Rawding 1902-12-03
View Samuel Berry Annie Dukeshire 1904-12-25
View James Edward Bezanson Jennie Lantz 1903-11-27
View James Edward Bezanson Amy Tressilia Keddy 1906-08-09
View Seymour N Bezanson Nina Edna Melvin 1910-08-07
View John Erle Biglow Violet Cecelia Thomas 1906-12-31
View Fred K. Blackadar Ina Wanger 1909-02-01
View Charles Astel Blakney Frances Crowell 1906-06-12
View James William Bochner Margaret Ellen Hiltz 1899-06-21
View George Benjamin Boehner Mary Ann Sadie Kaulback 1902-12-23
View Ernest W. Bohaker Florence M. Feener 1904-02-01
View Moyle E Bolivar Hattie Levy 1907-11-19
View William Bolivar Kathleen Knox 1908-03-07
View Charles F. Boliver Florence R. Mosher 1902-07-21
View Freeman Boliver Emma Ernst 1901-08-05
View Sydney Hiram Boliver Lucretia Victoria Dares 1909-12-23
View James Ernest Bollivar Millie Keziah Naugler 1907-07-17
View David Purdy Bolliver Angeline Mabel Simpson 1903-08-20
View Joseph Bolliver Alla Morton 1910-10-12
View Charles Bond Lila Bremner 1910-07-26
View Charles Henry Bond May Stevens 1906-06-03
View James Seymour Bond Bertha Prisilla Schnare 1903-06-26
View Linley Webster Bond Carrie May Chandler 1904-01-16
View William McLean Bond Sarah Maud Powers 1904-11-09
View John Reuben Borden Mary Violet Landry 1918-02-27
View Alfred R. Boutilier Nancy L. Munroe 1904-03-29
View David Boutilier Mary Clattenburg 1900-07-20
View Frank Robert Boutilier Annie Jane Conrad 1904-12-21
View Goulbourn Augustus Boutilier Margaret Roast 1905-02-25
View Harry V Boutilier Alma E Coolen 1910-05-25
View William E. Boutilier Luvilla Vance Boutilier 1900-12-26
View Joseph Howard Bowden Clara Belle Jewell 1903-08-06
View James Gordon Bower Aletha MacLeod 1907-01-29
View George A Bowers Rachel Conrod 1906-05-09
View Nathaniel Bowers Ellen Logan 1882-11-20
View Whildona R Bowers Alice M Morash 1906-12-12
View Miilledge Bowlby Jessie M. Barteaux 1908-07-08
View Ross Garfield Bowlby Laura May Sproule 1906-09-26
View William Bowser Bertha Fraill 1903-03-12
View Lovitt M Boyd Susan E Newell 1906-06-20
View Sylvester Ambr Boylan Agnes Walker 1910-01-13
View Sydney Archibald Bradbury Ida Bertha Stanford 1905-05-24
View Dominic Bradfoot Louise Morris 1909-06-15
View John Alexander Bradley Ellizabeth Hennigar 1904-09-21
View Joshua Bradley Melissa Maud Hill 1904-05-11
View Frank Brady Evelyn Harrington 1909-11-09
View Lawrence B W Braine Jessie Elizabeth Graham 1902-06-11
View patrick brennan annie english 1913-01-01
View Curtis M Brewster Maria E Carson 1881-01-15
View Louis L. Brooks Alice B. Gillis 1908-08-12
View Arthur N. Brown Lottie Berry 1905-04-12
View Henry Brown Laura Ethel Meister 1904-02-10
View Henry F Brown Adelia H Croft 1896-07-06
View Joseph Brown Margaret E Russel 1905-09-04
View Joseph Dickson Brown Jean Dorothy Lemons 1928-01-04
View Joseph Spurgeon Brown Maud B. Keith 1906-11-10
View Ralph M Brown Ebby (Elby) R Johnson 1909-03-08
View Warren Brown Violet Blanch Wilson 1919-05-09
View Arthur T. Bruce Deanie Robar 1905-07-16
View Harry W. Bruce Ora L. Marshall 1901-06-03
View John Bruce Cora E Bruce 1885-09-15
View Archie Bruhm Hazel Mossman 1907-08-10
View George Joshua Buckler Vicie May Ramsay 1903-08-26
View Mansford Buckler Carrie E. Trimper 1905-07-26
View Arthur Joseph Buckmaster Gertrude Laura Romkey 1902-02-15
View Michael Bulger Muriel Munroe 1909-08-09
View Marshall Burgess Lena S Huskelson 1905-10-25
View Albert George Burgoyne Charlotte Ellen Keddy 1911-01-04
View Phillip C. Burke Bessie Keith 1906-12-12
View Eugene Burnell Agnes Ann Corkum 1908-09-05
View Bli Melrose Burns Bessie Milbury 1910-03-09
View George Page Burns Eva May Morton 1909-05-25
View John C. Burns Laura Belle Parker 1904-06-15
View Raymond K. Burns Elizabeth Harris 1879-02-12
View Robert Burns Etta M. Millbury 1901-12-12
View Archie L Burrell Fannie E. LeCain 1904-12-28
View Gilbert Hicks Burrill Mary Elizabeth Melanson 1906-02-21
View Angus Daniel Bush Hattie Ward 1906-05-02
View Arthur C Bush Olive Wolfe 1905-06-07
View Benjamin Joshua Bush Sophia Lucretia Richard 1875-11-04
View Charles Simeon Bush Mahala Dagley 1905-10-12
View Howard Lee Bush Elsie May Bush 1909-12-23
View James Robert Bush Adelia Bush 1908-09-10
View John Solomon Bush Sarah Lottie Bush 1910-02-23
View Joseph Benjamin Bush May Fannie Bush 1908-12-23
View Leander Solomon Bush Emma Bushe 1903-11-25
View Simon A Bush Lillas Hirtle 1906-10-17
View Spurgeon S Bush Hattie M Decker 1905-03-08
View William Nicholas Bush Sophia Lucretia Bush 1906-11-14
View William Steadman Bush Louisa Mabel Hirtle 1908-09-15
View Charles W Bushen Pearl S Corkum 1910-02-22
View Stephen J Bushey Alice May Pentz 1904-11-19
View Arthur Butcher Lillie J. Flemming 1905-08-16
View William D Butler Louise Anderson 1909-06-02
View Charles E Byrns Maggie A Smith 1891-01-10
View Fredrick Caines Edith M. Weagle 1913-12-24
View Ernest H. Cameron Adelaide Ellizabeth Cameron 1910-09-19
View Isaac Cameron Adelaide Dowell 1893-03-30
View James Cameron Sarah, Sadie McIntosh 1882-06-25
View James Cameron Sarah, Sadie McIntosh 1882-06-25
View James Alexander Cameron Irene May Josey 1906-10-25
View John Henry Cameron sarah jane pushee 1878-01-01
View John Lauchlin Cameron Esther Letitia Innis 1905-11-15
View Arthur Thomas Campbell Elsie May Allison 1908-10-26
View Gordon L. Campbell Amanda Oickle 1910-06-02
View Manford Campbell Nina C. Wright 1902-12-10
View Charles Peter Cantelope Effie Blanche Langille 1907-12-27
View George Wolf Carey Bertha Spinney 1904-11-23
View Harvey Stewart Carey Melvina B. Stronach 1904-01-13
View Sylvester Carroll Laura Frail 1901-01-07
View Allen Carver Mary Nobie Carver 1903-09-03
View Carl Carver Avis Wagner 1903-09-08
View Frank Carver Elva May Wentzell 1909-10-20
View Stephen Carver Letitia Slauenwhite 1908-09-28
View Walton Casey Almeda McGrath 1901-04-22
View Wm. F. Cashman Lizzie Doucett 1907-03-29
View William Anthony Catalope Lottie May Dauphinee 1909-10-20
View Horton P Chesley Clementine F Seldon 1907-12-19
View John William Church Harriett Hilchey 1901-11-24
View Joshua Grant Church Hattie Browen (Brown) 1901-11-30
View Clyde Everett Chute Ella M Cole 1920-12-02
View Freeman E. Chute Ida E. Stratten 1902-09-11
View Wilford David Chute Jennie Louise Rawding 1902-01-08
View Andrew Clark LIna Woodworth Gates 1904-09-20
View George S.T. Clark Lillie D. Parker 1906-08-29
View Adelbert Clayton Laura V. Hudson 1907-11-04
View Austin St. Clair Cleveland Janet Elizabeth Awalt 1901-12-24
View David Cleveland Ada Rebecca Burgoyen 1901-11-29
View David Cleveland Annie Rector 1905-09-11
View Donald St. Clare Cleveland Edna Elfreda Harnish 1908-02-27
View Elisha J Cleveland Sophia Baker 1882-12-15
View Maynard Cleveland Elsie Georgina Frail 1906-12-08
View Mirum Harold Cleveland Grace Darling Gates 1906-10-17
View Richard Albert Cleveland Nora Jessie Seaboyer 1902-10-18
View Stephen Aretmes Cleveland Gladys Jennings 1911-02-07
View Charles Moore Cleversey Mabel Campbell 1909-08-04
View John Edward Coady Annie May Barkhouse 1910-09-07
View Laurie Richard Cochran Annie Maud Hood 1916-02-09
View William B. Cochrane Minnie M. Parker 1902-01-05
View George Willis Coldwell Alice Catherine Hood 1911-12-13
View Grover A Cole Grace Pearl Hawboldt 1908-09-23
View Thomas O Cole Emeline Acker 1894-11-10
View Ralph Milton Collicutt Katie Bezanson 1905-11-29
View Balfour S. Collins Lillian M. Berry 1908-12-09
View Frank Edward Collins Edith Flora Nile 1910-12-14
View Edmund Colp Hilda Colp 1907-01-30
View Archie Wm. Sinclair Condon Jennie May Bent 1902-10-15
View William Conley Ada Publicover 1889-07-16
View Wallace Kingston Conn Mary L. Munroe 1903-10-07
View Abbott H Conrad Lalia A Vogler 1902-12-18
View Albert Conrad Florence Victoria Zink 1904-12-10
View Albert Lancey Conrad Elida Elizabeth Conrad 1905-06-10
View Albert William Conrad Sadie Letitia Wilkie 1910-12-07
View Allen Conrad Emma Stewart 1899-12-23
View Allen Conrad Katie Nowe 1910-02-14
View Bennett Conrad Beatrice Wagner 1903-07-04
View Charles Emmanuel Conrad Arlene Zink 1911-01-19
View Clarence S Conrad Luetta V Lohnes 1910-12-21
View Cornelius A Conrad Annie A Ward 1900-10-29
View F Hubert Conrad D Adellea Mosher 1905-01-11
View Farish Conrad Ada Conrad 1901-10-23
View George Edward Conrad Estella May Conrad 1902-12-13
View George Enos Conrad Emily Maud Parks 1905-02-01
View Grafton Conrad Etta M Mosher 1903-06-06
View Hosea Alonzo Conrad Olivia May Anthony 1906-06-27
View Israel L Conrad Eunice C Croft 1909-11-10
View James E. Conrad Elvida M. Charlton 1909-09-26
View Jeffrey William Conrad Anna Maud Wilneff 1909-07-18
View John Thomas Conrad Maggie Mossman 1902-09-21
View Maynard A Conrad Mahala Crouse 1904-04-05
View Reuben S Conrad Edith Nowe 1910-02-14
View Roger Dean Conrad Phoebe W Silver 1902-01-25
View Stanford Conrad Elsie Boliver 1908-11-26
View Titus Eli Conrad Laura Ida May Keizer 1908-04-09
View Urban Conrad Maryella Lohnes 1911-03-09
View Wallace Conrad Viella Louise Corkum 1904-06-09
View Alexander E. Conrod Bertha C. Gaetz 1911-12-27
View Amos N. Conrod Vera Miller 1903-12-09
View Beniah Conrod Elva Hebb 1906-03-14
View George H Conrod Ella Conrod 1904-10-20
View Harold Wallace Conrod Ada Williams McCurdy 1927-06-02
View Howard Conrod Ella Knock 1902-02-09
View Isaiah Conrod Bertha May Mason 1904-03-23
View Joseph Simeon Conrod Agnes Hannah Leslie 1871-12-19
View Leaman Conrod Rosabell Florence Taylor 1904-11-05
View Martin Edwin Conrod Ellen Annie Belle Nowe 1904-06-15
View Percy George Conrod Pearl Irene Duggan 1923-07-31
View Scott J Conrods Geneva Nowe 1907-04-03
View Allan Cook Leah Conrad 1906-10-03
View Francis Cook Almina Wagner 1903-01-04
View Samuel Edwin Cook Flora Arenburg 1903-02-11
View Zenas Cook Cassandra Beck 1901-04-20
View Albridge D. Coombs Alice Sarah Carr 1903-12-25
View Harris Hartling Cooney Mary Elizabeth Munroe 1909-09-15
View Ambrose Corbin Amelia Knox 1901-01-06
View Arthur M Corbin Mary Hughes 1909-02-03
View Edward Crease Corbin Evelyn Maud Freda 1908-05-03
View James Edward Corbin Edna Samantha Legge 1904-08-15
View Albert Daniel Corkum Leilah Sophia Maggie Culp 1905-11-09
View Alex Simeon Corkum May Lavinia Corkum 1904-12-21
View Ammon St. Clair Corkum Ella Louise Spindler 1910-11-30
View Arthur William Corkum Mertie Jane Sperry 1904-12-20
View Daniel A Corkum Minnie M Murphy (Mullock) 1907-01-16
View Elder Zacharius Corkum Julia Ann Wynacht 1905-03-14
View Ellison Morrison Corkum Mary Elizabeth Knickle 1910-01-25
View George Enos Corkum Lottie Hubley 1903-12-23
View George H Corkum Ethelinda Weagle 1910-02-09
View Howard Edgar Corkum Josephine Estella Glawson 1908-12-22
View Irving Melburne Corkum Bernice Rebecca Richardson 1904-06-20
View James Eber Corkum Elma Val Huey 1910-02-22
View James Enos Corkum Mabel Edith Hermon 1908-01-15
View John Albert Corkum Agnes Ann Corkum 1876-11-19
View Kenneth Corkum Elva Conrad 1907-03-07
View Lupean Corkum Edna Lohnes 1908-09-30
View Milford Levi Corkum Viola Jane Himmelman 1909-01-09
View Millage Howard Corkum Stella M Cook 1910-01-09
View Norman Emmanuel Corkum Eva Almena Corkum 1910-11-26
View Ralph H Corkum Lilla Moland 1900-09-21
View Raymond Hallett Corkum Nora Cecelia Slauenwhite 1905-07-31
View Resby Corkum Clara Countway 1908-03-03
View Robert Corkum Hilda Pentz 1911-02-19
View Robert Austin Corkum Marjorie Caroline Parks 1921-01-25
View Robert Simon Corkum Maggie May Massey 1910-12-08
View Samuel Isaiah Corkum Wilhelmina L. Gilfoyle 1907-11-17
View Scott Richard Corkum Nettie Wood Millett 1904-12-07
View Silas Edmund Corkum Rosie Wamback 1895-04-17
View Steadman Leander Corkum Wilhelmina Crouse 1902-01-29
View Stephen Edward Corkum Cora Luella Bauckman 1902-10-02
View Sydney Corkum Mary Corkum 1906-07-12
View Thomas Winston Corkum Margaret Hatt 1907-03-06
View William Corkum Anna Cook 1911-01-18
View William Perry Corkum Jessie Florence Meisner 1909-07-01
View Willie Solomon Corkum Elsie Elizabeth Wagner 1910-10-15
View Wilson Rufus Corkum Amy Florence Letitia Baker 1910-02-23
View Douglas Seymour Cornelius Lizzie Winnifred Hume 1902-12-20
View William Cosgrove Caroline Mansell 1911-08-31
View William Cosgrove Caroline Mansell 1911-08-31
View William James Cosgrove Caroline Mansell 1911-08-31
View Otto Alfred Cossman Minna Catherine Silver 1903-01-21
View Milton Eli Countway Marguerite L Naas 1909-12-16
View Avery Theodore Covey Alina Valetta Peters 1903-04-08
View Delwin A. Craig Minnie M. Messenger 1900-06-13
View Howard Craig Caroline Conrad 1907-02-28
View John Kennth Craig Idella Seretha Congdon 1910-11-16
View Eben Elder Creaser Maggie Caroline Corkum 1905-11-23
View George Soloman Willet Creaser Etta Devilla Mossman 1908-10-14
View William S. Cress Eliza M. Lorimou 1904-02-10
View John Crocheron Eliza Sevilla Firth 1914-04-18
View Benjamin Croft Arvilla Lohnes 1903-07-29
View Elam S Croft Beatrice L Penny 1905-08-16
View George Albert Croft Ella May Walters 1906-03-24
View James Enock Croft Abigail Rodenheiser 1906-04-14
View Jas Allan Croft Ida Evelyn Weagle 1909-12-20
View John Frederick Croft Elizabeth Sarty 1903-04-07
View Robie Mardell Croft Minnie J Rafuse 1903-10-28
View Walter Charles Croft Elsie Catherine Croft 1902-02-19
View Whitman Croft Rebecca Romkey 1909-01-20
View Wilfred Croft Alice Croft 1904-03-22
View William Stanley Croft Elizabeth Ellen Ernst 1898-11-29
View William Stanley Croft Gladys Adelia Hiltz 1908-02-24
View Howard W. Cromwell Laura Brothers 1907-10-25
View David Crooker Angela Rhodenheiser 1884-11-02
View Adam M Crosby Minnie F Cody 1884-01-15
View Alvin Cross Luemma Crooks 1883-07-24
View Annis Archibald Cross Lucretia Addelia Crouse 1910-11-09
View Charles Cross Adelaide Crooks 1922-03-25
View David Cross Nora B Silver 1893-01-25
View George Cross Elizabeth Willneff 1865-04-18
View George Gabin Cross Pheobe Ellen Nowe 1902-08-11
View George Nelson Cross Essie E Langille 1904-11-12
View Henry Garfield Cross Blanche Belle Dagley 1907-05-04
View Jacob Cross Amelia Baker 1867-07-22
View Jacob Simeon Cross Eva May Corkum 1902-05-29
View Jason Wilbert Cross Blanche Mary Stewart 1909-11-01
View John Simeon Cross Serena Slauenwhite 1910-05-17
View Leander Cross Jessie G Stevens 1895-06-15
View Lemuel Cross Vinnie MacKinnon 1901-05-15
View Morton Cross Emma Robar 1906-12-19
View Reuben Cross Alice Cross 1887-10-28
View Sebastien Cross Esther Helena Stevens 1904-04-28
View Sebestian Cross Esther Helena Stevens 1904-08-28
View Stephen Cross Annie Cross 1886-08-21
View Stephen Cross Annie Cross 1886-08-25
View Sydney Cross Bessie B Wilneff 1902-09-13
View William Cross Elsie Lantz 1899-11-15
View Harding Cross (Crooks) Malinda Baker 1900-02-14
View Angus James Crouse Melita Regina Romkey 1910-04-07
View Garfield James Crouse Effie Florence Wile 1910-04-09
View George Edward Crouse Florence Caroline Crouse 1901-10-16
View Gideon rodgers Crouse Jeanetta Elizabeth Herman 1905-11-01
View James Crouse Addie Publicover 1898-01-19
View James E Crouse Eva Himmelman 1901-07-06
View James Ed. Crouse Rosina Wambolt 1909-12-18
View John Crouse Ida Zinck 1903-10-02
View John Gideon Crouse Fannie Rotena Wambolt 1905-05-13
View Johnson Crouse Elizabeth D. Webb 1908-10-29
View Joseph Edward Crouse Lucie Smith 1910-06-04
View Kenneth Edmond Crouse Elva Charlotte Mulock 1904-04-14
View Marcus Lawrence Crouse Jennie L. Crouse 1903-12-12
View Michael Crouse Beatrice Louisa Croft 1903-01-13
View Rufus Crouse Nettie Venot 1901-04-13
View Sanford Crouse Nettie Crouse 1907-04-10
View Usiel William Crouse Jane Louise Croft 1903-02-18
View Wilbert J Crouse Annie May Zinck 1904-12-31
View Wilbert J Crouse Annie May Zinck 1904-12-31
View William Asaph Crouse Panana Girty Crouse 1907-05-21
View William E Crouse Martha Croft 1906-06-03
View Oberon Crowe Elizabeth Rynard 1875-07-05
View James Willett Crowe (Crouse) Hattie Harmon 1895-07-06
View Arthur Vernon Crowell Annie Maud Riley 1923-10-10
View Duncan B Cruikshanks Stella Sadie Shatford 1910-03-09
View Albert Zenas Culp Victoria Marjorie Conrad 1909-12-15
View Percy Harris Cunningham Mary M. Uhlman 1906-07-18
View Robert S Currie Ella May King 1900-08-15
View Zoheth Freeman Cushing Effie Estella Seldon 1904-08-18
View Joseph M[arcel] D'Entremont Anne Glady[s] D'Entremont 1922-07-24
View John Robert Dagley Mahala Tumblin 1902-03-12
View Daniel Joseph Daley Annie Ethel Shaw 1910-06-30
View Raymond Addington Daniel May Lilly Huntley 1902-07-21
View Austin Daniels Emma Burns 1922-07-24
View James Daniels Hattie Jodrey 1907-05-16
View Orlando T. Daniels Mary L. Muir 1893-11-29
View Titus Cornelius Daniels Arsenath Diana Beck 1904-04-16
View George Dares Sarah Emma Heisler 1872-11-23
View George Elam Dares Adelaid Selina Wentzell 1903-12-16
View Reginald Thomas Dargie Ada Belle Ritchie 1909-12-08
View Edwin Dauphinee Cordelia Veinot 1898-12-04
View Edwin Dauphinee Bertha Wolfe 1909-11-17
View George Alex Dauphinee Alice Barkhouse 1905-08-21
View James Albert Dauphinee Agnes Florence Berringer 1904-12-28
View Marcus Rudolph Dauphinee Eva Collicutt 1908-07-28
View Sylvanus Rudolf Dauphinee Hattie Teresa Eisnor 1901-10-16
View William Edward Dauphinee Sarah Risser 1902-09-22
View Alexander F Davidson Bessie M Davidson 1899-06-09
View Joseph M Deadder Maria E Brewster 1888-12-11
View Sanford F Deal Ada L Feindell 1907-08-03
View William Deal Cora Etta Bruce 1911-05-27
View Howard Ross Decker Seretha Genevra Firth 1902-02-12
View William DeCorcey Helen Maud Gerhardt 1905-02-01
View James D Delaney Margaret Whelan 1906-07-03
View James D Delaney Margaret Whelan 1906-07-03
View Isaac B Delong Cora B Feindle 1887-08-31
View Isaac Baker Delong Clara Emma Louise Mason 1911-05-10
View Fredrick S Demolitor Maud D Penney 1904-09-28
View Aubrey E Demone Libbie Irene Mosher 1910-02-10
View Cephas Demone Edna Aulenbach 1905-05-06
View Edgar Demone Lillian Hebb 1905-01-18
View George Demone Amanetta Veinott 1895-11-10
View James Henry Demone Lottie Louise Falkenham 1903-07-25
View James Moyle Demone Winnifred Berringer 1909-10-20
View Anthony Selven Demont Olive Pasonna Myra 1904-01-21
View Joshua David DeMont Jennie Zwicker 1905-06-12
View George Elllis Densmore Bessie Evelyn McGinnis 1902-04-17
View Anker R DeNully Lena F Millers 1904-06-01
View Anthony DeSilver Emma Garrett 1908-07-18
View Willie Deveau Leda Theriault 1906-09-16
View Fred C Dexter Winifred M Penney 1904-07-04
View George Douglas Dimmel Effie Genena Dimmel 1901-06-19
View Frank H. Dodge Minna M. Buckler 1904-11-19
View Fred Grialoren Dodge Winifred Ethel Cleveland 1909-10-28
View Stuart P. Dodge Winnifred W. Gates 1907-08-28
View George James Donovan Ellen Francis Powers 1917-01-29
View Maurice Francis Donovan Emma Donovan 1924-11-27
View Oscar Donovan Lela Hamm 1908-07-22
View James J Doucette Margaret Donovan 1918-10-08
View Albert Downie Arabell Goucher 1905-01-05
View Avard W. Downie Birdie R. Keddie 1905-07-11
View Avard W. Downie Birdie R. Keddie 1905-07-11
View Charles Drew Susan Golden Veinot 1908-07-20
View Melbourne G Drew Olivia C Wagner 1896-10-18
View Benaiah Dukeshire Etta Z. Beeler 1907-05-17
View Daniel Dukeshire Anna Belle Mosher 1902-09-24
View James Alexander Duncan Blanche Walker 1905-10-05
View Rupert A Dunlop Lucy M Hardy 1904-06-14
View Howard Murdoch Dunn Selina Odessa Barteaux 1904-06-01
View Osmond A. Dunn Cora B. Chute 1897-09-22
View William Dunn Annie Elizabeth O'Brien 1908-09-17
View William Edward Dunn Eva May Robar 1905-12-25
View Guilford M. Durling Bessie Roop 1889-06-14
View Rupert Durling Bessie Banks 1907-09-01
View Arthur St. Clair Eaton May Alberta Buckler 1902-09-10
View Clarence H. Eaton Emma L. Withers 1905-09-06
View Clarence Maxwell Edwards Dorothy Mae Riley 1927-01-26
View Robert Dean Eichel Annis Victoria Demone 1906-06-06
View Edwin Eikle Elvina Crouse 1908-12-30
View James J Eikle Bessie D Wagner 1903-01-23
View Titus Eikle Amy H Johnson 1906-06-27
View Isaac James Eisenhauer Martha Alberta Berringer 1905-02-04
View Norman M. McNabb Eisenhauer Zipporah Westhave 1901-01-27
View Welton Eisenhauer Rosie Mossman 1902-10-29
View William E. Eisenhauer Mabel Ritcey 1902-02-27
View Elwyn Winton Eisenhaur Della Melinda Millett 1904-06-28
View James Edward Eisenhaur Florence Jane Corkum 1895-12-22
View John Dennis Eisenhaur May L Spidle 1901-12-26
View John Willis Eisenhaur Matilda Elizabeth Levy 1907-01-05
View Robert Seymour Eisenhaur Phoebe Ernst 1901-09-25
View Ira Joseph Moyle Eisenhauser Amanda O Bushen 1910-02-22
View Lemeul Seymour Eisner Luella Pauline Heisler 1910-06-10
View Clayton Frank Eisnor Hazel Backman 1909-10-01
View Ozen Seaforth Eisnor Claudia Viola Hiltz 1908-04-15
View Stephen Dennis Eisnor (Eisenhauer) Melinda Magdalene Oikle 1909-03-24
View James Otis Eldridge Ida Louise DeMail 1901-10-08
View James Walter Eldridge Alice Matilda DeMille 1910-12-20
View William Otis Eldridge Bertha Baker 1909-12-08
View George O Ellard Agnes Painton 1909-11-03
View Anson William Elliott Glennie Ethel B Russell 1906-10-10
View Oscar Neiley Elliott Margaret Lillian Pyne 1905-05-28
View Anthony Ellis Seretha Apt 1902-06-14
View Arthur A. Ellis Helena M. Crosby 1905-04-20
View Charles A. Ellis Maggie McWhinnie 1905-11-22
View Douglas Ellis Alma Turner 1900-09-24
View Stephen Ellis Ella M. Everett 1901-11-20
View Charles Wilfred Emenau Clara Lee Godley 1901-09-18
View Joseph Emino Bertha Bell Acker 1903-06-24
View Albert A E Ernst Mary A C Ernst 1904-11-16
View Charles Henry Ernst Albertha Arabella Aulenbach 1902-02-11
View Edwin Ernst Emma May Lohnes 1911-01-07
View Harold Arthur Ernst Ida Maud Schwartz 1903-02-24
View Harold Henry Jesent Ernst Regina Demont 1908-12-31
View James Reuben Ernst Louisa A Jodrey 1904-08-13
View John Ernst Sophia Keddy 1908-09-24
View Lawrence Ernst Florence Eisner 1904-07-17
View Nathan Ernst Lilla Seamone 1903-08-15
View Selvyn Abraham Ernst Elva Letitia Meisner 1908-07-28
View Wallace James Ernst Maud Emma Haughn 1907-01-20
View Wilburt Alexander Ernst Bessie Eldora Slauenwhite 1909-12-25
View William Alex. Snyder Ernst Effie Veinot 1903-12-31
View Wilbert Mead Evans Lucinda May DeMell 1909-11-22
View Clarence L. Everett Lillian M. Wilson 1900-09-13
View George W. Everett Annie E. McGrath 1901-10-30
View Hanly Everett Louisa A. Ellis 1901-12-23
View William Henry Fairn Mary Alice Wells 1874-01-05
View Stephen L Falt Annie L Wentzell 1903-02-04
View James Fancey Eunice Mackey 1908-11-06
View Aeriel B. Fancy Beatrice L. Henshaw 1907-12-24
View Arthur Clifford Fancy Beatrice Henshaw 1902-04-21
View Chales Herbert Fancy Florence MacKey 1902-12-25
View Gilbert Fancy Amanda B. Weagle 1909-12-23
View James Stephen Fancy Bessie Tobin 1910-07-02
View John A. Fancy Bertha M. McMillan 1906-12-17
View Joseph A Fancy Lois A Wentzell 1892-12-25
View Phillip Allen Fancy Jessie Godfrey 1904-09-08
View William Fancy Mary Conley 1908-09-13
View Charles Murray Farmer Sophia Alice Williams 1909-10-06
View Burton A. Farnsworth Florence E. Williams 1905-09-12
View Jean Faucher Agnes Bonin 1899-06-16
View Joseph Faucher Sophia Roma 1875-11-22
View Joseph Faucher Sophia Roma 1875-11-22
View William J Faulkenham Mary Agnes Hirtle 1908-03-13
View James Faulkner Casandra Bush 1905-12-09
View Stephen March Faulkner Mary Jane Fancy 1908-03-21
View Roswell Feindal Annie Feindal 1897-04-09
View Archibald Feindel Edith Myrtle Barteaux 1909-08-04
View Roswell Martin Feindell Sadie Melissa Conrad 1908-10-18
View Freeman George Ferguson Ida Gould 1907-09-15
View James W. Ferguson Susannah E. Conrod 1882-01-16
View John Geo. Ferguson Ellen C. Sellers 1879-02-17
View Peter Ferguson Margaret Conrod 1873-02-20
View Peter Angus Ferguson Mary Pentz 1921-08-16
View Simeon Joseph Ferguson Jessie Beatrice Nieforth 1912-01-16
View William Wallace Ferguson Agnes Elizabeth Conrod 1921-12-13
View Charles Fevens Etta Scovill 1898-12-14
View Frederick Field Cecilia Blanche Boutilier 1907-04-18
View Asa Bruce Fiendel Ella Sperry 1903-11-18
View Dennis Fillis Elizabeth Bedford 1903-11-10
View Gustavers H Firth Emma L Decker 1903-01-20
View Gideon Fitch Naomi Hebb 1904-06-22
View Solomon George Fitch Letitia Alice Prouse 1901-07-27
View Frederick Allison Fitz Randolph Mary Gertrude Tupper 1900-03-17
View John Fitzgerald Margaret Sweeney 1909-06-15
View John Milard Fitzgerald Gladys Lee Jeffery 1921-06-30
View John Milard Fitzgerald Gladys Lee Jeffery 1921-06-30
View Michael James Fleet Sarah Westhaver 1901-12-01
View Reuben Fleet Edna Samantha Leopold 1911-02-23
View Thomas Fleet Euphemia Mason 1899-01-14
View William Fleet Lottie Beatrice Snair 1898-06-06
View Charles Fleming Ida M. Henley 1908-07-08
View George E Flemming Deborah May Swaine 1907-12-16
View Milledge A. Floyd Clara Beardsley 1901-04-10
View Claud Wilbert Foley Beatrice Alice Edna Hirtle 1907-06-26
View Frank Noble Foley Ethel Prince Oickle 1910-03-19
View Francis Forbriger Eliza E Malcom 1896-05-05
View William James Forcey Mary Anderson 1903-08-26
View Albert Edwad Ford Laura Blanche Orde 1903-10-28
View Arthur D Ford Emma H. Morine 1884-12-24
View Jesse M. Ford Josephine Hebb 1904-09-07
View Orlander H. Ford Etta M. Morine 1901-12-26
View Owen E Foster Clara Milberry 1907-06-08
View Joseph W Fowler Bessie Parks 1885-12-24
View Charles Welsley Frail Elva Mabel Simmons 1903-12-24
View Harris Osborn Frail Grace Garfield Pineo 1901-04-15
View Silas Atwood Fralic Martha May Fralic 1906-01-09
View Frank Fralick Selina Levy 1906-12-19
View Joseph Francis Madeline Paul 1907-08-16
View Lloyd D. Francy Nellie A Crouse 1911-01-07
View Albert Melbourne Frank Mabel Saunders 1910-02-19
View Samuel Rufus Frank Mary Matilda Hiltz 1906-02-07
View Simon Frank Georgina Louise Boudreau 1907-09-29
View George Burnham Fraser Claire Ferguson 1912-12-18
View Lawrence Fraser Ethel Bushen 1908-07-11
View Alonzo F Fredericks Sarah E Pentz 1904-08-06
View Edward Fredricks Ella Sophronia Mosher 1903-01-28
View Binney S. Freeman Edith Lorena Smith 1896-08-19
View Charles E Freeman Lillian C Nickerson 1905-09-13
View Ernest Somerville Freeman Emma Ruth Webb 1901-08-28
View Karl Bertram Freeman Evelyn May Thomas 1907-08-13
View William Freeman Ada R. Thompson 1909-08-10
View Seaman Carval Fridenburg Janet Urellis Tanner 1907-11-27
View Arthur Emile L Fritze Matilda Maud Joudrey 1906-04-01
View Ernest Bismark Fritze Bertha Elmira Andrew 1904-11-16
View Alexander Fry Annie Christina Pentz 1913-11-04
View Abiather Gaetz Louisa Vogler 1903-02-02
View Josiah Charles Gaetz Martha Catherine Stafford 1899-12-14
View Howard Garber Elmina Zwicker 1901-09-10
View Pearl Gastin Garber Sophia Elizabeth Whynot 1904-09-14
View William Henry Garber Celetes May Wessell 1907-11-09
View Zenas Garber Laura West 1904-11-05
View Harry C Garland Emma Hood 1907-09-30
View Ainslie St Clair Gates Blanche Louise Publicover 1911-05-10
View Clifford C Gates Viola Grace Conrad 1917-08-01
View Daniel Gates Margaret L Cleveland 1910-02-04
View George Ernest Gates Geneva Walters 1905-03-07
View Haliburton Gates Willimena Vogler 1909-08-01
View Henry Osborne Gates Sadie Matilda Levy 1909-12-08
View Herman Eli Gates Phoebe Publicover 1905-09-22
View Ingerson Gates Mabel Harvey 1909-11-16
View Lindsay Gates Annie Bezanson 1911-03-15
View Percy W J Gates Eva A Hennigar 1905-06-21
View Richard Gates Edna Gates 1899-07-12
View Rufus Laurance Gates Cora Malinia Zinck 1909-12-14
View Thomas Anslie Gates Dora Annie Gates 1909-12-08
View Massima Gatti Mary E. Hann 1903-09-16
View Archibald Geldert Beatrice Louise Berringer 1903-01-08
View Albert Obadia Gerhardt Estella Anadino Culp 1903-06-10
View Angus George Gerhardt Jennie Lohnes 1906-01-04
View Arthur James Gerhardt Maggie Alice Culp 1905-03-20
View Stannage William Gerhardt Ella Helena Corkum 1910-12-31
View Stannage William Gerhardt Bertha Conrad 1901-02-24
View Eldon Getson Mary Evelyn Publicover 1911-02-22
View James Daniel Getson Jennie Florence Parks 1903-12-30
View Joseph H. Gillis Nora Ramsay 1901-08-14
View Hugh A. Goldsmith Minnie F. Patterson 1908-12-09
View Oliver P. Goldsmith Dena M. Copeland 1907-05-07
View Churchill L. Goodwin Rena M. Burrell 1901-09-04
View Stanley Goodwin Maud May Morton 1910-12-05
View Albert F. Gordon Annie Viola Parker 1902-12-31
View William Gordon Eunice Amireau 1915-11-03
View William Gordon Eunice Amireau 1915-11-03
View Estace C Gorman Bessie Hemlow 1906-11-21
View Albert Whidden Gosbee Mary (Mrs) Elliott 1917-10-06
View Audrey Beatrice Goucher Kenneth Phalen McMurtery 1919-05-21
View Arthur Seymour Gould Catherine Hughena McCallum 1903-09-11
View Hugh E Graham Sevilla Maria Allen 1903-04-04
View John William Grant Lena Benjamin 1906-09-28
View Cornelius Havelock Graves Annie Maria Duncan 1902-09-30
View Leander Graves Isabell Hume 1898-01-27
View Noah St Clair Graves Eunice Melinda Frail 1904-02-27
View Aubrey Greek Clydie Knickle 1908-06-20
View George Greek Emma Wilneff 1908-03-26
View Henry Lindsay Greek Miriam Albertha Whynacht 1909-06-08
View Leander Greek Elizabeth Zwicker 1907-10-26
View Melvin Daniel Greek Elsie Liola Wamboldt 1902-04-17
View Solomon Watson Greek May Albertha Knickle 1911-02-08
View George Robert Green Bessie Mabel Benedict 1905-04-04
View George W. Green Hannah Sanford 1907-04-04
View Joseph Greene Elis B Arnburg 1902-11-15
View Freeman Gregory Roselia Guest 1901-05-01
View Warren O. Gregory Minetta M. Sarty 1908-01-22
View william gregory ann clayton 1823-07-28
View Charles Allan Grim Louisa Ella Westhaver 1902-12-17
View Daniel Ernst Grimm Cora Maud Crouse 1903-04-29
View James C. Grimm Leonora Freeman 1879-12-05
View Wylie C. Grimm Lillas M Nass 1908-12-09
View William Groves Bessie Naas 1904-11-28
View James W. Grue Lucy G. Starritt 1907-07-23
View Howard D. Guest Addie Rafuse 1904-01-20
View William Howard Guest Jane Neeves 1903-12-15
View Arthur Haine Theresa Publicover 1904-12-12
View Edgard Hiram Haine Emma Louise Rafuse 1906-12-26
View George E Haine Ruby G Hebb 1903-12-15
View Alden Hall Martha Ellen Young 1903-11-26
View Angus W Hall Martha W Conrad 1908-12-05
View Charles Joseph Hall Maud Lavinia Smith 1901-10-22
View Edwin Ruggles Hall Winnifred B Webber 1911-01-17
View George Edward Hall Lola Wilhelmina Young 1911-01-05
View Herman Hall Bessie A. Hilchey 1904-02-04
View Lancie Hall Annie Young 1907-10-05
View Curtis O. Halliday Gertrude P. Clayton 1907-05-01
View George F. Halliday Abbie S. Halliday 1907-06-26
View Warren Halliday Flora Milbert 1909-11-03
View Warren Halliday Flora Milbury 1909-11-03
View Thomas Albert Ham Eleanora Winnifred Burroughs 1903-09-14
View Eber Hamilton Rozedda Dukeshire 1901-06-13
View John W Hamm Edith Flemming 1906-12-22
View Reuben Seaforth Hamm Alice Albertha Ewalt 1902-06-02
View Stanley Hamm Blanche Ernst 1906-02-21
View Edwin Wellington Hammond Sarah Elizabeth Butler 1910-02-10
View Clarence Hannam Eva Mabel Durling 1900-07-18
View Henry Hardwick Nora Barteaux 1905-12-20
View Richard Hardwick Florence May Wilkins 1910-06-06
View Augustus C Hardy Mary Fader 1898-01-27
View Samuel Thomas Harmon Effie Fancy 1904-10-06
View Franklin Theodore Harnish Lottie Pearl Dauphinee 1904-05-19
View Frederick Parker Harnish Ethel Edna Buckler 1903-02-04
View Reginald M. Harnish Nora Jannette Grimm 1906-07-25
View William Thomas Jr. Harnish Lottie Beatrice Fleet 1907-10-12
View Thomas Byron Harper Sarah Bent 1909-10-12
View Archibald H. Harris Lizzie S. Oakes 1906-10-17
View Frank C Harris Susan M O'Connor 1906-11-07
View Hermon S. Harris Abbie Maud Hazelton 1908-01-01
View John McKay Harris Elsie Alice Buckler 1904-01-12
View Joseph Howard Harris Lottie DeAdder 1908-12-16
View Williamm Joseph Hart Elizabeth Pentz 1912-01-30
View Rufus Hartling Blanche Hildreth 1909-07-26
View Moses Harvey Mary May Gammon 1904-07-07
View Louis Hashman Mary Bellfountain 1907-03-04
View Charles Tupper Hatt Lucy May Hiltz 1903-08-18
View Gideon Hatt Lilla Woodworth 1908-07-24
View Irving Green Hatt Lilla Josephine Miller 1902-06-11
View John Bunyan Hatt Mary Amanda Meisner 1903-10-20
View Merville Hatt Annie May Fisher 1901-11-13
View Nathan Hatt Susan Jane Myra 1904-04-23
View Otis Wilson Hatt Leah Malvena Dauphinee 1901-06-13
View St. Clair Hatt Ethel Louise Demmons 1903-10-07
View George Albert Haughn Addie M Bailey 1902-01-29
View Joseph Haughn Sarah M Grimm 1890-02-04
View William Alfred Haughn Lilla Crouse 1902-02-19
View Foreman Charles Hawboldt Eva Evans 1902-06-05
View Ernest C. Hawkins Clara Burnette 1909-03-09
View Ira Haynes Florence Everett 1908-03-11
View Ernest Benjamin Heap Lily Agnes Mansell 1912-12-24
View Amram Hebb Anna C Bailly 1902-06-14
View Charles David Hebb Florence Cook 1900-04-26
View David Allen Hebb Evelyn Newcombe 1904-09-01
View Eben Duff Hebb Mabel Princetta Eichel 1907-06-19
View James Archibald Hebb Mary Tanner 1902-12-20
View Joseph Enos Hebb Stella Ann Bolivar 1903-09-09
View Napean William Hebb Elva Maud Corkum 1906-01-04
View Raymond Hebb Ira C. Brown 1901-08-14
View Semuel Joseph Hebb Maude Young 1909-07-24
View Walter Hebb Hattie Loretta Young 1903-10-14
View William Andrew Hebb Clara Beatrice Mulock 1907-01-15
View Roland Loyd Hegan Sadie Suttis 1917-11-23
View David Samuel Heisler Lottie Herman 1906-06-06
View James Heisler Blanch Whynot 1901-03-06
View James R Heisler Victoria Annie Andrews 1910-01-01
View William Helpard Hattie Sanford 1904-06-27
View Ellison Henich Evelyn Frittenburg 1910-12-15
View Edward Henneberry Elizabeth Glawson 1908-07-02
View Thomas Stellman Henshaw Edna Blancheo Rosencrants 1902-10-29
View Enos Collins Herman Ella M Baker 1907-11-09
View Stannage B Herman Lillas McCarty 1903-12-23
View Percy Hessie Helen Marie Fevens 1922-11-03
View Robert Hibbard Grace A. McDormand 1908-06-02
View Henry Brandon Hicks Annie Marie Kinney 1905-09-15
View John Hicks Lida M. Slocum 1901-10-23
View Leprillet Hicks Bertha Cress 1903-06-22
View Arlington A. Hilchey Edna M. Mason 1907-01-15
View Harold Hilchie Essie B Corkum 1909-11-23
View George Watts Hill Lizzie Etta Ray 1902-09-29
View Thomas Hill Sarah Lightte 1876-10-17
View Thomas Hill Sara Lightte 1876-10-17
View Hiram Edward Hilton Lilian May Drew 1904-01-20
View Simson A Hilton Aletha Sperry 1901-12-24
View Albert I Hiltz Margaret A Hooper 1892-11-08
View Alfred F. Hiltz Varina A. Myers 1903-06-11
View Angus Hiltz Sadie Rebecca Corkum 1907-05-15
View Clifford Ward Hiltz Myrtle Pauline Hiltz 1911-03-08
View Cyril Edgar Hiltz Lauretta E Webber 1905-01-03
View David F Hiltz Ada Matilda Keddy 1903-11-04
View Freeman Hiltz Ellen Cleveland 1902-04-30
View Henry Joshua Hiltz Gertrude Alice Ferguson 1918-01-03
View James Hiltz Elizabeth Sellars/Sellers 1866-03-27
View James Arthur Hiltz Alice Victoria Eisenhauer 1905-03-04
View James Edward Hiltz Doris Elizabeth Allan 1900-04-17
View John Herbert Hiltz Lois Hannah Dorey 1902-02-13
View John Wesley Hiltz Fanny Rogers 1905-08-02
View Leverette Hiltz Anzonia Blanch Daniel 1905-07-05
View Luke Hiltz Esther Ann Legge 1904-12-27
View Minard Hiltz Jennie Clarissa Bezanson 1904-08-10
View Nathan Hiltz Aggie Bezanson 1900-11-06
View Roderick Lee Hiltz Ethel Adelina Bezanson 1908-03-23
View Roman Wm Hiltz Laura Mosher 1907-02-06
View Samuel Hiltz Georgina Elizabeth Welsman 1909-08-31
View Charles Norman Himmelman Ivy May Winters 1911-01-19
View Enos Himmelman Elizabeth Keddy 1905-06-14
View George Michael Himmelman Elsie Emeline Corkum 1909-09-10
View Howard Austin Himmelman Pheobe Regina Conrad 1908-04-29
View James A Himmelman Janet Rosanna Wolfe 1908-04-16
View James Norman Himmelman Georgina Baker 1903-06-09
View Silas Arthur Himmelman Louisa Donovan 1902-05-27
View Silas Arthur Himmelman Lottie M Ritcey 1900-10-27
View Silas Arthur Himmelman Beatrice Myra 1893-03-20
View Charles Parker Hindon May Leontina Matthews 1906-08-22
View Gilbert Hinds Ida Burns 1904-08-17
View Norman Freeman Hines Mary Jane Ashley 1904-11-03
View Charles Willard Hipson Jessie Thorburne 1901-12-25
View Alister Hirtle Jessie Maud Daniels 1907-07-10
View Dean Solomon Hirtle Lois Estella Wambolt 1901-02-18
View Elijah Hirtle Annie Himmelman 1899-01-26
View Freeman Alfred Hirtle Eva Mary Ann Corkum 1904-02-27
View Harry David Hirtle Lois Esther Corkum 1910-07-30
View Hibbert Hirtle Lena Haughn 1902-12-21
View Howard Hirtle Ella May Wile 1906-04-05
View John Nathan Hirtle Edna Lavinia Moser 1905-01-11
View Ralph Hirtle Edith Fancy 1908-03-04
View Simon Obediah Zenas Hirtle Adina P. Mossman 1908-05-25
View W Caleb Hirtle Julia Ann Wamboldt 1902-01-21
View Michael Patrick Hogan Mary Ann McKinnon 1908-12-02
View Albert Seeton Holdon Cecelia D'Molitor 1901-07-10
View Joseph Wellington Holland Arabella Silver 1901-12-03
View Arthur Stanley Holton Jessie McKay 1895-09-17
View Harry Hood Harriett Leighton 1932-10-06
View James Hood Mary Elizabeth Dunn 1913-01-01
View William Hood Mildred Frances Shiers 1923-11-20
View Andrew Wilson Hopkins Annie M Hopkins 1902-08-12
View John M. Hopkins Hattie M. Sproul 1908-10-15
View Milford Thomas Hopkins Arvilla Hortense Piggott 1906-11-07
View Simon Horn Selina Conrod 1910-11-21
View Aurbey Horwood Maud E. Fraser 1908-06-06
View John Saunders Howe Mary A. Shea 1910-08-01
View James Laurence Hoyt Jenny Louise McKay 1906-09-26
View Anthony Hannon Hubley Clara Fredericks 1902-06-05
View Azariah Hubley Martha Harmon 1901-04-14
View Bennett Taylor Hubley Ella Allen 1910-06-13
View Charles R Hubley Elsie E Hebb 1908-08-12
View Harris Hezekiah Hubley Annie Blanch Heisler 1903-11-14
View Irvine Emmerson Hubley Annie Lavinia Munroe 1907-09-13
View James Hubley Elizabeth Westhaver 1909-12-29
View Walter Hubley Ellen Wambolt 1902-12-29
View William F Hubley Jessie B Harmon 1908-10-18
View William H. Hubley Susannah L. Connors 1908-07-16
View William H. Hubley Edith A. Orde 1907-03-01
View Albert Hudson Eva Haynes 1902-10-25
View Walter W. Hudson Mabel (Mrs) Steedman 1907-07-17
View Austin Nathaniel Huey Nellie May Huey 1907-03-20
View John Harris Huey Julia Idella Himmelman 1907-05-28
View Owen Huey Edith Beck 1902-08-16
View Bernard St. Clair Hughes Annie Elizabeth McDow 1907-01-26
View George Bradley Hughes Oliva Bertha MacDow 1914-07-04
View William Hughes Ada Melvin 1918-07-20
View Edgar V Hume Henrietta I Dauphiness 1911-01-18
View Samuel Hurshman Alma Haughn 1905-08-30
View Arthur Calvin Hynick Elizabeth Lottie Nowe 1910-03-23
View John Roger Hynick Ellen Mamie Walters 1910-11-10
View Dennis William Hyson Eva Woodworth 1910-11-12
View Stanley Pearl Hyson Leta L Wile 1906-07-30
View Alfred Heartly Inglish Josephine Beatrice Parker 1906-10-10
View Edward R Isener Cora M Williams 1911-01-12
View Aurbrey Jackson Mary A. Smith 1910-01-01
View Ira Kenny Jackson Fifine Holland 1902-02-11
View Angus Allen Jefferson Etta Conrad 1903-03-06
View Arthur S. Jefferson Ethel J. Banks 1906-01-19
View Frank Edward Jefferson Rhoda Inez Gilliat 1903-03-21
View Guilford D. Jefferson Luella B. Shaw 1905-08-16
View Harry Evans Jefferson Mabel Maud Nelson 1903-06-10
View Walter Jefferson Laura Alexandra Mary Gallagher 1904-12-29
View William Edward Jefferson Hattie J. Harris 1907-06-25
View Herbert Byron Jenkins Wilhelmina Annie Wambolt 1909-12-17
View John Jewel Catharine Johnson 1868-11-05
View William Francis Jewers Sarah Emma Parker 1905-06-14
View Freeman Jodrey Adelaide Sophia Mullock 1910-12-11
View Jacob Albert Jodrey Zipporah Adelia Veinot 1903-01-03
View Lemuel Jodrey Ethel J. Miller 1911-05-11
View Wallace Jodrey Eunice Wagner 1899-08-05
View Arthur Simeon Herbert Johnson Geneva V Conrad 1906-10-30
View Charles G Johnson Lilian Maud Armstrong 1903-02-27
View Daniel E Johnson Lydia C Smith 1888-06-27
View David E. Johnson Lottie Clyburn 1908-04-18
View Samuel Johnson Emmeline Wentzell 1883-10-11
View Gustave Adolph Johnston Miranda Greek 1900-02-05
View Howard Garfield Jollimore Bassmith Keans 1906-07-31
View Charles Jones Mary Ann Ball 1876-09-20
View John Gardner Jordon Ella Mary Amereau 1907-08-31
View Charles A. Josey Amelia McCarty 1891-08-17
View Edward S. Josey Francis E. Higgins 1909-08-11
View Jacob Henry Josey Millie M. Beaver 1899-01-07
View Charles Freeman Joudrey Edith M Veinotte 1909-09-04
View Edwin A Joudrey Rebecca Zilpha Eichel 1907-06-20
View James Albert Joudrey Martha Joudrey 1901-03-25
View Stephen Freeman Joudrey Ella Ramey 1908-10-22
View Valentine Joudrey Rosella May Acker 1909-09-04
View Morris Michael Judge Sadie Gladys Mosher 1904-12-17
View Ephriam Julien Judith Lapierre 1886-07-29
View Edwin Kean Alice Thorburn 1908-11-24
View Kenneth Ingram Kean Ella Marie Kempton 1902-10-30
View Manus Kean Charlotte Pitman 1910-01-26
View Charles D. Kearnes Estella B. Hudson 1905-11-02
View John D. Kearnes Christina E. Covert 1901-09-25
View Clarence Victor Keddy Ruby Bezanson 1910-03-22
View Edward James Keddy Lola Jane Bezanson 1906-01-24
View George H Keddy Alice Swinhammer 1911-07-20
View Laurence Edmund Keddy Annie May Boran 1905-01-24
View Michael Wm Keddy Alice May Lantz 1908-05-20
View Nathan Warden Keddy Annie Amelia Veinot 1909-02-04
View Stephen Keddy Ella Reeves 1907-09-13
View Wallace Morton Keddy Jenetta Eva Legge 1908-12-22
View Calvin Keith Mabel Bowlby 1905-04-15
View Fred A. Keith Lydia M. Bareteaux 1906-11-28
View Stanley Arthur Kelly Mary Jane Baker 1911-02-08
View George Kelsey Grace Bent 1908-10-27
View Alfred Cyril Kempton Margaret Ann Sherreffs 1906-09-08
View Alexander H. Kenney Catherine D. Cook 1907-03-30
View James Vincent Kenney Effie May Verge 1904-04-30
View Franklin W. Kent Ada C. Little 1909-08-25
View Milton King Mabel Hartery 1922-10-12
View Milton Victor King Ella May Moore 1927-08-21
View Cleverly John Kingwell Stella May Hartland 1901-10-09
View Charles A Kizer Addie A Wolfe 1904-02-13
View Charles Edwin Knickle Nellie May Silver 1903-12-06
View Charles Robert Knickle Lottie Leone Knickle 1902-02-26
View George Knickle Glennie Morash 1902-11-22
View George Knickle Emeline Weaver 1895-04-04
View Henry Albert Knickle Clara Regina Gilfoyle 1907-06-14
View James L Knickle Ada Loretta Naas 1902-04-08
View James Rodger Knickle Elmira Orienta Knickle 1910-12-14
View Richard Knickle Cora Dean Whynock 1909-04-11
View Steadman J Knickle Statia Ellen Knickle 1902-03-26
View Wallace Knickle Ida Mayj Knickle 1908-01-15
View Wallace George Knickle Mary C Frank 1907-09-09
View Edward Knock Martha Mossman 1902-11-22
View James Henry Bennet Knock Edith Mossman 1908-11-10
View Samnuel John Knock Minnie Adina Mossman 1907-11-14
View Wallace Edward Knock Helen Maude Dauphinee 1902-09-10
View Alvin S Knox Rose May Hirtle 1910-04-27
View Wilson Knox Ellen Lohness 1904-12-07
View Charles Krommer Ellen Louisa Willneff 1904-06-10
View Stephen Labrador Lydia Ann Lyons 1901-06-17
View William Labrador Elizabeth Carver 1901-09-23
View Rupert Lamrock Lydia A Crowell 1901-06-04
View Abram Landry Philomine Landry 1899-02-13
View Jean Denis Landry Francoise Amirault 1903-07-15
View Collin Wilfred Langile Annie Herman 1909-12-22
View Benjamin Langill Mary Elizabeth Naas 1902-07-01
View William Langill Lucy A. Naugler 1909-06-02
View Adin Langille Hattie Wagner 1908-05-20
View Charles Dennis Langille Ellen Amelia Strum 1910-12-21
View Elam Victor Langille Carrie Louise Hamm 1907-12-11
View Hibbert Langille Cecilia Baker 1889-05-25
View Howard Edgar Langille Minnie Luella Langille 1905-11-30
View Paul Willoughby Langille Luetta May Smith 1917-01-24
View Robert Almon Langille Charlotte Susan Ernst 1909-06-12
View Freeman Lantz Elsie Wilnnuff 1891-07-18
View Freeman Lantz Elsie Wilnnuff 1891-07-18
View Edward Lapierre Sophie Julien 1928-11-20
View George Lapierre Teresa Wolf 1881-10-16
View John Cecil Larder Emily Burgess Webber 1899-12-18
View Horace Lavender Grace Viola Hutt 1909-11-15
View Burpee Layte Delsie E. Rafuse 1928-04-26
View George Edwin Leary Bertha Melisson Mosher 1905-02-01
View James Leary Flora Knock 1905-01-21
View Meldrum Leary Mary Mossman 1905-06-22
View John LeCain Josephine Cupson 1905-07-06
View Ralph LeCain Ida Mabel Spurr 1906-10-30
View Arthur Leopold Mary Edith Walker 1907-02-19
View David Freeman Leopold Caroline Amelia Broome 1905-05-03
View Frederick Leopold Etta Hirtle 1902-07-09
View St. Clair Leopold Minnie Hirtle 1901-08-20
View St. Clair Leopold Minnie Hirtle 1901-08-20
View Ananias Leslie Hilda Leslie 1901-08-21
View John Thomas Leslie Rosie Magdalene Tanner 1902-12-16
View Samuel Ralph Leslie Bertha Lavinia Conrad 1906-04-26
View David Edson Levy Mary M Wamboldt 1902-10-27
View George St. Clair Levy Beatrice Florence Baker 1902-05-17
View Peolia Levy Alice Lora Corkum 1904-04-13
View Thomas Esson Levy Arlette May Langille 1907-06-30
View Uriah Levy Mary Young 1892-01-08
View William Levy Jennie Blanch Hatt 1905-03-30
View Archie Lewis Renie Cushing 1906-09-12
View James Lewis Ada D. Joseph 1909-12-29
View Judson Lewis Sadie Velzora Cushing 1904-05-07
View Stephen Linard Isabel Levy 1886-12-29
View Harrison M Linehan Flora E Slater (Skerry) 1900-10-09
View William K. Litch Charlotte Hubley 1899-12-05
View Barney Little Emma Louise Wood 1905-04-07
View Hallet R. Little Esther May Nixon 1904-06-16
View Hallett R. Little Esther May Nixon 1904-06-10
View William Little Jessie Goucher 1898-01-14
View Frederick Locke Lena Hammond 1903-01-15
View Albert Lohnes Idella Meisner 1903-10-15
View Amuel W Lohnes Lydia Feindel 1910-01-01
View Arthur Lohnes Ada Eisenhaur 1899-03-26
View Arthur S Lohnes Marjorie McCormick 1900-06-27
View Austin L Lohnes Jane A Barkhouse 1907-01-01
View Bennett St. Lawrence Lohnes May Conrad 1909-03-24
View Charles Lohnes Maggie Hall 1901-09-21
View Charles Alden Lohnes Lilian Pearl Zwicker 1901-09-05
View Charles Moses Lohnes Freda Caroline Robinson 1904-08-31
View Craswell Lohnes Clara Johnson 1907-02-16
View Currie Alonzo Lohnes Louisa Cora26 Murphy 1907-06-26
View Edson Lohnes Laura Smith 1902-06-30
View Elias Frederick Lohnes Rosanna Margarette Demone 1910-03-26
View Elias Henry Lohnes Viola Mary Ann Corkum 1902-10-14
View George Lohnes Ida Carver 1903-07-26
View Isaac Lohnes George Ford 1901-07-20
View Isaiah Lohnes Cora Randle 1907-04-18
View John Lohnes Viola Lohnes 1905-05-18
View John Albert Lohnes Stella Agnes Rafuse 1904-02-10
View John W Lohnes Drusilla S Silver 1885-05-15
View Richard A. Lohnes Nellie A. Ritcey 1902-03-06
View Robie Stanley Lohnes Alice Lavinia IcInnis 1906-04-25
View William Henry Lohnes Emma Melissa Dares 1905-10-11
View Zenas Emanuel Lohnes Blanche Randall 1907-09-13
View George Long Mabel Milberry 1904-11-09
View Manning Long Minnie McSwaine 1910-06-09
View George Henry Longard Louise Charlotte D Colchester 1899-01-31
View Harold G. Longley Mabel F. Longley 1908-12-31
View Alfred A. Longmire Annie Jane Haliday 1902-10-08
View Archie Longmire Sibyl J. Caswell 1905-09-21
View Esteen Longmire Beatrice Halliday 1903-07-22
View Harry G. Longmire Etta Myrtle Wilson 1911-02-01
View Reed Longmire Renie Longmire 1888-02-20
View Albert Parker Lowe Ethel Feindell 1908-06-06
View Clarence Lowe Alice May Langille 1911-03-22
View George Lowe Emeline Johnson 1906-01-09
View Peter Lowe Cora Levy 1899-06-14
View William Stiles Lowe Bertha B Eikle 1909-03-20
View John Thurlow C Lowry Mary Elizabeth Walsh 1895-05-02
View William Charles Lowther Jessie Helen Hood 1923-05-23
View James Harold Loye Rachel Arabella Conrod 1907-12-18
View John Herbert Loye Julia May Conrad 1909-01-20
View Robert Bernard Loye Willietta Myra 1903-06-11
View Frederick James Conway Lynch Florence Mary Bellefountain 1929-06-05
View William Joseph Lynch Fannie May Hall 1904-06-21
View Alfred A Lyon Nellie E Hirtle 1904-07-09
View Aalexander Clarence MacDonald Alice Barkhouse 1910-06-29
View Edward MacGilvary Rachel Belle Logan 1899-09-27
View Harry A. Mack Isabel I. O'Berne 1908-08-26
View Thomas Mack Zillah May Young 1904-08-24
View James Archibald Mackay Phoebe Ann Feindel 1905-09-23
View Locke MacKay Lucy Ann Silver 1905-07-08
View Lossie L MacKay Levenice Silver 1910-12-02
View Solomon Levi MacKay Cora Mildred Penny 1910-03-17
View Leander MacKenzie Sophia W McAdam 1901-08-08
View Fred Anthony Mackey Maude Delila Mackey 1909-12-26
View Caleb Mader Catherine Elizabeth Mader 1911-04-26
View Crawley Mader Sadie Conrod 1910-04-02
View Wellesley Mader Jennet May Eisenhauer 1902-06-29
View Frank C. Magarvey Blanche M. Milner 1908-06-14
View John H. Magarvey Gertrude Robinson 1903-12-30
View John D Mahoney Vivian E Huey 1911-04-12
View Bertram Whitman Mailmain Cassie Cummings 1903-09-25
View Harry C. Mailmain Bertha Anderson 1905-10-11
View Alden Wm Mailman Samantha Lohnes 1903-08-08
View Angus Perl Mailman Emma Catherine Beck 1902-12-27
View Benjamin Mailman Laura A Crouse 1905-09-19
View Edward Wallace Mailman Anna Blanch Ramee 1905-07-08
View Elwood James Mailman Blanche E. Saunders 1906-10-03
View George Mailman Alemeth Lohnes 1903-08-30
View Henry L. Mailman Christine L. Charlton 1907-08-27
View Richard Allen Mailman Ina Jane Oickle 1911-02-25
View William Thomas Mailman Susan Elizabeth Rice 1902-10-22
View Loraine Mann Alfretta Conrod 1902-06-02
View Alburn R. Marshall Kate Sellers 1904-10-19
View William R Martell Ehtel M Baker 1910-06-01
View William Martin Ada Corkum 1904-11-26
View Willie Hall Martin Idella Blanch Banks 1902-04-30
View Hallett Martyn Annie A. Robinson 1893-01-11
View Albert Mason Naomi Baker 1891-10-31
View Charles Richard Hudgson Mason Emily Romkey 1905-07-31
View Cranwick B Mason Lillian Veronica Conrad 1906-01-03
View Henry Herbert Almon Mason Florence Julia Anne Selig 1907-02-13
View Howard Mason Bridget Langille 1897-05-27
View Isaac Peter Mason Christaina Fleet 1863-11-24
View Joshua Mason Mary Ann Hatt 1867-01-13
View Stanley Griffen Mason Rhoda Stevens 1899-10-28
View Donald Frank Matheson Margaret Louise Hebb 1908-04-16
View Dudley Mathews Mary Jane Whynot 1910-11-25
View William Mathews Angelina Pierce 1910-01-21
View Roland Hill Matthews Hattie Lousie Blackburn 1901-09-03
View John Maynard Mary McGrath 1902-10-20
View Daniel Isaiah McCarthy Effie Maud Zinck 1906-10-03
View George Solomon McCarthy Ada Marin Nass 1910-09-24
View Walter McClair Minnie Hood 1905-08-02
View Firman McClure Dora May Inglis 1896-10-28
View McCormack Charlotte A. Burns 1907-11-07
View Edgar McCormick Josie Edna Starratt 1903-09-02
View Henry McCully Lalia Pearl 1907-09-16
View Edison Bertram McDaniel Carolyn Stowe Piper 1905-09-06
View Douglas McDonald Lillian McLellan 1919-09-02
View Enos Langille McDonald Lois Bella Allen 1909-04-07
View George E. McDonald Maud McDonald 1909-03-22
View Henry Ephraim McDonald Maggie Rumley 1902-08-30
View James McDonald Anna Selig 1904-12-29
View Jeremiah Freeman McDonald Maud Lillas Tibert 1906-10-31
View Samuel McDonald Ella May Kizer 1907-12-21
View Steadman McDonald Linda Knickle 1901-10-21
View Cecil McDougald Bernice Antonette Harding 1906-07-04
View Harrison McDougall Emma C. Whitman 1902-02-07
View Richard H. McDow Edna Nieforth 1908-06-09
View Archibald McGarvey Hester Holliday 1908-12-02
View Samuel James McGrath Lilie Alice Ellis 1904-11-25
View William Trueman McGrath Ella May Thompson 1903-01-07
View Alex McGregor Christy I Dunn 1890-07-25
View Lawrence Joseph McGuire Ethel May Conrod 1920-06-08
View James William McGunnigle Carrie Henley Hutchinson 1901-11-13
View George Edward Mcintosh Carrie Leslie Winfield 1898-12-06
View Benjamin McKay Lois Snow 1905-09-01
View Godfrey McKay Eliza M Perry 1907-01-29
View James McKay Maud Low 1905-06-23
View Henry Edgar McKeil Ella Mahala Murphy 1907-09-18
View Edward McKenzie Helen W. Anderson 1908-06-17
View James William McKenzie Ruby Corbitt 1909-05-29
View Ralph McKenzie Helen Augusta McKay 1910-12-21
View John Morrison McKillop Jessie Pentz 1913-09-11
View Robert Archibald McLaren Lizzie May Crouse 1902-09-10
View Ralph S. McLauchlin Minnie A. Munro 1908-03-02
View William J. McLaughlin Hattie E. Mailman 1907-09-11
View Allan Winthrop McLean Martha Rebecca Downie 1901-05-14
View Charles Alexander McLean Maggie Tresselor Hiltz 1899-05-18
View Joseph H.D. McLean Lucy A. Dodge 1907-12-28
View William McMillan Odessa Louise Reynolds 1909-09-27
View Archibald J. McPhee Mary Lillian McInnis 1903-04-18
View John Albert McPherson Lauretta Currie 1907-01-31
View Rupert McWhinnie Ella Hudson 1901-02-20
View Albert David Meisner Edna Dares 1906-11-14
View Enos Samuel Meisner Bessie May Himmelman 1910-05-19
View Frederick Simon Meisner Jennie Mossman 1903-05-23
View Gabriel Henry Meisner Blanch Swinehamer 1901-11-05
View George Collins Meisner Clara Maria Byers 1907-03-28
View Henry Gabriel Meisner Mary Levy 1909-10-23
View Herbert Lindsay Meisner Lucy Jerusha Meisner 1911-05-03
View John Alvin Meisner Marcella Boutilier 1909-02-10
View John Lorraine Meisner Bessie May Hebb 1903-12-30
View Martin John Hiram Meisner Hannah Aileene Langille 1910-11-15
View Lincoln H Meister Burdett Gates 1907-10-16
View Amos Chandler Melvin Caroline Elizabeth Davis 1907-05-06
View Burton Messenger Agnes M. Dargie 1907-10-16
View Frank Lou Messenger Winnie F. Morse 1904-03-25
View George S. DeForrest Messenger Mary E. Baker 1905-07-11
View John E. Messenger Sophia J. Kelley 1907-06-26
View Lewis Wentworth Messenger Ona May Messenger 1906-12-26
View Henry Alden Messer Julia Victoria Herman 1902-07-30
View George H. Milberry Mildred H. Young 1906-01-10
View Arthur Benjamin Miller Esthero Greek 1908-10-28
View Charles Edgar Miller Flora May Mossman 1902-07-30
View Charles M. Miller Janie Miller 1902-10-16
View Daniel Heber Miller Carrie Amelia Tanner 1908-03-04
View Lawson St. Clair Miller Lydia Jane Boutilier 1902-04-27
View Robert William Gordon Miller Margaret Ann Tanner 1907-02-06
View Iram Archibald Millett Mary Elcha Legge 1903-06-17
View Ernest A. Mills Martha H. Vanderpol 1901-12-04
View Frank Bligh Mills Catherine Elma Gesner 1905-06-14
View Halford Percy Mills Clara Forbes 1901-10-16
View Harry S Mills Etta Langille 1901-06-26
View Walter R. Mills Josephine E. Young 1904-09-21
View David Milner Sophronia J. Longmire 1908-09-30
View James Minick Fannie Corkum 1898-06-04
View James Benjamin Minnick Lydia Catherine Johnson 1910-12-26
View Stephen Henry Minnick Julia Himmelman 1903-07-26
View Lindsay Moland Agnes Frail 1902-04-03
View Robert Monahan Bridget Whalen 1906-08-30
View Willson Monroe Laura May Taylor 1899-04-24
View John Montgomerie Ada Bellefontaine 1911-05-16
View Lawson Moore Minnie MacDonald 1910-10-10
View Willard Parker Moore Annie S Walker 1907-06-19
View Benjamin Morash Anna C Smeltzer 1909-12-16
View Charles Albert Morash Miriam Elfreda Baker 1901-10-01
View Charles Henry Morash Elva Blanch Langille 1901-10-27
View Edward Morash Matilda Hiltz 1866-12-28
View Henry Melford Morash Margaret Barkhouse 1910-05-10
View James Kenneth Morash Flora Ellen Mosher 1904-11-16
View John Philip Morash Theresa Beatrice Geldert 1907-10-09
View Allan Morely Ada Alice Kempton 1897-05-12
View Barton L. Morine Nettie Hanshaw 1904-07-06
View Arley V. Morris Odessa Lena Downie 1906-10-31
View George Morrison Hattie M. Robblee 1907-10-30
View George Randolph Morse Eva Gertrude Oxner 1903-06-24
View William Leslie Morse Annie May Crouse 1902-07-23
View Daniel W Morton Laura M Mosher 1905-09-15
View Heustin Stewart Morton Kate Allison Lewis 1903-09-09
View Jeriemiah Morton Lillian J Atkins 1904-10-17
View Lockhart Freeman Morton Fanny Alice Webber 1902-05-27
View William Morton Anna M Fancy 1909-11-09
View Murray Lee Moser Eva Grade McLeod 1913-12-23
View Solomon Moser Ida Silver 1882-11-25
View Albert A. Mosher Bertha Bowlby 1904-05-25
View Albert Leo Mosher Lilla Maud Langille 1910-01-25
View Charles Leslie Mosher Fannie May Calkin 1902-12-31
View Freeman Frederick Mosher Martha Emeline Spindler 1903-02-09
View Isaiah Edward Mosher Alice Rosilla Lewellyn 1901-12-15
View James Robert Mosher Alice May Wolfe 1906-12-04
View James Rodger Mosher Ida Spindler 1910-09-15
View John Simeon Mosher Janie Mossman 1906-09-05
View Joseph Austin Mosher Edna Theresa Wentzell 1902-06-21
View Nathan Daniel Mosher Laura Louise Risser 1904-12-01
View Warren H Mosher Carrie J.E. Mossman 1915-12-15
View William David Mosher Esther Corkum 1900-03-24
View Albert Mathias Mossman Maggie Meisner 1908-01-08
View Charles Rufus Mossman Maggie Kaizer 1904-06-11
View Clarence Gilbert Mossman Blanch L. Zinck 1909-01-17
View David Obadiah Mossman Flora Mossman 1907-01-05
View Dennis Mossman Eliza Boliver 1901-08-12
View Elijiah Simeon Mossman Clara May Mossman 1910-11-13
View Forman S Mossman Emma V Mosher 1905-01-11
View James Albert Mossman Florence Bella Knock 1907-01-15
View James Alfred Mossman Flora Deal 1911-02-22
View James Lewis Allan Mossman Amanda Rosina Deal 1911-01-22
View James Wilfred Mossman Sarah Lavinia Elizabeth Himmelman 1910-11-23
View John William Mossman Jessie Corinda Smith 1903-04-08
View Simon Uriah Mossman Albertha Knock 1906-05-12
View Thomas Mossman Clara Moser 1907-12-28
View William Elijah Mossman Edith May Veinot 1910-09-14
View William Henry Mossman Effie Regina Mossman 1905-12-17
View Charles Norman Mouzar Eliza Ward Hemeon 1903-02-04
View Thomas Guy Mouzer Harriet Sophia Hemeon 1903-03-21
View John Albert Muis Marie Elise Doucet 1929-07-02
View William Muise Genevieve Jacquard 1909-08-02
View William Henry Mulhall Annie Edith Young 1905-11-02
View James Roy Mullins Mary Agnes McCollins 1912-10-16
View Robert Mullins Lilla Irving 1906-08-10
View Frank Melbourne Mulock Lottie May Mulock 1909-01-21
View Milford Guy Mulock Winifred Eunice Darris (Dares) 1906-01-02
View William Edwin Mulock Jennie Mulock 1908-04-23
View Lundon Munro Vilette Fitzgerald 1907-02-06
View Alfred Munroe Ethel Boutilier 1907-08-24
View Charles E. Munroe Jessie Stailing 1902-03-05
View Horace C. Munroe Annie M. Morse 1904-09-17
View London Munroe Mary Gillis 1898-09-05
View Mark S. Murphy Marjorie Maria Cruickshank 1903-06-04
View William Murphy Mary Rector 1906-08-30
View James Edgar Myers Ida May Abriel 1902-12-23
View Clarence Johnson Myra Stella Regina Elizabeth Ritcey 1908-01-22
View Ezeikel Alpheus Myra Phebe Agnes Lohnes 1909-03-31
View James Myra Lucy Daly 1903-10-14
View Arthur Freeman Naas Rosetta Elizabeth Nowe 1908-10-29
View Christian Naas Mary L Mailman 1905-05-16
View Edwin Conrad Naas Ida Louise Wentzell 1906-12-19
View Henry More Naas Emma Eliza Demone 1902-09-03
View James Austin Naas Lucy May Baker 1905-05-25
View James Norman Naas Effie Maud Baker 1907-10-30
View Lepean Alexander Naas Bessie A Godley 1900-02-26
View Theophilus St. Clair Naas Mary Ann Oxner 1906-09-19
View Heman Nass Celeste Lohnes 1909-07-03
View Hiram Nass May (Mary) Darius (Dorey) 1911-05-01
View James Bennett Nass Esther Antoinette Creaser 1907-11-06
View William Albert Nass May Addie Snyder 1910-10-15
View Calvin Sanford Naugle Rosie Beatrice Crowell 1905-12-20
View Aubrey Naugler Selina Veinott 1904-12-24
View Aubrey Naugler Selina Veinott 1904-12-24
View Charles Leaman Naugler Emma Wentzell 1901-10-30
View George Clifford Nauss Minnie Alice Monald (Moland) 1904-08-29
View Owen Nauss Caroline Mary Schnare 1909-10-18
View Robert Wallace Nauss Bertha Louise Hiltz 1909-12-22
View Alonzo Neaves Alvine Pardy 1905-11-19
View Freeman T. Neiforth Emily S. Dossett 1916-09-15
View Frank McQueen Nelson Flora May Bockman 1906-11-14
View Max DeVie Newcombe Alfretta McLannan 1909-11-10
View John Cornelius Nicholas Pheobe Victoria Selig 1909-03-03
View John C Nichols Hattie Loraine Wynacht 1897-03-09
View Dean L Nickerson Theresa I McLean 1903-12-30
View Gilbert Nickerson Millie McKay 1902-03-26
View Henry S Nickerson Jemima Smith 1879-07-19
View Mason R Nickerson Carrie E Blades 1903-03-31
View William Sumner Nickerson Eva Belle Wood 1925-08-25
View Salter G.F. Nielforth Eliza Jane McNeil 1904-12-27
View Allister Nixon Cassie B. Innis 1903-09-16
View James T Norwood Amy Veinot 1900-10-19
View Morris Nowe Iniah Ritcey 1911-01-03
View Murray Nowe Freda Voglar 1907-09-03
View Porter R Nowe Maria A Boehner 1907-04-03
View Samuel Nowe Effie Cross 1901-09-28
View William D O'Brien Theresa L Haughan 1907-06-16
View Andrew O'Gray Mannie Conrad 1904-12-15
View Harold Ashton Oakes Louisa May Woodbury 1904-02-24
View Archie Oickle Hattie Florence Cole 1911-08-28
View Arthur Angus Oickle Minnie Beatrice Rhuland 1903-06-22
View Enos W. Oickle Gertrude Berry 1909-03-24
View James M Oickle Hilda May Burns 1921-02-19
View Stannage Diego Oickle Beulah May Rafuse 1908-12-30
View Timothy E Oikle Lottie Cann 1902-05-10
View Ansel H. Orde Fannie Halliday 1903-06-16
View Henry Orde Cordelia Hubley 1902-03-31
View Joseph S. Orde Caroline Rice 1906-03-07
View Howard W Osborn Edna B Crouse 1902-06-18
View Charles A. Owen Elizabeth May Mitchell 1906-07-07
View James Owens Hannah Johnson 1897-07-26
View James Reuben Oxner May Kate Hiltz 1901-09-30
View Stephen Watson Oxner Mary Catherine Adams 1901-10-02
View Walter Oxner Blanche Power 1906-11-27
View William Bertram Oxner Annie Louise Silver 1908-01-21
View George B. Palmer Ethel May Illsley 1907-06-19
View James E Park Bessie M Wile 1905-09-02
View Stanford Boardman Park Lizzie Crane 1901-07-23
View Charles Woodworth Parker Tracy Farnsworth 1905-08-05
View John O. Parker Laura A. Gesner 1907-06-12
View Murray F. Parker Florence M. Trimper 1907-04-25
View Guy Angus Parks Marjorie Caroline Hildred Mossman 1918-09-28
View Hughie Parks Delilah Corkum 1901-03-19
View Robert James Parks Ada May Romkey 1905-12-06
View Leamert S. Parrish Belle Blanchme Hawksworth 1905-03-25
View Sydney Ambrose Patterson Harriet Jane Boutilier 1907-12-31
View Sydney Ambrose Patterson Harriet Jane Boutilier 1907-12-31
View John William Paul Matilda Maud Boutilier 1910-12-24
View William Douglas Pearl Carmina Sophia Hebb 1902-01-13
View William Penal Emma Zwicker 1905-07-05
View Joseph (Indian) Penall Mary Christine (Indian) Pictou 1905-10-23
View Archibald C Penney Louisa Ray Morton 1906-05-09
View George Angus Penney Nellie Maud MacKay 1910-03-31
View Frances C. Penny Emma Julian 1915-08-18
View Lemuel Yount Penny Jessie Lois MacKay 1904-12-24
View Charles Lewis Pentz Bella McDonald 1900-10-18
View James Pentz Rebecca Woodburn 1902-06-26
View Martin Charles Pentz Laura Devilla Corkum 1901-01-05
View Reuben Pentz Annie Lohnes 1903-03-12
View Howard Dodge Perkins Gratia J. Millner 1907-09-04
View Wallace Clark Perkins Evangeline Maling 1906-10-31
View Nicholas Philpitt Mary Ellen Conrad 1905-06-15
View Henery Messenger Phinney Griselda Cogswell 1905-07-27
View John Martin Pictou Elizabeth Pictou 1915-08-16
View Elverton Enos Pierce Beatrice Charity Crouse 1899-01-18
View Charles L. Piggott Lillian A. Messenger 1900-11-07
View James Forman Pineo Ida M Mills 1900-09-20
View John L. Plumb Bessie S. Pierce 1890-11-12
View George Albert Polley Charlotte Louisa Zwicker 1910-06-08
View Bradford J. Porter Etta J. Clements 1903-07-01
View Harley O. Potter Miriam Trimper 1905-08-16
View Leander Burton Potter Ida May Walker 1906-10-16
View James William Powell Ethel Frances E. Power 1906-12-19
View Enos H Power Anna Maud Wolfe 1903-05-31
View John A. Power Anne A. Hurd 1909-03-09
View Murray Albo Power Leora Vanessa Hudgins 1900-03-04
View William Gordon Power Mary Lillian Power 1907-11-06
View Harry Prest Sadie Hubley 1908-03-17
View William Wallace Prime Nellie May Harnish 1904-12-21
View Alvin Publicover Irene E. Neiforth 1911-06-22
View Archibald Publicover Mabel Sperry 1905-07-06
View David Milford Publicover Emma Gates 1903-12-16
View Eugene Publicover Viola Zinck 1902-03-15
View Frederick Newton Publicover Mora Amelia Vogler 1903-11-19
View Freeman O Publicover Elizabeth L Frendburg 1909-02-17
View Harris Publicover Eva Meisner 1904-02-15
View Harry Publicover Sadie Helen Levy 1907-03-23
View Hibbert Edwin Publicover Charlotte Anfonetta Verge 1907-12-25
View James Leander Publicover Eledith Elfreda Bell 1905-02-15
View Seaforth Publicover Lois Silver 1907-08-08
View Warren Thurstan Publicover Gertrude Hyson 1911-02-01
View Wilson Jeffrey Publicover Margaret Sophia Wolfe 1903-01-28
View Arthur Pulley Myrtle Cress 1901-09-28
View Obediah Pully Maggie Parker 1905-04-19
View George Purdy Egilda C. Borgal 1910-01-12
View Howard S. Purdy Margaret E. Higgins 1909-02-03
View Frederick Pye Elizabeth Fanny Dean 1905-10-25
View Arthur Dennis Rafuse Alice Himmelman 1901-06-16
View Bradford Moyle Rafuse Glidie Pettit 1906-08-29
View David William Rafuse Sarah Eliza Webber 1903-12-08
View Elkanah F Rafuse Leah S Niford 1900-10-25
View Elkanah Freeman Rafuse Essie Freedom Hiltz 1906-02-22
View Harold Rafuse Mary Russell 1901-12-18
View Harris Rafuse Carrie Belle Burns 1910-10-01
View Howard Walter Rafuse Annie Maud Holland 1904-11-25
View James Ephraim Rafuse Orveilla Shankle 1904-02-23
View John Morris Gordon Rafuse Edithm McDow 1908-03-12
View Prior Rafuse Jessie Marshall 1903-02-27
View Reginald Rafuse Carrie E. Eatons 1907-06-26
View Stenneth Rafuse L Beatrice Pentz 1907-02-20
View William A Rafuse Celetis Oickle 1910-02-16
View Charles William Raine Ida May Crowell 1902-08-12
View Dennis Ramey Bernice M Seamone 1907-06-26
View Elias Charles Ramey Grace Elizabeth Nix 1905-01-05
View James Ramey Mary Elizabeth Sabeans 1902-09-25
View Harry W. Rankin Rosa Caroline McDonald 1905-10-25
View Burton Sanford Rath Carrie W Lynds 1906-01-01
View Harold Lincoln Rawding Grace Maud Carr 1906-12-19
View Thomas M. Rawding Sadie Cameron 1903-04-15
View James Lewis Reddan Albertina Butler 1897-06-04
View Harry Osborn Redden Lena Lantz 1910-08-18
View John Frank Redden Mabel Huntley 1910-02-23
View Joseph Holbrook Redden Adelia Brown 1908-03-22
View Timothy Redden Selina E Silver 1895-08-25
View William Redden Edna Veido Lindsay 1905-10-25
View William S Redden Mabel H Meister 1902-12-21
View James L Redding Rachel Newell 1879-02-01
View Fredrick Redmond Elinor Zwicker 1901-09-01
View Avard Reed Minnie V. Amberman 1901-10-16
View George Gilbert Reinhardt Lottie May Zwicker 1907-04-18
View Talmage Reinhardt Rebecca Wentzell 1905-05-11
View John William Reiser Georgana Peterson 1897-01-06
View Wallace Rhodenezer Sophia Jodrey 1911-04-17
View Howard Rhodenizer Celeste May Chase 1901-09-01
View Howard Rhodenizer Celeste May Chase 1901-09-01
View Wallace Rhodenizer Elva Crouse 1908-09-30
View Guy Robertson Rhyno Eleanor E McKay 1910-07-16
View Avard A. Rice Catherine Price 1901-10-23
View Edward Woodruff Rice Minnie Frances Chesley 1904-09-14
View James Edward Rice Nellie Myrtle McLeod 1910-04-20
View Joseph Rice Jessie Graham 1897-03-05
View Rupert R. Rice Jennie R. Ryan 1911-04-18
View Wilbert Rice Mary Louise Rice 1905-02-15
View Willis D Richard S Edith Pentz 1907-02-20
View Daniel Joseph Richards Amanda Devilla Bushe 1906-01-10
View Stannage Lewis Richards Salome Beatrice Wynacht 1902-04-16
View Alfred K. Richardson Hope (Mrs.) Malcom 1908-08-31
View Joseph Richardson Ella Mary Publicover 1899-11-27
View Charles Alfred Richie Lena Gordon King 1901-09-09
View Ernest Riley Clara Hood 1903-08-03
View John Riley Alice Trimper 1905-05-24
View Abraham Risser Alelia Melissa Tanner 1902-05-23
View Arthur Risser Bessie Varner 1891-12-24
View James S Risser Susan F Heim 1894-09-25
View James Stannage Risser Lucy Victoria Arenburg 1907-11-16
View John E Risser Celina C Zink 1903-01-29
View Richard Isaiah Risser Mary Elizabeth Hirtle 1906-01-17
View Walter S Risser Nettie LeGay 1902-04-29
View Arthur Ritcey Minnie J Heckman 1903-02-18
View Frederick Henry Milfred Ritcey Florence Leone Conrad 1908-10-10
View Hiram Alder Ritcey Mary Smith 1909-10-14
View Horton D Ritcey May I Feindel 1909-12-22
View Howard Edgar Ritcey Annie Regina Risser 1907-10-02
View Thomas Ritcey Edna Bushen 1904-01-13
View William Artemas Ritcey Hilda Elizabeth Mosher 1907-12-23
View Charles Fasson Ritchie Francis Elizabeth Spears 1902-05-12
View Frank Ritchie Eva McDormand 1906-11-15
View Thomas A. Ritchie Margaret E. Barteaux 1907-06-26
View William H. Ritchie Mary A. Spurr 1901-05-22
View Horace E. Roach Etta E. Swallow 1909-04-01
View Leander Roach Ardella Lloyd 1906-03-01
View Alfred Lorenzo Roast Eva Louisa Nauss 1907-02-06
View Jacob Roast Tena Murphy 1906-09-27
View Andrew Robar Beatrice Oikle 1904-04-07
View Angus Parker Robar Hattie May Daniels 1908-08-03
View Bamfred Robar Phebe Slauenwhite 1908-01-11
View Forman Robar Hattie Darr 1909-06-19
View Jonas Robar Bertha Acker 1901-08-13
View Robert Merior Robar Elsie Princetta Sarty 1910-04-22
View Stephen Robar Clara E Demone 1900-09-23
View William Howard Robar Mary Hazel Veinot 1906-02-03
View William A Robart Annie Blanche E Robart 1907-09-25
View William Gordon Robart Jennie Patterson 1910-06-01
View Jacob V. Robblee Iselene Clark 1901-06-25
View Benjamin H. Robinson Lottie W. Rice 1903-04-29
View Daniel Jr. Robinson Lottie A. Wilson 1909-08-11
View Eugene J. Robinson Evelyn P. Hudson 1906-05-02
View George E. Robinson Hattie L. Fader 1892-09-21
View Percy B. Robinson Minnie Milner 1907-04-17
View Rollins G. Robinson Ethel L. Anderson 1908-04-15
View Timothy Robinson Pearletta Donovan 1926-09-28
View Albert Freeman Rodenheiser Emma Winnifred Beck 1905-02-22
View Zenas Rodenhiser Mary Ann Cross 1870-09-25
View Zenas Rodenhiser Mary Ann Cross 1870-09-25
View William Rodenizer Bessie Stevens 1890-12-14
View Walter M. Romans Robina M. Hamilton 1907-06-26
View Gordon Emmerson Romkey Elsie Slater 1907-11-04
View James Norman Romkey Ellen Lee Creaser 1904-03-02
View William L Romkey Frances Julia Bushen 1906-12-27
View Frank E. Roney Ethel L. Caswell 1901-09-11
View Charles Whitman Roop Emma Brown 1906-07-17
View Israel Roop Effie Morrison 1888-10-19
View Walter Arthur Rose Gertrude Hood 1915-06-30
View George Rosencrants Louisa Campbell 1907-07-30
View Maynard Burton Rosencrants Rosie Ellen Palmer 1904-08-30
View Willard Rosencrants Margaret E. Wagner 1906-10-24
View Charles Rosencrantz Clara L Meuse 1888-05-29
View William Ross Tena Sinclair 1892-01-01
View Guy Albert Rounsefell Frances Gertrude Veneau 1915-03-14
View Guy Albert Rounsefell Frances Gertrude Veneau 1915-03-14
View Guy Alfred Rounsefell Frances Gertrude Veneau 1915-03-14
View Thomas Routledge Maud Munro 1902-01-08
View John Joseph Rudolf Laura Mary Messinger 1905-07-20
View Arthur Richey Russell Ella Maude Broome 1906-08-01
View Bennett Russell Janie Walker 1901-12-04
View Clarence Temple Russell Esther Amelia Russell 1905-05-10
View Oscar Elijah Russell Matilda Lottie Meister 1907-04-03
View William John Russell Susie Elizabeth Budge 1923-06-06
View Robert V Rutledge Grace Helpard 1903-01-21
View James Ryan Eva Melissa Burton 1903-11-26
View Leslie W Ryer Ena Nickerson 1907-03-28
View George Edward Sabean Bessie Robinson 1909-03-03
View George Inglis Salter Ethel Clair MacDonald 1902-09-10
View Adelbert Sandford Cora Teresa McNayr 1904-05-11
View Arthur Sanford Lottie Gertrude Bauchman 1906-09-19
View Truman Scott Sanford Clara Appleton Cleaves 1906-10-10
View Ammerson Willis Sarty Lois Roseilla Slaunwhite 1901-09-11
View James E Sarty Sarah A McGrath 1891-10-05
View James Edwin Sarty Anna Belle Robar 1906-12-13
View Eugene F. Saunders Susie M. Young 1901-11-06
View Tobias Howard Sawler Ethel Olivia Rhuland 1901-12-18
View Kenneth Melburn Schauffenburg Edna Cassandra Nowe 1909-10-05
View Robert John Schmeisser Annie Laura Corkum 1909-01-20
View Allen Schnare Bertha Berringer 1902-09-20
View Allen Schnare Bertha Berringer 1902-09-20
View Henry Theophilus Schnare Ellend Naas 1906-12-12
View James Albert Schnare Margery Freener 1902-11-19
View William Frederick Schrader Mary Angeline Lohnes 1906-02-14
View John Schuve Margaret Josephine Moore 1910-12-15
View Bernard Schwartz Lilla Barkhouse 1901-03-25
View Burnett Schwartz Bessie Strum 1906-03-19
View John Howard Schwartz Mary Alma Parks 1906-02-21
View Robert James Schwartz Eva Bella Beck 1904-04-09
View Charles Scragg Irene Muise 1900-10-01
View Charles Scragg Irene Muise 1900-10-01
View Isaac N Seaboyer Jessie B Pearl 1902-07-10
View James C Sears Mary Brannan 1901-05-19
View Albert David Selig Ina Belle Dauphinee 1906-02-13
View Alvin John Selig Maud Ida Wynacht 1903-08-01
View Charles Adam Selig Ida Lucretia Risser 1904-05-28
View Clarence Otis Selig Elizabeth Emily Reinhardt 1907-04-13
View Clifford Selig Clara Tanner 1911-03-18
View Esson Edward Harold Selig Frances Tanner 1904-12-08
View Frank N Selig Josephine Wentzell 1905-09-07
View Frank N Selig Josephine Wentzell 1905-09-07
View Lewis Benjamin Selig Laura Angeline Tanner 1909-04-03
View Louis Selig Lucy L. Knox 1910-04-15
View Maynard Selig Minnie Ellen Jefferson 1911-05-15
View William Allen Selig Wilhelmina Wright 1908-02-19
View James Sellers Suppora Young 1902-01-22
View Sylvanus Semon Adelaide Pamilla Wynot 1902-05-14
View Arthur E Shaffenburg Sadie M Newell 1907-06-06
View Rupert Freeman Shaffner Clara Cathella Bogart 1903-12-02
View Andrew Shakle Emma Corkum 1899-01-11
View Andrew Shankle Ada Lohnas 1908-01-04
View Errol Walter Shankle Alice Louisa Naus 1923-12-18
View Charles Henry Sharp Sarah Agnes Croft 1907-09-11
View Joseph Thomas Sharpe Annie Catherine Rhodenizer 1902-02-27
View Peter Shaughnessy Margaret McDonald 1868-08-18
View Charles G Shaw Wilhelmina F Morton 1907-05-13
View Henry Albert Shoop Laura Berringer 1903-01-03
View Harris Jordon Sibbins Daisy J. Wright 1906-12-18
View Charles William Silver Alice Amy Corkum 1906-09-29
View Clarence Albert Silver Carrie Bell Mason 1909-03-10
View Dean Silver Hannah Elizabeth Sarty 1896-09-23
View Dean Silver Ida Rodenheiser 1903-06-27
View Edwin Silver Charlotte A Silver 1883-09-23
View Edwin W. Silver Ida May Hubley 1907-06-25
View Frederick Silver Florence Slaughenwhite 1902-12-14
View Howard L Silver Mina Durling 1910-09-28
View Jacob J Silver Lottie M Silver 1900-06-21
View James Edmund Silver Minna Conrad 1904-04-19
View James H Silver Lottie Wiles 1907-03-06
View Josiah Silver Martha Knox 1911-02-01
View Lemuel Silver Lillie Silver 1900-12-23
View Vulcan Silver Abia R Smith 1910-07-06
View William Silver Martha Geldert 1901-11-09
View Landry Simon Angeline Briand 1910-08-19
View John Steward Simpson Lydia Lyde Lohnes 1902-12-24
View William Simpson Blanche Zinck 1906-06-28
View Edward Hanlan Skerry Eva Helen Meister 1907-11-20
View Freeman Augustus Slauenwhite Margaret Eliza Hebb 1902-06-18
View Lawrence Freeman Slauenwhite Helen Maude Begin 1910-04-05
View Norman Slauenwhite Laura Letitia Slauenwhite 1907-10-26
View Reuben Slauenwhite Selina Slauenwhite 1904-06-25
View Allen E Slaughenwhite Theresa Veinot 1900-09-08
View Caleb Slocomb Maggie McClosky 1903-05-06
View Jacob H. Slocomb Bessie M. Sanford 1910-06-29
View James Freeman Smeltzer Bella May Beck 1908-04-28
View Noah George Smeltzer Anice Sophia Meisner 1901-04-24
View Allison Smith Magdalene Wagner 1907-06-17
View Annis Smith Ruby Wagner 1907-06-17
View Arthur Ellis Smith Grace Nauss 1910-03-09
View Edwin Chas Smith Estella S Wamback 1909-12-29
View Ezra Tilton Smith Jesie Ammella Llewellyn 1905-12-23
View Gales Smith Naoma Wagner 1907-06-17
View Garnet L Smith Bertha L Morash 1911-01-19
View Harry Edward Smith Ella May Tanner 1910-02-22
View Howard Smith Carrie Ada Mabel Mason 1903-03-07
View Lemuel Smith Rachael Smith 1907-07-13
View Lewis Smith Lydia Mellsissa Zinck 1904-09-25
View Lyman St Clair Smith Etta Florence Inglis 1908-06-16
View Sidney Benjamin Smith Mary Emma Swansburg 1908-01-07
View Victor T Smith Addie May Bell 1904-03-17
View Vinton P. Smith Ada C. Bennett 1903-10-06
View Winton Smith Elsie Freda 1902-04-21
View Wallace James Smith (Slauenwhite) Sarah Elizabeth Winters 1899-12-20
View George E. Snow Victoria Everett 1910-03-16
View Hezekiah Snow Ida Lillia Strang 1901-04-09
View James W. Snow Elva J. Hayden 1906-06-20
View Thomas Snow Ida Pentz 1912-03-13
View Caleb S. Elmo Snyder Hattie Beatrice Naugler 1909-03-23
View Clarence Snyder Marcilla Frauzel 1903-06-04
View John Allan Snyder Effie Maud Power 1907-11-14
View Peregine Snyder Withilmin Neville 1909-06-28
View Alexander Sodera Loretta Borgal 1903-05-20
View Daniel Truman Spencer Margaret May Baker 1906-04-19
View Aubrey Herbert Sperry Mary Parker Coffin 1903-09-09
View George Solomon Sperry Mary A Theresa Bushen 1906-02-14
View Ralph Drew Sperry Lena Elizabeth Mitchell 1904-10-25
View William Sperry Annie Hubley 1908-10-07
View Charles Guy Spidle Rhea Wentzell 1906-10-17
View Daniel Luther Spindler Catherine Conrad 1907-11-06
View Irven Solomon Spindler Grace Lillie Spindler 1909-06-08
View Welton Bernard Spindler Maggie Louise Spindler 1910-01-13
View Theodore Harding Spinney Laura Blanche Banks 1902-09-03
View William L. Sproul Ethel Freeman 1899-10-14
View George A. Spurr Flora E. Speakman 1907-07-24
View James Richie Spurr Florence Emma Robar 1905-12-06
View Hugh Ross Stailing Nellie Maud Charlton 1906-10-31
View Arthur Stanford Hattie Louise Cole 1902-06-06
View James Stanford Sarah Ann Dalton 1905-06-21
View Elwyn S. Starratt Erna May Wilson 1904-10-16
View Edward S. Starritt Margaret M. Grue 2010-10-12
View Joseph S. Steadman Guida M. Dunn 1908-06-17
View Robert Steadman Jessie M. Jefferson 1901-11-04
View Moses Stephenson Bertha Walker 1907-09-25
View Albert Stevens Emma Wilson 1882-11-15
View Alvin Cecil Atwood Stevens Eleanor Jane Boomer 1920-01-28
View Grant Percy Stevens Annie Hall (Hatt) 1903-03-17
View Ira Harold Stevens Janet Blanche Rafuse 1903-05-05
View James Dennison Stevens Hattie Odessa Webber 1901-12-11
View Randolph Bronson Stevens Evelyn Glyda Slaugenwhite 1904-01-27
View Odis E Stewart Katie E Hubley 1909-07-03
View Robert A. Stewart Lena McK Green 1897-01-01
View Ervie Roland Strang Bessie Darling Strang 1911-02-07
View John Peter Brooklyn Strum Jennie Young 1911-05-18
View Walter James Strum Hattie Ellen Adams 1910-05-12
View William Harris Lawlor Strum Mary Ann Slaugenwhite Mader 1903-12-23
View Bernard Stuart Sylvia Doucet 1925-08-25
View Archibald James Suttis Sophia Nelson 1897-11-24
View Frederick Swain Elizabeth Muise 1920-05-24
View Bernard Swallow Idella Foster 1910-08-03
View Charles C Sweeney Annie R Perkins 1894-02-28
View Samuel Swift Annie V. MacGowan 1907-07-29
View Albert Tanner Sarah A Dean 1893-02-25
View Albert Tanner Ella Wynacht 1908-02-26
View Beverley Edward Tanner Sophia Laurene Knickle 1899-12-21
View Charles Samuel Tanner Edna Eliza Conrad 1907-09-09
View Clarence Albert Tanner Minnie Dora Bell Allen 1901-10-09
View Eber Clarence Tanner Florence Leah Langille 1907-01-29
View Fenwick Leonard Tanner Lorenda Wight 1904-09-20
View George Edward Tanner Nellie Martha Melissa Knickle 1906-01-09
View Harris Tanner Willetta Tanner 1905-12-21
View Henry Alonzo Tanner Mabel Leta Tanner 1911-02-11
View Henry Leander Tanner Jennie Belle Knickle 1911-01-25
View James Leander Tanner Eldora Tanner 1910-07-07
View James Walter Tanner Ellen May Berringer 1909-12-29
View John Benjamin Tanner Emma Matilda Eisnor 1901-11-09
View John Robert Tanner Dora Belle Knickle 1906-02-26
View John Starrat Ross Tanner Floretta Risser 1909-06-13
View Milton Tanner Georgina Tanner 1908-02-19
View Morris Seymour Tanner Eva Sophia Tanner 1911-04-15
View Robert Henry Alexander Tanner Edith Maria Tanner 1905-03-09
View William I Tanner Mary A Langille 1909-03-10
View William Robert Norman Tanner Dora Romkey 1904-04-02
View William Sydney Tanner Jennie Leone Frittenburg 1907-04-06
View Charles Taylor Annie Kelly 1907-10-21
View Edward Taylor Florence Penney 1901-09-25
View Ellsworth Taylor Minnie McGrath 1901-09-25
View John Taylor Alberta Snow 1902-03-17
View Walter Taylor Lena B Wilson 1920-04-08
View Hibbert B Teal Eva B Hebb 1904-04-19
View K Arden Teal Theresa S Warner (Wamback) 1904-02-10
View Laurie Randolph Teal Grace E Smith 1910-04-06
View Ulam Teal Josephine Volger 1900-03-10
View Herbert Benjamin Thomas Flora May Langille 1905-06-10
View Joseph Allen Thomas Lydia Ann Stevens 1920-08-12
View Oliver Wellington Thomas Bertha May Holmes 1907-02-19
View Orville I Thomas Isabelle Lamrock 1905-12-28
View Haold Thompson Ethel Winnifred Kempton 1905-12-21
View James Albert Thompson Charlotte Effie Huey 1908-09-15
View Charles William Thurlow Emily Maude Kinley 1907-04-24
View Isaac Tiper Dora Lowe 1903-04-15
View Arthur J Tipert Flora B Lohnes 1907-05-08
View Royal Preston Tipping Mary Estella Webster 1911-05-17
View James Elwin Moyle Tobin Deltha Princetta Corkum 1903-01-21
View Frederick Andrew Todd Josephine Gladys Ramsey 1903-01-25
View Malcolm Todd Lotty Wade 1905-08-09
View Edgar S Towner Josephine Swanburg 1904-10-26
View Austin R Trethewey Sophia E Herman 1902-12-21
View Ernest P. Trimper Florence M. Venot 1907-12-23
View Norman E. Trimper Edna B. Parker 1908-08-05
View Abner D. Troop Edith Barnes 1902-02-19
View Archibald F. Troop Annie W. Robblee 1902-12-23
View Arthur S. Troop Jennie A. Bent 1908-09-30
View Edwin J. Tucker Minnie E. Bolser 1904-12-25
View Byron S Tulloch Vella I Lawlor 1909-09-15
View James B Tumblin Jessie Helen Wolfe 1902-12-30
View Zenas Tumblin Clara E Dagley 1902-02-11
View Charles F. Tupper Harriett O. Millett 1901-09-04
View Charles Mills Tupper Florence Emma Cox 1901-06-27
View John Frederick Tupper Golden Beatrice Braynion 1911-01-05
View Charles W. Turner Adelias Lillian Milbury 1910-11-09
View David James Turner Laura Alice Hartling 1900-12-25
View George Byard Turner Agnes Keddy 1902-02-11
View Howard Dickie Turner Sarah Eldora Mountain 1906-06-13
View James William Turner Annie Delia Turner 1906-11-07
View Morton L Turner Effie Ida Kiddy 1900-05-22
View Robert A. Turner Ida E. McDougall 1907-09-25
View Samuel Newton Turner Daisy Ethel Keddy 1902-07-16
View Martin Uhlman Clara M. McNaye 1898-03-09
View Ambrose Vail Evelyn Florence Boutilier 1897-04-29
View Percy Lee Varner Georgina May Dorey 1907-12-06
View Uriah Varner Hattie Silver 1900-09-29
View Dennis Church Veinot Sophia Faith Keddy 1908-08-30
View Edwin Alriah Veinot Eva Blanche Veinot 1904-12-31
View Enos Cornelius Veinot Florence Cerene Lones 1904-04-13
View George Veinot Rebina Zinck 1902-10-02
View Howard Veinot Etta Garber 1906-06-16
View Hugh Veinot Hilda Hebb 1908-06-19
View James William Veinot Gertie Demone 1910-02-08
View John Calvin Veinot Eva (Classie) Frail 1903-09-22
View John P Veinot Drusilla Wentzell 1874-01-18
View Lewis Veinot Fanny Zinck 1908-09-05
View Monson B Veinot Anna Melissa Silver 1900-07-21
View Nathaniel Veinot Taphenias Haines 1902-06-21
View Obed A Veinot Lois A Fancy 1906-03-31
View Obed S Veinot Bertha MacKay 1897-07-04
View St. Clair Veinot Sadie Wile 1904-10-01
View William Till Veinot Bessie Louisa Ham 1910-09-16
View Albert Edward Veinotte Emma Hatt 1905-11-21
View Fred Veinotte Laura May Veinotte 1905-09-30
View Joseph Veinotte Louise Veinotte 1910-08-20
View Leander Rufus Veinotte Annie May Snyder 1906-10-20
View William Henry Churchward Veinotte Olive Pearl Rafuse 1905-09-06
View Clarence Whitman Veno Bessie Bezanson 1908-12-30
View Angus Vienott Elmina M Haines 1902-06-21
View Richard Vienott Maggie Rafuse 1902-09-30
View Stannage Vienott Josephine Vienott 1902-05-20
View Trueman Bly Vienotte Adina Zinck 1902-03-11
View James Solomon Vogler Una Dean Annis 1905-05-27
View Morton George Vogler Cecelia Rafuse 1904-03-12
View Rupert E Vogler Samantha Winnie Himmelman 1911-06-06
View Thomas R Vogler Bertha V Croft 1903-04-15
View Geo Arthur Wade Bessie May Pendleton 1908-02-11
View Alton Henley Wagner Elva May Sarty 1906-10-23
View Harvey Wagner Florence Ida Veinotte 1909-04-17
View Horton Wagner Cinderella Smith 1909-10-12
View James E. Wagner Maggie Kaulback 1907-08-28
View John William Wagner Elmore Wilhemina Morash 1911-01-18
View Maynard Manson Wagner Maud S. Silver 1904-03-26
View Wallace William Wagner Florence C Eichel 1904-09-14
View J Robert Walfield Anna Maud Power 1910-10-02
View Lewis Walfield Ella Theordora Corkum 1905-04-13
View Samuel A Walfield Lettie Mailman 1905-04-24
View Dennis Walker Viola May Hennigar 1905-06-20
View Harvie Truman Walker Viola Pearl Lantz 1910-10-26
View Henry Richard Walker Mabel Grace Walker 1904-11-17
View John Walker Eva Lantz 1903-08-09
View Lewis de B. Walker Alma G. Boudreau 1907-07-24
View Richmond Walker Gertrude Ida Redden 1907-07-25
View John Walsh Margaret Bennet 1898-04-25
View William James Walsh Grace Arabella Hirtle 1911-01-24
View Angus James Walters Maggie Alberta Tanner 1908-03-18
View Cyrus Edmund Walters Ada Lillas Wamback 1902-02-04
View John Caleb Walters Adelia Lamander Lohnes 1904-04-21
View Loren Henry Walters Sadie Florence Jeisler (Heisler) 1906-11-01
View Sidney Walters Lottie Corkum 1897-10-19
View Silas William Walters Jenetta Beatrice U. Schrader 1905-02-22
View Charles Wilson Wamback Adelaid Lucretia Lohnes 1905-01-25
View Garret Obed Wamback Bessie H.M. Wentzell 1908-01-29
View John Rogers Wamback May Selina Meisner 1904-02-03
View Joseph Hibbert Wamback Florence Corkum 1903-01-28
View Ludwig Robert Wamback Kezia Winifred Wolfe 1909-07-04
View Norman Arthur Wamback Maud Jessie Haughn 1902-05-07
View Urvin Wilbert Wamback Mary E Cross 1903-04-16
View James Austin Wamblot Elva Hebb 1905-07-12
View Clarence Seymour Wambolt Agnes Olivia Himmelman 1905-08-19
View Clifton Wambolt Mary Jane Gill 1905-11-22
View James Nathaniel Wambolt Elva Louise Lohnes 1909-11-30
View William Josiah Wambuck Minnie Maud Bell 1910-12-28
View Arthur Wardell Emma Horton 1905-07-04
View William M Watkins Lydia J Lamrock 1904-08-08
View John Stokoe Watts Maud Catherine Ferguson 1906-12-31
View Arthur G. Weagle Annie V. Fancy 1909-12-16
View Clifford Lemuel Weagle Minnie Margaret Sponagle 1906-04-11
View Elam Weagle Sevilla Fisher 1900-06-15
View Enos Weagle Hannah Weinacht 1908-07-11
View Stewart James Weagle Bessie Viola Robar 1908-06-27
View William Weagle Edith Naugler 1903-03-09
View William Weagle Ida Oikle 1907-12-28
View William Angus Weagle Matilda Aulenbach 1906-04-26
View Douglas Leonard Wear Lillian Maud Wilson 1902-06-05
View Allen Doyle Weaver Florence May Hall 1908-01-01
View Harry Parker Weaver Ruth Harris Burns 1906-06-07
View Howard Leslie Webber Gertrude P B Smith 1911-05-10
View Reuben D Webber Ina E Dunn 1901-06-05
View William Morris Webber Eda Eleanor Nass 1906-01-01
View John Weihnacht Minnie Demone 1902-08-05
View Charles Edwin Weinault Ardella Elfreda Deal 1906-11-29
View Amos Wentzel Etta Rhodenizer 1910-02-19
View Reuben Wentzel Annie Matilda Franzel (Frauzel) 1902-11-14
View William Dean Wentzel Lottie Mason 1909-03-31
View Aaron George Wentzell Carrie Mildred Heisler 1908-09-09
View Cornelius Wentzell Nellie Maude Spidle 1904-11-17
View Frederick Wentzell May Zepporah Veinot 1903-12-16
View Howard Wentzell Florence Hirtle 1900-03-25
View Issiah T. Wentzell Miriam Donzella Selig 1904-02-18
View Kenneth Leroy Wentzell Sarah Elizabeth Langille 1911-02-07
View Naaman Wentzell Minnie Gray 1906-10-06
View Norman William Wentzell Ida Louise Weagle 1908-04-04
View Robert Wentzell Lydia Conrod 1901-09-29
View Solomon Wentzell Martha Kaulback 1907-06-29
View William A Wentzell May E Bruhm 1908-09-05
View William Obet Wentzell Ella Martha Lohnes 1903-12-09
View Alton Westhaver Esther Zinck 1903-11-18
View Freeman John Westhaver Bertha M Young 1907-02-20
View Joseph Hanson Westhaver Sadie Idella Rafuse 1907-11-20
View Lupean Whitney Westhaver Lottie Eliza Mason 1905-11-15
View William Johnson Westhaver Miriam Elizabeth Mader 1901-12-18
View William S Westhaver Alice L Hirtle 1902-12-18
View Alfred James Wetmore Elizabeth Evelyn MacIntosh 1905-01-25
View George Alfred Whalen Borden Clara 1924-04-15
View John A Wheeler Emma Baker 1884-09-26
View John Alfred Wheeler Cora Eisnor 1907-01-02
View Bernard B. White Blanch W. Young 1901-06-19
View Minard White Alma Annie Sabean 1904-07-15
View Otis L. White Leah B Turple 1907-10-23
View Edgar James Whitford Addie L Moland 1910-11-05
View James Edward Whitford Salina Elizabeth Redden 1902-07-30
View Elbert J. Whitman Harriet Isabel Manthorne 1906-03-14
View Melbourne Whitman Charlotte Young 1908-01-01
View Melburne Burpee Whitman Cora Evelyn Hennigar 1903-09-22
View Reginald Clayton Whitman Eliza Williams 1911-04-26
View Vernon Whitman Bessie Robinson 1899-02-22
View Charles Arthur Whynacht Esther Alberta Corkum 1902-11-20
View Clarence Whynacht Emily D B McDonald 1901-02-23
View James Norman Whynacht Eva Elizabeth Spidle 1902-04-08
View James S Whynacht Mary Letitia Veinott 1904-07-13
View John Harris Whynacht Norah Tanner 1905-06-08
View Norman Whynock Florence Whynock 1902-01-27
View Alfred Kenneth Whynot Dorcas Sepora Parks 1902-04-15
View Austin Harry Whynot Laura May Daniels 1909-12-08
View Clifford Whynot Charity Bishard 1910-03-12
View James Albert Whynot Bessie Risser 1904-11-02
View Lewis J Wier Jessie E Bower 1905-05-21
View Benjamin Wight Emma Lightfoot 1885-05-11
View Ernest E Wight Mary E Tanner 1909-02-15
View William Howard Wight Mary Ann Selig 1907-09-28
View Alvin St. Clair Wile Florence Beatrice Conrad 1908-01-15
View Annas Wile Bessie M Corkum 1885-11-11
View Caleb Wile Priscilla Burgoine 1908-11-24
View Charles Wile Leah Mehitalbe Hanlan 1905-09-15
View David Wile Eva Woodworth 1908-08-15
View Davis (Darius) Wile Edna Wile 1904-10-08
View Edward Wile Alice Garber 1910-11-16
View Elwood Arthur Wile Ida Ritcey 1907-07-06
View Enos Wile Sarah Publicover 1909-10-14
View Max A Wile Letitia Bernice Croft 1905-06-21
View Spurgeon Wile Fanny Louisa Weagh 1903-02-11
View Stewart Wile Lesslie Stockman 1911-01-19
View Asaph Wilkie Mary Spearwater 1908-08-26
View George Lambeth Wilkie Annie Bell Corkum 1902-03-03
View James A Wilkie Fannie E Lohnas 1894-12-21
View John Burnum Wilkie Melissa M Huey 1903-01-14
View William Russel Wilkie Sadie Lousie Lohnes 1911-01-11
View James E. Wilkins Emma J. Cress 1901-11-13
View Henry B. Willett Cassie C. Cross 1907-09-25
View John Rice William Mary Ellen Copeland 1909-10-06
View Arthur Stanley Willis Ethel Lorna Shatford 1903-06-17
View Richard Simon Wilneff Laura May Cook 1902-01-25
View David Wilson Cora Langille 1894-05-25
View James Wilson Matilda Baker 1883-04-25
View james wilson violet graham 1913-02-02
View Rufus Wilson Jenny Langille 1896-03-22
View William Wilson Mabel Penal 1906-04-21
View William Wilson Emma Stevens 1891-06-25
View Edward Lawrence Windrow Margaret Mae Naugler 1906-07-18
View Angus Walker Winter Eva Myrtle Brittain 1905-06-07
View Angus Walker Winter Eve Myrtle Brittain 1905-06-07
View Angus Walker Winter Eve Myrtle Brittain 1905-06-07
View Clarence Alexander Winters Clara Cecila Silver 1909-06-06
View George Peoples Winters Pearle Evangeline Cameron 1919-01-01
View Howard Charles Winters Emily Bertha Schupe 1908-01-08
View John Winters Priscilla Romkey 1905-12-24
View Enos Stanton Wolfe Laura May Bush 1901-10-12
View James Reuben Wolfe Bertha Sarah Wilkie 1902-04-02
View Jason Roger Wolfe Myrtle Eliza Crabbe 1911-02-15
View Samuel Demas Wolfe Mary Margaret McKay 1908-03-31
View Charles L Wood Amanda M Hays 1904-06-30
View George W Wood Elizabeth Schoap 1901-05-23
View Horatio Wood Flossie Wood 1907-12-03
View Merle Wallace Wood Helen Regina Nickerson 1932-12-22
View William Wood Nellie Edna Connell 1903-03-18
View Alfred G. Woodbury Catherine Kniffin 1906-09-27
View Arthur Woodland Addie Spurr 1901-11-20
View Corning L. Woodworth Blanche Bell 1903-04-29
View Ezekiel Woodworth Abbie Ramey 1907-05-08
View James Sutherland Woodworth Florence Veinot 1909-08-18
View Angus M Wright Blanche Milner 1907-10-19
View Clifford Eaton Wright Blanche Effie Borden 1910-12-14
View Eustace O. Wright Minnie B. McCormick 1907-03-24
View Miledge Ellison Wright Minnie Lillian Sibbins 1906-09-25
View Samuel A. Wright Vada B. Brown 1906-12-26
View Samuel W. Wright Etta M. Gehue 1909-09-05
View James Edgar Wynock Florence Walter 1906-01-09
View Lemuel Theophilius Wynot Nellie Tanner 1907-11-06
View Uriah Wynot Heattie Eisenhaur 1885-10-19
View Daniel Elijah Young Hilda May Backman 1910-06-15
View Frank C Young Hattie May Spidel 1910-08-03
View Harold Warner Young Lizzie Jane Morrison 1901-10-10
View Henry Odess Young Alma Elnora Setter 1910-11-04
View Herman Young Emeline Hurlbert 1901-12-25
View Israel Young Joanna Meisner 1874-09-22
View James Nathaniel Young Lucy Meisner 1910-01-22
View John Young Rosetta (Renetta) Snare 1877-02-27
View Robert Bent Young Winnifred Lee Farnsworth 1902-10-15
View Charles Herman Zellers Letitia Helen Cook 1909-12-29
View George Benjamin Zellers Theresa Creaser 1904-03-20
View George Lenley Zinck Ruby Margaret Baker 1905-12-12
View Harvey Scott Zinck Minnie Bella Naas 1908-04-15
View Hugh Fenwick Zinck Iva Belle Bezanson 1907-01-30
View Joseph Christian Zinck Lottie Rebecca Hubley 1911-03-09
View Lemuel Zinck Laura Ritcey 1906-03-31
View Percy Otto Zinck Charlotte Aberdeen Veinot 1904-10-15
View Richard Isaiah Zinck Emeline Tanner 1904-12-19
View Steadman Edward Zinck Katie Moser 1906-04-20
View Wilfred Harold Zinck Matilda Dean 1907-12-31
View Norman Henry Zinck(Zwicker) Florence Elma Barry 1909-08-16
View Alberta Obadiah Zink Floresta Winters 1902-06-21
View David Obadiah Zink Althea Louisa Hirtle 1907-02-06
View Edwin Loren Zink Rachel McInnis 1908-11-04
View Elison E. Zink Margaret D. Cook 1904-12-19
View Henry Albert Zink Dena Cassandra Wentzel 1903-11-17
View John Jacob Zink Roseanna Wentzell 1864-12-29
View John Stannage Zink Naomie Cook 1909-04-08
View Johnson Albert Zink Josephine Wentzell 1905-03-13
View Josiah Zink Esther Oxner 1896-12-10
View Arthur Zwicker May Letitia Himmelman 1901-06-22
View Asaph Emanuel Zwicker Ashie L Naugler 1904-01-27
View David Zwicker Alma Williams 1902-10-09
View Heber Irvin Zwicker Laura E Joudrey 1904-04-12
View Howard Zwicker Minnie Cress 1902-09-14
View Ingraham Zwicker Mary Emeno 1903-09-26
View James Ebenezer Zwicker Caroline Susan Boehner 1902-12-28
View John E Zwicker Mary A Shaffenburg 1911-02-22
View Owen Edward Zwicker Hannah Mabel Armstrong 1903-12-12
View Wallace S Zwicker Margaret L Ernst 1899-03-28
View William G Zwicker Catherine R Smith 1908-04-29