NB: Index to New Brunswick Marriages (RS141B7) 1592
QC: Non-Catholic marriages in the Montréal area, 1766-1899 7
MB: Manitoba Vital Statistics, Marriages 46
SK: Marriages 8
BC: Marriages Index 815
Other - please see notes for details 615
NB: Early County Marriage Records PANB RS159 21
NS: Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Marriages 1943
BC: Pre-confederation marriage records 1859-1872 GR-3044 5

BC: Marriages Index

View Edgar Thomas Abbot Irene Violet Maundrell 1916-05-30
View Donald William J Acteson Lillian Gladys Fraser 1924-07-17
View Walter Edward Adams Lilian StCroix Beek 1899-12-06
View Walter Edward Adams Lilian StCroix Beek 1899-12-06
View Herbert Webster Agnew Annie Heaton Billsborough 1925-06-17
View David Aitken Rose Parwell 1900-10-03
View David Aitken Rose Parwell 1900-10-03
View John James Aitken Sarah Forge 1899-10-11
View Thomas Morrison Aitken Mary Margaret Greenwell 1902-10-01
View Arthur Randle Akenhead Patty Robinson 1908-11-28
View Walter Akenhead Jessie Cairns 1897-02-06
View James Lindsay Alexander Ruth Simon Cochrane 1925-09-14
View Samuel Alexander Mary Agnes Kirkpatrick 1901-06-15
View Walton Green Alexander Elizabeth Ann Vipond 1897-09-01
View Walter Trigg Allan Myrtle Jane Halpenny 1916-07-13
View Walter Trigg Allan Myrtle Jane Halpenny 1916-07-13
View George William Allison Nellie Kathleen Russell 1909-09-13
View George Vernon Allman Mary Grace Colvin 1914-06-03
View Alexander Anderson Lizzie Bertram 1888-08-08
View Ralph Anderson Thelma Henrietta Dick 1826-10-29
View Ernest Stephen Antle Janet Dewar 1923-09-12
View Robert Arbuthnot Margaret Halloran 1908-12-17
View Alfred Arnold Archibald Dorothy Aileen Olmstead 1924-12-22
View Herbert Cecil Armstrong Lily May Foreman 1907-05-08
View Herbert Cecil Armstrong Lily May Foreman 1905-05-08
View Robert Clausir Armstrong Mabel Mary Hall 1920-05-04
View William J Armstrong Ada Virginia Brinkman 1892-02-29
View George Tennant Atchison Christina Bell Mccaskill 1909-09-01
View John Phillip Austin Kathleen Mary Graham 1920-06-05
View Charles N Baker Ellen Conent 1893-05-18
View Angelo Balzano Lizzie Allan 1909-03-26
View Alfred Banham Annie Marie Elson 1897-12-22
View Edward Nathaniel Banks Lilly May Lock 1908-01-18
View George Barass Agnes Baker 1913-03-12
View George Barlow Elizabeth Murray 1907-05-01
View George Mann Barlow Edith Millington 1898-12-24
View Francis Malcolm Barnes Annie Eliza Logan 1913-05-14
View Ivy Cordelia Mary Barnes William Booth 1920-04-28
View William Charles Barnes Thelma Anderson 1908-11-04
View George Graham Barton Eleanor Mary W Alpen 1933-05-12
View John Bernard Barton Janet Isabella McIntyre 1922-07-05
View Oswald Herbert C Barton Jessie May Mann 1915-04-05
View Hamlet Mcrae Bates May Maundrell 1910-06-27
View George W Battersby Mary Edith Dutnel 1880-10-16
View Fred Arthur Beals Mable Hassard 1919-09-02
View George Alexander Beattie Edith Booth 1910-11-02
View John Beattie Julia Benton 1890-09-01
View Robert Anderson Beattie Annie Clinton 1912-09-02
View Frank Jones Becker Lillian May Unterbrink 1908-01-01
View James John Begg Lily Freethy 1904-08-06
View James Bell Ida Evelyn Burrell 1930-11-03
View Ralph Kennedy Bell Katie Smith 1930-04-23
View Andrew Murray M Bennett Lucy Ann Calverley 1908-12-24
View Herbert Samuel Best Jane Mcewen 1910-03-30
View Cherrill Roach Betterton Ida May Macdonald 1916-12-18
View George Bevilockway Janet Brown Knarston 1873-12-03
View Francis M Birchfield Lina Margaret Percy 1914-10-12
View Francis M Birchfield Lina Margaret Percy 1914-10-12
View Donald Edward Bird Grace Elma Toll 1912-04-24
View Fred J Bird Opal Fisher 1907-01-10
View Leslie Joseph Bird Emma L. Mills 1916-06-29
View Harold James Birnie Evelyn Blanche McCallum 1911-06-28
View Harold James Birnie Evelyn Blanche McCallum 1911-06-28
View John Black Elizabeth Emma Thick 1901-08-20
View Joshua Blackburn Hannah Marie Anderson 1909-02-10
View Charles Wight Blackie Sarah Elizabeth Hygh 1912-06-06
View John Rutherford Blackie Lilian Berry 1913-07-16
View Edward Everett Blackwood Eliza Jane Wallace 1888-01-01
View William Blackwood Elizabeth C. Houser 1895-02-19
View Louis Blank Agnes Dietrich 1907-07-21
View Thomas Henry Bone Eleanor Atkins 1900-11-28
View William James Bone Edith Bennett 1902-07-22
View Albert Edward Booth Jane Merrifield 1905-09-02
View Louis Auguste Borde Pearl Jennie Clay 1928-11-28
View Louis Auguste Borde Pearl Jennie Clay 1918-11-28
View Paul Hudson Borradaile Barbara Justine Blakemore 1912-11-04
View Paul Hudson Borradaile Barbara Justine Blakemore 1912-11-04
View George Mason Bovyer Isabella Margaret Leask 1906-08-08
View George Thomas Bowell Irene Grace Seed 1919-07-05
View Stephen Robert Bowell Charlotte Johnson 1908-08-06
View Walter Perry Bowell Myrtle May Cox 1917-08-07
View George Bennett Bradshaw Charlotte Mary Pearce 1903-06-30
View Harold Russell Bridgman Laura Elizabeth Conroy 1910-05-09
View Vyvyan Chard Brimacombe Grace Milwood Corbould 1907-10-16
View Peter G Brodie Annabella Green 1907-06-21
View Frank Broughton Mathilde Nordschow 1915-11-04
View Henry Edward Brown Irene Winifred McFadden 1924-08-07
View Henry Edward Brown Irene Winifred McFadden 1924-08-07
View James Brown Rebecca J Walsh 1888-12-05
View James Brown Lillian Eaden 1911-06-01
View James William Brown Mary Ann Morris 1891-01-01
View Ray George Brown Lulu Rhoda Moore 1914-08-24
View Charles Bryant Annie L Dunbar 1911-02-06
View George Alexander Brydon Sadie Julia Karyula 1927-06-28
View Lewis Caldwell Brydon Alice Isabel Ferguson 1915-05-12
View Bayard Wellesley Bubar Elizabeth Mcintyre 1913-05-31
View Percy Halero Buchan Edith Grace Cross 1928-06-27
View George L. T. Bull Gertrude Isobel Labrosse 1909-01-01
View Robert Ernest Bullick Louisa Edith Lemm 1921-07-06
View Edgar Burchett Rhoda Francis Boulton 1921-10-21
View Edwin Ruthwin Burnett Mary Ellen Christian 1891-06-16
View John Maitland Burnett Mae Ritchie Buckless 1915-02-15
View John William Burrell E May Docksteader 1903-07-01
View Matthew Alexander Burton Violet Irene Mctavish 1931-01-14
View Fred Arthur Busby Harriet Ellen Hirst 1894-12-20
View Walter Buss Florence Mcdonald 1899-05-15
View David Byers Dorothy May Smith 1929-08-09
View James Caffery Isabella Hews [Hughes] 1891-10-05
View James Caffery Isabella Hews [Hughes] 1891-10-05
View Thomas Bishop Calderhead Gladys Lewis 1910-06-14
View David James Caldwell Ada Coeroft 1914-07-02
View James Alexander Caldwell Hattie Watkins 1889-03-12
View Charles Edward callow lucy 1899-01-01
View Charles Edward Callow lucy 1899-01-01
View Walter Calverley Gertrude Louise Warren 1911-04-18
View Gordon Arthur Cameron Beatrice Laura McClintock 1924-06-23
View James Freeman Cameron Lotus Zerelda Griffith 1919-09-15
View Joseph Henry Carefoot Florence Louise Lickfold 1898-07-06
View Elmer E Carncross Alice Perry Bowell 1920-02-14
View Norman Stanley G Cary Dorcas Brash 1920-03-10
View Joseph Cass Marion Philippa Martin 1903-10-29
View Harry Catterall Ada Emily Gladding 1901-11-05
View Harry Catterall Ada Emily Gladding 1901-11-05
View Thomas Catterall Christine Brotherston 1933-11-03
View Edwin George Chamberlaine Emily Gertrude Harrison 1909-08-19
View Edward Vincent Chambers Rhoda Waterbury Eastman 1890-10-08
View George Putmun Chapman Lillie Hilbert 1898-11-16
View Charles Henry Cheatwood Sarah Ann Wilkinson 1898-08-09
View David Chilton Annie Calverley 1909-07-17
View Edward J Christian Dorothy Ellen Herriott 1909-10-20
View Herbert Louis Christian Margaret Mary Mulreney 1909-09-22
View Donald Malcolm Clark Edith Sinclair 1910-03-23
View Herbert Davison Clark Kathleen Victoria Wootton 1930-01-04
View Sidney George Clark Mary Jane Doran 1823-11-27
View Sidney George Clark Mary Jane Doran 1823-11-27
View Cecil Albert Claverley Amy Statham 1908-07-18
View Carlyle Ethelbert Clay Ruth Eveline Graham 1928-12-26
View Frank Albert Clayton Maud Billson 1908-09-07
View John Wood Coburn Ellen Cowie 1899-02-08
View Stephen Coburn Frances Emma Wenburn 1885-10-01
View Maurice B. Cochrane Marguerite Annie Dunne 1901-11-28
View Clarence Leroy Cole Dorcas Lilian Rawlinson 1910-02-28
View John Howell Coles Katherine B. Schwengers 1899-12-19
View Albert Combatly Kate Kelly 1898-11-23
View Ezra S Cook Louise M Mccutcheon 1893-09-20
View Daniel Copeland Christine Oleman 1926-01-01
View Harold Armitage Copley Olive Blanche Jackson 1921-01-08
View Herbert George Copley Margaret Jackson 1912-11-20
View Charles Mitchell Corbett Elsie Marie Copley 1918-09-25
View Frederick T Cornwall Emily Olivia Pelly 1909-06-15
View Charles Longrigg Cowman Caroline S Parkinson 1910-02-26
View Gerald A C Cowper Edith Gertrude Rochester 1907-11-30
View John Craig Alice Dendoff 1903-01-28
View John Craig Alice Dendoff 1903-01-28
View William Gordon Craig Agnes Taylor Aitken 1908-11-04
View William Gordon Craig Julia Catherine Quennell 1892-12-14
View David Crane Alice Ashton 1910-08-17
View Alexander Crawford Stella Oakes 1917-06-13
View Charles Edward W Creed Ellen Mary Harding 1911-11-30
View Athol Frazer Crierie Helen Adelaide George 1923-11-12
View John Mccrindle Crookston Beatrice Kathleen Hamill 1920-04-07
View Charles James Crozier Henretta Mcleod 1911-06-20
View Charles Tabor Crozier Mary Annie Ehalt 1886-01-14
View Dan Gilliland Crozier Kate Frances Wade 1912-09-11
View Ivan Crozier Alfretta Marian Atkinson 1911-04-06
View Hugh Obrien Cumming Jane Elizabeth Pugh 1904-10-12
View Thomas Cummings Barbara Ross 1901-04-08
View William Arthur Cuthbert Emma Sarah Cowell 1910-02-01
View George Cuthburt Evis Elliott 1890-09-20
View Dan Gregory Dailey Louisa Obrian 1894-02-01
View James M Davis Rachel Mitchel 1911-08-03
View John Davis Emma Holtby 1923-08-10
View Lewis Thomas Davis Eva Mary Reynard 1887-08-10
View Arthur Isaac Dawson Freadie C Thompson 1912-04-10
View Adolphus Guerin Day Sarah Mcphie 1886-07-02
View Ernest William Daykin Amanda Volvina Hampton 1920-07-07
View John Brentnall Daykin Annie Florence Marshall 1911-05-10
View William Henry Dean Annie James 1907-04-11
View James Roxburgh Deholm Bertha Caroline Falkner 1927-06-14
View Alfred Dendoff Annie Watson 1913-06-02
View Abraham J Dick Henrietta Harris 1902-06-10
View Robert Dick Mary Robson 1905-07-18
View Edward Clarence Dickson Hazel Belton Jacques 1921-04-09
View Albert Allan Docksteader Mary Myrtle Duncan 1908-08-26
View Wilfred James Doherty Marth Dobinson 1927-07-27
View George Emond Donley Violet Peace Alexandra Tomkins 1922-08-05
View Robert Emond Donley Clara Guentherodt 1909-09-24
View Dennis Patrick Donoghue Rachel Mary Chisholm 1891-07-06
View William Downes Agnes Johnston 1906-06-22
View William H. Draper Helen E. Underhill 1927-08-17
View William F Drysdale Katherine C Allan 1900-04-24
View John Duca Joanna Belloni 1899-12-16
View James Dunbar Jane Conlin 1908-07-15
View Joseph Dunne Catherine Gannon 1881-09-19
View James Forbes Duthie Mary Mildred Gamble 1920-02-25
View Harold Dyer Muriel B. Underhill 1909-06-30
View Joseph William Dykes Mary Scott 1905-09-18
View George Earl Lillie Mulholland 1908-04-22
View Jack Haddon East Mona Favoretta MacDonald 1920-12-29
View Louis Abiad East Jean Drysdale 1919-10-09
View William S Eckford Eva Ellison 1899-11-22
View Clement Ferdanand Ehmke Florence August Atkinson 1914-09-03
View William Sturgis Ellis Helen Amelia Clay 1924-06-25
View George Emerick Maggie Mckane 1908-02-04
View George Roland Etter Prudence Lillian Becker 1914-05-02
View Albert Evans Mellissa Gourley 1902-07-23
View Cecil Charles Evans Helen Florence Carey 1924-02-28
View Samuel James Eves Caroline Victoria Bacon 1895-09-04
View Clifford G. Fallow Ivy Lena Malpass 1930-12-15
View Rudolph Farko Laura Elizabeth Corbett 1930-02-23
View Bryan Farley Mary Rabbitt 1910-06-20
View Percy George Farmer Carrie Elizabeth Hassard 1917-01-24
View Thornton Fell Jessie I Reid 1880-05-25
View Augustin Constant L Ficq Katherine Sarah Schubert 1911-03-22
View Arthur F Fifer Christine Mabel Boden 1907-06-03
View Arthur File Minnie Alberta G Rush 1899-12-28
View George Audley File Irene Salomes Morand 1931-06-25
View Charles Archer Finney Lucy Phyllis Ford 1894-03-28
View Benjamin Fisher Cordelia Dilworth 1900-06-19
View Steele Fisher Agnes Ellen Hamill 1919-05-14
View George Alfred Fletcher Keddy Elizabeth Alwilda 1899-02-02
View James Henry Fletcher Harriet Amelia Calhoun 1905-06-27
View James Henry Fletcher Harriet Amelia Calhoun 1905-06-27
View Thomas W Fletcher Elizabeth Hassard 1890-08-26
View William N Flewelling Annie Esther Parkinson 1922-11-08
View Duncan Alexander Forbes Ellen Beatrice Peterson 1931-09-17
View Aaron Ford Isabella Lee 1895-04-24
View Alexander Forrester Rhoda Drake 1900-04-04
View Gladstone Foster Barbara Primm 1888-01-18
View William Foster Mary Jane Gilligan 1906-07-03
View George Henry Fowler Mary Elizabeth Cowell 1913-08-08
View Arnold Francis Edith Mary Ward 1918-07-03
View Henry Archibald Fraser Catherine H Schubert 1897-04-15
View John George Funk Julianna Mosheimer 1893-11-02
View Harold Gamble Annie Delane Elemke 1910-07-20
View Harold Gard Florence Ena Brough 1929-08-17
View Stephen Edward Garham Annie Ellen Smith 1911-07-12
View Arthur Norman Gartrell Mary Elizabeth A Arnott 1929-05-16
View George Norman Gartrell Elsie May French 1905-04-26
View Arthur Milsop Gee Myrtle Ysabele Swanson 1924-07-10
View Benjamin Gerard Ruth Mckenzie 1910-06-21
View John Baptiste Gerard Clara Bramley 1910-11-28
View Alexander Gibbons Hettie Elizabeth Clark 1902-08-06
View Frank Gibson Kathleen Jane Brett 1924-08-28
View John William Glaholm Jane Catharine Mcgregor 1886-06-23
View John William Glaholm Ethel Mildred Stephenson 1905-04-24
View Samuel Jackson Glover Winnifred D Small 1923-11-26
View Samuel Jackson Glover Winnifred D Small 1923-11-26
View John Hope Good Edith Matilda Burnett 1903-01-14
View Alexander M B Gordon Annie Janet Cox 1899-09-14
View Kenneth Gordon Maude Cork 1907-06-19
View James Goudie Lillie Michelsen 1931-11-28
View Peter Goudie Mary Newbold 1923-05-19
View Donald Graham Adelaide Genid 1885-01-17
View Donald Graham Adelaide Genia 1885-01-01
View Donald Graham Adelaide Genia 1885-01-07
View John William Graham Louise E B Michael 1905-01-25
View James Asahel Gray Rita Enid Evelyn Keery 1915-08-16
View Samuel Gray Elizabeth Pringle 1892-04-11
View Thomas Greenhow Elisabeth Coughlan 1881-04-07
View John Miller Greenshields Ella Dean Mcdonald 1896-12-10
View Donald Victor Greenwood Doris Hilda Wrigglesworth 1930-09-12
View Herbert Watson Gregory Clara Swanson 1927-09-12
View Benjamin Griffiths Jane Wilkinson 1890-06-03
View James Chadwick Grinton Nellie Bird 1905-03-28
View John Halket Annie Jane Scott 1911-09-27
View Harold Augustus Hall Lucille Ethel Boothe 1928-10-23
View Arthur James Hallam Eliza Lillian Harrison 1927-06-03
View Ernest Andrew Hallam Bessie Rippington 1917-04-02
View William Hallam Annie Elizabeth Levar 1916-01-01
View John Hamill Agnes Diamond 1886-09-07
View Herbert E S Hamilton Ruth Harrison 1912-02-27
View William James C Hamley Norah Walker 1911-05-03
View Albert Hammer Nordschow Edel 1912-10-16
View Charlie Allen Hancock Evelyn Emma Hale 1910-06-01
View Earl Gordon Hannah Hueneme Palfrey Morris 1919-05-31
View George Hannay Ellen Blair 1905-03-09
View Ernest W J Harding Lilian C Cornfield 1903-02-02
View Stanley James Harding Margaret Ellen Green 1913-03-04
View Thomas Hardy Annie Fletcher 1901-02-06
View William Hardy Sadie Waring 1904-07-21
View John Patrick Harper Minnie Edith Watson 1899-06-01
View John Patrick Harper Minnie Edith Watson 1899-06-01
View Kenneth Harper Marjorie Cecilia Baker Rome 1915-11-01
View Ernest Arthur Harris Catherine Anna M Henning 1911-09-16
View Sydney Colin Harris Beatrice Adele Hawes 1916-01-01
View Samuel Harrocks Beatrice Thomas 1908-06-24
View Sigfried M Hartman Ida Rostein 1888-04-08
View Sigfried M Hartman Ida Rostein 1888-04-08
View Sigfried M Hartman Ida Rostein 1888-04-08
View Leroy Sutherland Harvey Jessie Margaret J Wilson 1921-05-18
View Frederick Graham Hassard Nellie Wright 1928-07-19
View William Hawkins Edith Hossley 1906-02-21
View Thomas Newman Hayes Lydia Hill 1882-12-22
View William Thomas Hayhurst Edith Mary Hardy 1896-06-10
View Reginald Frederick Hayne Lilian Phillips 1911-06-01
View Reginald Frederick Hayne Lilian Phillips 1911-06-22
View Richard Wesley Heard Emily Louise Fletchere 1909-07-10
View Edgar Ellis Heath Victoria Emma Cox 1909-04-12
View Frederick Heathcote Sarah Amanda Hassard 1896-08-26
View William Heatherbell Minnie Theresa Hawton 1899-10-05
View Stuart A Henderson Mary Jane Lusk 1904-01-01
View Stuart A Henderson Mary Jane Lusk 1904-12-29
View Walter Ernest Herman Marjorie Helen Hall 1930-10-08
View Herbert Herner Ada Webster 1902-12-29
View Robert Hetherington Elizabeth Adeline Moore 1896-01-15
View Abraham Hickman Sarah F Fox 1891-09-28
View William York Higgs Ida Melinda Donley 1935-03-23
View Richard Hilbert Ephie Disah Clark 1909-08-04
View Mark Hill Isabella Grant 1886-07-20
View Roland Alfred Hill Sarah Malpass 1923-03-01
View Robert Hindmaish Elizabeth Wright 1891-06-11
View Gilbert Hirst Annie Jones 1907-04-12
View Richard Hoey Mary Jane Schubert 1874-01-26
View William Hoggan Agnes Pender 1910-04-14
View William Holgate Marguerite Barton 1917-05-21
View Charles William Holliday Elizabeth Harding 1905-11-08
View George Holtby Emma Mary K Pehota 1921-09-19
View William Thomas Holtby Ethel S Daykin 1908-03-25
View William Thomas Holtby Ethel S Daykin 1908-03-25
View Alfred Henry N Hooper Rosalie Edna K Wilson 1923-11-30
View William Arthur Hopper Helen Lindsay M Murray 1921-04-04
View Henry Horne Jean Colquhoun 1927-03-08
View Lindley Dallas Horne Ethel Cawthorne 1906-11-14
View Arthur William Horrex Dorothy Helen Clinton 1929-06-26
View Charles Trivilwn Horrex Nora Wright 1922-07-11
View Arthur Howe Esther Smith 1896-09-30
View Alfred Musgrave Howell Ellen Weaver 1918-07-13
View Alfred Musgrave Howell Eva Elizabeth Mclaren 1911-09-06
View Alfred Musgrave Howell Ethel Ellen M McDonald 1918-01-30
View Frederick John Huggins Margaret Myers Lever 1908-01-01
View Herbert Claude Humphrey Mary Wilson 1904-06-08
View Sidney Hunt Mary Hudock 1905-05-15
View Floyd Hunter Helena Augusta Clinton 1917-03-21
View Walter Hunter Laura Alena Gordon 1887-12-24
View Willis Hunter Ellen Victoria Hayhurst 1923-10-03
View Marcus Wayne Huston Anne Katherine Frances McInnes 1898-08-25
View Arthur Joseph Hygh Giovenetta Byer Crighton 1910-11-21
View Herbert William Hygh Sarah Eliza S Armstrong 1902-05-21
View George Hardy Inch Sarah Josephine Kirk 1899-12-27
View Garibaldi Intilla Vernona Lillian Herrick 1931-06-30
View Cecil Sidney Ireland Annie May Lingings 1923-03-19
View John Dixon Irwin Anna Maud Robinson 1910-08-31
View Glen Gordon Ives Myrtle Lilian Hunter 1914-11-30
View Henry Benson James May Jane Cadden 1898-02-22
View Peter Jansen Lydia Schafer 1912-12-04
View Thomas Henry Jaques Jessie Burns Todd 1909-03-10
View Clifford H Jenkinson Norah Leslye Head 1909-10-26
View Ernest Thomas Jennings Ethel May Luscombe 1913-05-17
View Ernest Stanley Jephson Teresa Robinson 1916-12-16
View Robert Alfred Jinkin Florence Ruby Fell 1913-06-12
View Cosens John Thomas Velma Ethel Rowe 1909-03-24
View Charles Johnson Alma Sandberg 1899-03-25
View Lester Alicon Johnston Margaret F Heatherbell 1924-01-01
View Lester Alicon Johnston Margaret F Heatherbell 1924-06-21
View Albert Edwin L Jones Hilda Marie Karlson 1909-03-30
View Arthur Williams Jones Emma Loewen 1899-12-06
View Charles Francis Jones Jane Challinor 1904-06-16
View Evan Daniel Jones Eleanor Sophia Cornfield 1903-09-03
View Lodwick Jones Ruth Francis Jones 1902-06-17
View Richard Jones Elizabeth Fuge 1888-05-24
View Theophilus Jones Laura Hedman 1917-04-05
View Arthur James Jordon Margaret Christin Mcleod 1908-12-25
View James Stanley Jost Florence Telfer Jackson 1904-09-14
View Cyril Joyce Grace Ethel Lawes 1893-12-19
View Herbert John Kaighan Ethel Till 1909-06-26
View Ernest Keen May Prosper 1909-06-23
View Edward Keevil Emily Ada Harris 1919-08-09
View John Charles Malcolm Keith Louisa Esther Shrapuel Barter 1908-05-30
View John Charles Malcolm Keith Louisa Esther Shrapuel Barter 1908-05-30
View Frank L. C. Kennedy Enid Anna K. Underhill 1921-09-07
View Reuben Allen Kenny Florence Nora Weeks 1926-09-04
View Edward Kermode Eva Vawden 1916-03-01
View George Kersley Mary Jane Mcleod 1899-03-28
View George Kersley Mary Jane Mcleod 1899-03-28
View Jared W Kew Myrtle P Rush 1913-10-29
View Hugh Keys Ida Cornell 1890-12-01
View Howard Killeen Florence Edwards 1907-08-07
View Howard Killeen Florence Edwards 1907-08-07
View Norman Graham Kincaid Bergnel Thelma Kelly 1920-03-13
View Howard Havelock King Clara Maybell Mcclelland 1904-09-18
View William Perry Kinkade Edith Thekla Clinton 1922-12-25
View Victor Clegg Kitchen Mary Maud Padley 1909-09-18
View Vivian Clegg Kitchen Mary Maud Padley 1909-09-18
View Walter Charles Knapp Alice Edith Bangs 1898-01-05
View Anson Knight Gertrude Estell Luscombe 1903-04-29
View Elmer Shelton Knight Isabella Sophia Christy 1934-06-01
View John Grant Knight Mary Isabella Campbell 1908-06-10
View Thomas Harvey Lafferty Freeda Mary Eitelberg 1924-10-02
View Roger Stanley P Lanaway Isabel Semple 1921-06-28
View Roy Lambert Langill Margaret Mackenzi Notman 1915-07-03
View Jacob Laur Honor Matilda Browning/Wallace 1893-05-04
View Jacob Laur Honor Matilda Wallace 1893-05-04
View Augustus Schubert Leduc Myrtle Crawford 1920-03-10
View Frederick Daniel Leduc Agnes Shiell 1914-04-08
View Joseph Thomas Leduc Catherine Dunne 1911-10-25
View Charles Lee Hattie V Bloomfield 1910-10-29
View Daniel Leland Lee Gertrude Margaret Cousins 1931-02-02
View Herbert Percy LeRoy Bertha Emma Baird 1914-11-22
View Charles William Leslie Emily Lydia Hagenbuch 1910-07-21
View Moses Levar Husley Bacon 1889-05-06
View Harold Leceister Leverin Patricia E D Heming 1934-08-04
View George Lawrence Levins Agnes Devlin 1904-06-29
View Frank Gordon Lewtas Cora May Sherritt 1914-09-09
View John Stephen Linton Margaret Daykin 1909-01-01
View Shealtiel Linton Ada Gertrude Corbett 1911-01-02
View George Lister Getrude Harriet Snowden 1891-09-05
View Ernest Robert Logan Jean Alexandra Small 1930-08-16
View Harry Logan Theodora Marian Mccleery 1920-03-04
View Harry Logan Theodora Marian McCleery 1920-03-04
View Arthur Edward Lord Myrtle Esther Kilpatrick 1927-09-20
View John Loree Mabel Boss 1907-12-23
View Alfred Cullen Lovick Virginia Josephime Hagan 1914-05-12
View Thomas Lowes Elizabeth A. Haltby 1904-08-24
View George Gates Lynn Annie Hamill 1890-03-27
View George Gatis Lynn Euphemia Grace Ford 1934-09-12
View Donald Macdonald Corinna Cameron Fraser 1928-04-08
View Neil Kenneth Macdonald Sarah Jane Hassard 1927-02-19
View William George Mackenzie Marion Eileen Kloepfer 1921-10-31
View Hugh Archibald Maclean Charlotte Grace Barrett 1902-10-06
View Hugh Archibald Maclean Charlotte Grace Barrett 1902-10-06
View Arthur Wilson Macmillan Margaret Notman 1920-10-25
View Angus Murray Macphail Mabel Grace Arthur 1912-06-18
View Robert Malone Annie Elizabeth Kneen 1910-11-21
View James Henry Malpass Annie M Drake 1905-10-18
View Douglas Edward Manson Nellie Buttress 1906-08-18
View Arthur Harold Marcon Gladys Mary Blakemore 1911-10-24
View Arthur Harold Marcon Gladys Mary Blakemore 1911-10-24
View Percy Mark Maud Mary Hill 1903-11-12
View John Whittaker Marsh Agnes Hoffheinz 1927-11-04
View Arthur Marshall Ettie Lillian Cary 1916-06-10
View George Francis Marshall Willa Florence Petrie 1919-07-10
View James Marshall Margaret Coulter 1886-02-27
View Charles Martin Mary Collins 1889-10-01
View Daniel Martin Marian Sage 1891-12-15
View Donald Alexander Martin Clara Maud Platten 1909-06-16
View Henry James Martin Mary Dell Scott 1904-12-14
View Donald Matheson Ruth Rollinson 1884-02-07
View Donald Matheson Ruth Rollinson 1884-02-07
View George Henry Maundrell Edna Pearl Ferguson 1911-07-04
View Percy Edward Maundrell Margaret L Watson 1911-11-22
View Edwin Arthur Maw Ruby Crawford 1926-09-04
View Harold Stovin Maw Myrtle Jane Geer 1924-03-29
View James Mccallum Elizabeth Jane Foster 1914-01-08
View William Mccape Priscilla Bone 1889-07-11
View Duncan Mccovan Edith Mary Hardy 1889-09-12
View Alexander McCrimmon Edna Heathfield Simons 1909-09-15
View Alexander McCrimmon Edna Heathfield Simons 1909-09-15
View Aleck Farr Mcdonald Florence Ethel Weeks 1919-07-16
View David F Mcdonald Annie E Dawson 1901-02-20
View Milton H Mcdonald Jennie Mahle 1901-09-05
View Myles Mcdonald Maria Agnes Cumming 1898-04-27
View Joseph Mcgee Alice M Langill 1900-11-21
View Jeremiah P R McGill Jessie Thomson 1901-09-27
View William Weir Mcgill Gertrude Elizabeth Elsey 1924-08-19
View James Ernest Mcgregor Elizabeth Frances Shaw 1908-07-25
View Thomas Martin Mcguckie Annie Sophia Taylor 1906-07-18
View Moses Henry Mcindoo Mary Lenora Calbick 1911-06-01
View Samuel Mccleery Mckee Elizabeth Heard 1896-08-01
View David McKenzie Emma Patricia Robinson 1933-11-16
View James Edward Mckenzie Henrietta Webb 1892-11-24
View Archibald McKinnon Dorothy Bell Aird 1924-05-20
View Colin Francis McKinnon Louise Lipsky 1913-06-25
View Everett Blaine McLean Lillian May Marshall 1919-07-12
View Wilson Mclellan Mary Moore 1907-01-07
View Charles Thomas McMartin Edith Zufelt 1908-06-20
View Antony Edgar T McMicking Maude Ethel Bone 1908-06-24
View Edgar L McMicking Jessie Florence Frost 1934-09-14
View Melvin McNair Esther Irene Warner 1919-09-10
View Robert Nathaniel McNair Margaret Morton Hambrook 1909-06-09
View Frank Patrick McNamee Christine Ross 1928-08-07
View John Mcneil Eliza Forster 1906-02-02
View John Mcneil Eliza Foster 1906-02-02
View Osborne Mcpherson Sarah Mcdonald 1892-06-15
View Louis Anthony Mcquade Jane Annie Dobson 1907-05-01
View James Alex H Mcquarrie Bessie Louise Burnett 1923-04-25
View Neil Gordon Mcquarrie Maud Izabel Hopgood 1921-10-12
View Malcolm Mcrae Annie Jane Quennell 1902-06-25
View Thomas Finley Mcwilliams Muriel Adelaide Brockwell 1922-06-25
View Albert Meakin Louise Biggs 1883-12-12
View Frederick Meakin Sarah Hilton 1882-04-15
View John Medrich Agnes Trelawr 1908-09-08
View Richard Mellish Beatrice Harriett Lewis 1915-11-10
View John George Menzies Margaret Ann Collier 1911-05-22
View George Merrifield Mamie Dunbar 1900-07-23
View Rodwell Tischbien Meyer Gretchen R Mickleborough 1919-05-27
View Richard L. Miles Ida L Davis 1916-09-12
View John Hardinge Mills Ivy Winifred S Connatty 1932-06-11
View Edward Ernest Mitchell Rose B Porteous 1919-12-19
View Roland Ewart Mitchell Rosa Clinton 1912-04-25
View Roland Ewart Mitchell Jessie Shrimpton 1926-04-10
View Lindsay Moir Marguerite Donley 1903-09-29
View William James Monaghan Hattie V Bloomfield 1916-02-17
View William Montgomery Ethel Hallam 1904-04-16
View William Moresby Mary Anne Edwards 1875-11-08
View William Charles Moresby Annie Fairweather Forbes 1921-03-28
View Alfred E Morgan Marguerite L E Briese 1900-12-25
View John Richard Morris Florence Antoinette Dendoff 1934-09-09
View John Washington Morris Elizebeth Lillian Brooks 1904-02-18
View Malcolm Morrison Katie Ann Morrison 1889-05-25
View Michael Morton Maria Jane Telfson 1904-10-04
View David Mottishaw Louisa Mary Ann Fielding 1905-10-11
View Joseph Edward Lewis Muir Agnes Paterson 1901-11-20
View Albert Ruper Munday Myrtle Hannah Christie 1916-07-01
View John Munro Elizabeth Helena Black 1892-09-21
View Frederick John Murray Edna Emma Horrex 1916-11-01
View George Edgar Murray Margaret Emmy Morgan 1923-03-21
View Harold Evoy Murray Jeannette W. H. Redding 1926-12-26
View James Murray Margaret Patterson 1910-08-25
View John Murray Margaret Helen Hamilton 1926-07-21
View Robert William Murray Gladys Melcombe 1923-08-22
View Robert William Murray Gladys Melcombe 1923-08-22
View Henry Joseph Muzio Carmelina Muzio 1908-02-17
View Joseph Muzio Domenica Franchino 1893-09-17
View John Newlands Sara Gowdy Malcolmson 1905-04-17
View John Thomas Niblock Sara Ida Bradford 1929-10-16
View George Nicholson Kate Mcneil 1908-10-23
View John Nicholson Elizebeth Alcorn 1890-06-09
View Oscar William Nicholson Emily Rosalie Cary 1923-08-16
View Paul James Nicholson Gladys Winnifred Copley 1918-06-05
View Benjamin Ernest Nickells Doris Aitken Nunn 1923-10-03
View Frederick A Nickells Mary Bachelor 1898-08-28
View Frederick A Nickells Mary Bachelor 1898-08-28
View Milton Stanley Noble Flossie Hope Binkley 1919-03-03
View Albert James Norman Ella Florence Reid 1912-06-12
View William F Norris Norma Maud S Palfrey 1897-05-29
View James Drennan Notman Mary Genevieve Mcmahon 1928-08-27
View James Thomas Obrien Louisa Sage 1880-10-10
View Lewis J Obrien Alice John 1903-09-01
View Harry Charles Odendahl Jean Robinson 1921-06-27
View Edo Johamies Offerhaus Barbara F Choquette 1891-05-20
View Chester Olmstead Emma Wilson 1895-12-16
View Oscar Olmstead Olive Gwenevere Foote 1904-02-17
View Paul Waldemar Olson Ruth Nordschow 1919-11-11
View Samuel R Oneal Mary Ann V Greenhow 1901-10-24
View John Oughton Mary Jane Ritchie 1910-08-15
View William Arthur Owen Edith Blanche Horne 1906-04-18
View Alfred Thomas Palmer Blanche May Beaver 1914-01-10
View Richard Claxton Palmer Marjorie C Mathieson 1924-07-08
View Fred Hamblin Parfitt Margaret Sophia Miles 1931-10-17
View James Pargeter Sarah Lee 1893-05-04
View John Pargeter Emma Rowley 1887-09-13
View George Parkes Louisa Emily Booth 1900-08-18
View Archie Rivers Parkhurst Grace Ethel Coburn 1912-01-21
View Jay Jesse Parkhurst Alpha Marie Banham 1919-09-17
View Charles B. Parkinson Sarah Lindsay 1911-06-14
View Stanley C Parkinson Nellie Hunter 1920-03-17
View Walter G E Parkinson Jessie Thomson Pyott 1923-09-19
View Francis Partridge Gertrude Moss 1894-01-03
View Thomas Paterson Rosamon E V Scales 1887-10-27
View Edward William Patten Eugenia Victoria Rush 1899-12-28
View Edward William Patten Eugenia Victoria Rush 1899-12-28
View William Wallace Patten Effie Myrtle Collicutt 1915-02-10
View David Patterson Elizabeth Hope M Barton 1925-03-18
View Charles Joseph Patton Sophia Catherin Ehmke 1902-02-26
View Charles Harold C Payne Eliza Vivian Blackwood 1912-04-10
View Walter Peacock Mary Williams 1910-08-04
View George Randolph Pearkes Constance Blytha Copeman 1925-07-26
View Thomas Eric Louis Peck Wilhelmina Josphine Tyler 1922-08-28
View Edward Raymond Pelly Frances Muriel Shildrick 1918-11-23
View Henry Conway D Pelly Brenda Horsby 1903-07-26
View John Perry Hannah Wilkinson 1887-01-07
View Charles Henry Peterson Emma Jane Stephens (Scott) 1899-03-08
View Frederick George Peto Ethel Theodara Good 1894-08-25
View James William Phillips Jane Mcqueen Lindsay 1923-07-06
View Thomas Phillips Alice Heywood 1929-10-12
View Roy Clifford Pickering Ruby Violet Taylor 1931-09-05
View Arleigh Pilkey Robena Gourlay 1916-12-26
View Frederick Callop Pink Lillie May Gordon 1909-06-22
View Frederick Callop Pink Nina Dheirry 1901-06-12
View Albert Edward Planta Amy Gordon 1890-06-03
View Jeffery E Planta Mary Lawrence 1890-07-10
View Alexander Pool Frances Etta Schubert 1917-05-02
View Francis Edward Poole Amelia Rachel Wood 1901-03-21
View George Preston Bertha Lucretia Hygh 1906-11-06
View Harold Priestley Mary Craig Whyte 1899-07-25
View John Ferguson Pringle May Young 1903-01-01
View John Sibbald Pringle Caroline Edith Parkinson 1887-10-12
View William Pringle Jane Garden Wilson 1907-06-12
View John Stewart Proctor Kathleen Allan Colpman 1929-04-17
View Leonard John Prosser Katie Rowbottom 1907-10-10
View Thomas Quaggin Maggie Bell 1899-02-28
View Edward Quennell Maria Biggs 1875-12-26
View John Walter Quennell Charlotte Bushfield 1910-06-15
View Charles William D Quine Verna Eleanor Murray 1925-08-22
View Joseph Arthur B Randle Florence Grace Landry 1928-10-16
View Percy A Raymond Aleson Hume McArthur 1899-06-08
View Wharton Richard Redman Barbara Mary Jacquot 1920-06-19
View David Rees Minnie Corcoran 1901-08-05
View David Rees Minnie Corcoran 1901-08-05
View William G Reiswig Martha Schafer 1912-01-10
View Alfred Danford Renaultt Eleanore Lyall 1918-10-01
View Edward Henry Rendell Jennie Mcwillie 1907-07-10
View James Richards Martha Ellen Wallace 1909-02-20
View Harold Charles Richardson Annie Mary Hunter 1922-07-05
View Thomas Richardson Janet Agnes Mcneil 1895-10-22
View John Benjamin Hamilton Rickely Elizabeth Mabel Bell 1912-04-11
View John Benjamin Hamilton Rickely Elizabeth Mabel Bell 1912-04-11
View Arthur Henry Ridsdale Florence Rablah L Barton 1915-10-08
View James Rigby Esther Perry 1909-10-20
View George E L Robertson Mabel Johanna Connors 1906-02-15
View James /robert Robertson Christena S Muir 1901-05-07
View James Robert Robertson Christena S Muir 1901-05-07
View Robert Robertson Hilda Turner 1910-09-16
View Cecil Hay Robinson Lilian Hope Wheeler 1931-06-16
View James Rollo Mildred Duggan 1909-09-13
View Edmund Howard Ross Violet Mary Moresby 1913-09-27
View John Wallace Ross Mabel Hodson 1908-06-08
View Walter Rowbottom Mary Peacock 1900-09-25
View Thomas Ruckle Agnes May Hoath 1931-01-01
View Wilfred Walter Rule Lavinia Grace Wood 1927-01-01
View William E Rumming Charlotte Daisy Mebius 1899-12-30
View James Russel Elaine M Telfor 1901-01-23
View Reginald G M Rutherford Elsie Matilda Mcdonald 1926-08-18
View Oliver James Ruttan Gladys Viola Mcpherson 1917-09-01
View George Sage Mary Anne Stubbing 1874-02-14
View William F Salsbury Susan Isabel Turner 1907-04-23
View Charles Hutton Sanderson Elizabeth M. Colquhoun 1926-08-07
View Gunnar Osmund Sangstad Guro Nordschow 1912-05-28
View William Sawyer Mary Charlotte Holtby 1907-10-20
View Ethelbert O Scholefield Lillie May Cobould 1907-04-17
View Augustus Schubert Gladys Emily Timberlake 1919-02-07
View Charles Tabor Schubert Ellen Catherine Smith 1899-10-02
View James Schubert Bernardine Cross 1927-01-22
View James Armstrong Schubert Fanny M Winger 1890-08-16
View James Armstrong Schubert Elizabeth A Playfair 1903-12-16
View Frederick E Schunter Alvena Hein 1920-06-24
View William F Schunter Katharine Hein 1925-07-22
View Walter Schweb Olive Fordor Smith 1922-03-24
View Edward Albro Scott Amelia Florence Mcgie 1903-01-01
View George E. Scott Elizabeth May Schubert 1909-06-02
View James Scott Marjorie G. M. Carson 1920-01-24
View John Alexander Scott Laura Jones 1905-07-12
View John Alexander Scott Laura Jones 1905-07-12
View William Lyle Seaton Margaret Phyllis Dickson 1921-07-27
View Ralph Thomas Sedger Florence Mary Laing 1912-03-18
View Ralph Thomas Sedger Florence Mary Laing 1912-03-18
View Peter Seggie Jane Patterson Mckinlay 1910-11-16
View William Morris Selby Olive Storey 1909-07-15
View Charles Horace Shandley Violet Victoria Harper 1925-07-03
View Francis Mouat Shandley Lillian Rose Martin 1921-08-12
View Peter Shandley Martha Hallwood 1890-07-26
View Andrew Sharp Ann Calverley 1905-10-23
View Lewis H Sharpe Emily J Whitly 1892-06-07
View William H Sharrocks Blanche Waring 1909-07-06
View Francis Henry Shepherd Jane Holden 1880-04-11
View Henry Shepherd Sarah Jane Younghusband 1921-02-14
View Frederick L Simington Peal Victori Leverington 1912-06-12
View Thomas Simmonds Rinah Annie Hine 1910-10-03
View George B Simonette Bertha Lucretia Hygh 1902-07-21
View Ronald Drummond Sinclair Mary Stewart & Chalmers 1904-04-01
View Dick Skelton Ethel Mary Parkinson 1923-08-22
View Frank Gordon Skillings Velda Wason Rithet 1933-01-12
View Thomas Richard Skyrme Edith Turner 1906-02-07
View Alfred Slater Cela Mary Haniver 1909-10-20
View John Slavin Margaret Killeen 1901-05-01
View William Sloan Flora Glaholm 1891-10-24
View James Kerr Smiley Ada Hooper 1895-03-07
View James Kerr Smillie Patricia Gard 1930-07-25
View Alexander James Smith Florence Essex Hooper 1915-02-04
View Andrew James Smith Mary Elizabeth Quennell 1894-10-03
View Charles Smith May York 1904-11-17
View George Samuel Smith Elsie Margaret Jessop 1907-06-01
View George W Smith Mary Bowell 1903-10-28
View Harry Smith Bessie Thurston 1910-04-28
View John Cornelius Smith Ethel Clara Hall 1930-05-03
View Joseph Elias Smith Charlotte Ann Gibson 1900-05-02
View Wilfrid Laurier Smith Lura Agnes Inglis 1921-12-07
View Walter Henry Spalding Jessie Marie Cross 1912-09-04
View George Wilson Speirs Florence Eva Hamill 1926-08-23
View Frank John Stannard Jennie Rudge 1892-08-01
View Arthur Stephens Annie Lewis 1909-08-14
View David Stephenson Mary Randle 1880-08-14
View Charlie Alexander Steuart Jessie Helen Weir 1920-12-15
View Adam Stewart Annie Davis 1901-06-15
View Albert William Edmundstoune Stewart Bertha Louise Wootton 1928-08-15
View Charles Stewart Winifred Mary Wright 1929-08-31
View Daniel Stewart Matilda Morrow 1897-03-09
View James Stewart Jennie Coffey 1896-10-07
View James Stewart Jennie Coffey 1896-10-07
View James Stewart Jennie Coffey 1896-10-07
View James Stewart Margaret Minto Leitch 1923-01-01
View James Stewart Margaret Minto Leitch 1923-12-04
View Hector Macdonald Stinson Jean M Macdonald 1932-12-25
View Joseph Orr Stinson Violet Katherine Petch 1932-01-10
View David Stobbart Florence Barrass 1916-06-01
View George Elmer Stoodley Jean Newcombe Johnstone 1927-12-12
View Thure Storme Illa Mcpherson 1921-10-05
View Herbert Richard Sturt Elsie Mary Toble 1912-04-24
View Frank Leslie Sugden Ida Hynes Andrews 1910-11-29
View Alfred Allen Sutton Marguerite Blythe 1905-01-25
View George Sutton Mary Kellett 1906-06-12
View Henry Swanson Rose Anna Schubert 1913-05-25
View Sinclair Swanson Mary Ann Matthews 1904-09-12
View William B Sylvester Emily Elizabeth Brooker 1905-06-27
View Henry Ellis Talbot Irene Deborah G Irwin 1920-09-29
View William Allen Talbot Charlotte C Notman 1930-11-07
View Charles Tappin Annie Lipsky 1914-08-05
View Adam Taylor Frances Ann Finch Lambly 1896-07-08
View Charles Gregory Taylor Lottie Mildred Fowler 1923-07-09
View George William Taylor Elizabeth Ann Williams 1885-07-28
View John Archibald Taylor Laura Virginia Scott 1920-06-07
View Jack Rykert Thayer Jean Ruby Murray 1925-01-25
View John Thompson Maggie Jessie B Muir 1902-08-09
View Samuel Thompson Melissa Cochran 1883-05-23
View George Thomson Sabra Gough 1877-04-12
View Joseph Thomson Blanche Appleto Marshall 1910-12-28
View Walter Edwin Thomson Mabel Kate Priestly 1905-04-26
View Andrew John Thurston Bessie May Page 1902-04-30
View Robert Mckendree Tilton Susan Augusta Crawford 1907-04-18
View Sampson Deeble Tippett Catherine Emily Pannell 1890-11-22
View Arthur Tomkinson Mary Robina Kennett 1911-12-15
View Alfred Tooley Mary Winfred Austin 1920-02-05
View Charles B Hill Tout Helen Mary Towle Taylor 1912-04-10
View Charles J Trawford Kate Ethel Mcgregor 1902-06-03
View Robert Trimble Addie Clary 1903-02-24
View Leighton Earl Tripp Osberta Mcpherson 1923-10-27
View Louis Truxler Romela Caron 1897-10-12
View Arthur Thomas Turner Margaret Carrick Miller 1920-03-31
View Frederick Jones Turner Mary Williams 1900-12-12
View Thomas Keith Turpin Maud A O Hatchell 1910-08-13
View Horace Tyler Bessie Kay 1898-03-12
View Horace Tyler Bessie Kay 1898-03-12
View Raymond Frederick Tyler Myrtle Mary Paul 1929-12-12
View Arthur Sidney Tyrer Lydia Agnes Mudie 1910-07-20
View Frederic C. Underhill Irene Anna Creery 1919-10-08
View James Theodore Underhill Florence Ruth Hermon 1918-06-19
View John Edward Underhill Mary E. S. George 1932-07-20
View Richard Walter Underhill C. Mary Barrett Lennard 1931-06-02
View William L. L. Underhill Marguerite A. Farrer 1915-07-13
View John Upton Edith Mary Christian 1912-02-26
View John Cecil Urquhart Mildred Wilson 1923-09-07
View Olai Urseth Anna Nordschow 1917-01-24
View Peter Douglas Vankleek Florence Alice Groves 1914-09-09
View Fredrick Vater Mary Jane Price 1901-08-15
View Henry Austin Vater Margaret Stewart 1898-12-16
View James P Vawden Emma R Jacklin 1889-12-09
View Leslie Decoverly Veale Mary Edith Pringle 1932-08-30
View Mark Henry Vernon Sybil Mary Underhill 1919-08-27
View Harry Vollmers Charlotte Drewes 1897-09-16
View John Charles Vowels Pearl Ritchie 1925-09-11
View John Charles Vowles Pearl Ritchie 1925-09-11
View Bernard de Noe Waker Lucy Mary Agnes Collins 1912-07-20
View Bernard de Noe Walker Lucy Mary Agnes Collins 1912-07-20
View Cecil William Wall Clara Ellen Busby 1923-01-17
View George Jones Wallace Susan Young Smith 1890-02-27
View Thomas Brown Wallace Hannah Bulman 1911-02-25
View Ronald Jay Warner Madelin Maryo 1928-08-01
View V Henry Watchorn Lena Harwood 1902-03-01
View Charles Elwood Watkins Lillian Matilda Nisbet 1905-04-19
View Charles Elwood Watkins Lillian Matilda Nisbet 1905-04-19
View Thomas Elwood Watkins Elinor Phyllis Mason 1934-07-14
View Charles Alfred Watson Ivy Lillian Mills 1921-10-06
View Ernest College Watson Marie Mallander 1892-08-17
View Philip Bruce M. Watson Mae Ivah Daniels 1923-06-06
View Robert Watson Anna Mcnaught Johnstone 1911-05-16
View David Watt Jennie Mcnear Donaldson 1904-09-28
View William Arthur Webb Margaret Steele 1903-09-04
View Thomas Henry Weeks Esther Annie Dicks 1902-08-30
View Robert James Wenborn Agnes Emily Shaw 1886-03-10
View Benjamin Ira Westwood Della Matilda Lawrence 1909-07-14
View Benjamin Ira Westwood Abigail Lydia 1883-11-08
View Milton William Westwood Christina Wilson Rollo 1921-04-06
View Matthew Alexander Whaley Lila Martha Walsh 1901-03-05
View Sydney White Dorothy Victoria Rollin 1910-06-15
View William White Lillian Eleanor Taylor 1905-12-20
View William White Annie Rose Patchett 1919-02-18
View Thomas D W Whitehouse Lucy Marshall Crozier 1910-08-16
View Delbert Edmund Whittaker Mabel Elizabeth Davies 1904-04-19
View Delbert Edmund Whittaker Mabel Elizabeth Davies 1904-04-19
View Alfred Wilkinson Eliza Coburn 1899-03-31
View Arthur Henry Wilkinson Gertrude Melrose Hudson 1920-09-13
View Edward Charles Wilkinson Alma Elizabeth Lewis 1916-06-01
View Edward Everett Wilkinson Mary Isabel Burr 1910-05-25
View Burton Wesley Williams Minnie Mabel Deaney 1909-04-07
View Llewelyn Williams Louisa Helen Simmonds 1902-07-01
View Fred Wilson Sarah Jane Clarke 1898-08-23
View George Frederick Wilson Edith Lenora Sampson 1910-01-12
View George Thomas Wilson Isabella Johnson 1902-03-05
View Harold Victor Wilson Mary Irene Frederick 1927-04-25
View James Roy Wilson Mildred Sybil C Barnes 1924-08-25
View John Wilson Sarah Hanna Hodgson 1901-01-02
View Mark Wilson Agnes Patterson 1907-07-17
View William Elliot Wilson Audrey Alberta Crow 1926-06-01
View Alfred William Wilton Sarah Jane Holland 1891-03-18
View Thomas Winchester Annie May Stephens 1922-10-02
View John Winslow Madge Mclaughlin 1900-12-19
View Henry John Winter Violet May Tooley 1920-08-17
View Francis Orpeth Winters Mary Gertrude Hassard 1896-08-26
View Hilton Burpee Witter Marguerite Mclea Stinson 1915-02-05
View Walter William Wolfenden Violet Clara Sharey 1908-09-26
View Jakey Trueman Wolfgang Vera Mildred McCallan 1921-09-21
View Clinton Stuart Wood Mary Jane Mouat 1911-10-26
View Douglas Vernon Wood Hilga Violet Groat 1915-11-15
View Ernest Orison Wood Flossie Grace Mcvicar 1929-05-01
View George Wood Emma Delia Furman 1907-05-11
View George Wood Emma Delia Furman 1907-05-11
View George Wood Emma Delia Furman 1907-05-11
View Robert Wood Kate Grinton 1902-05-19
View William Alfred Wood Sarah Ann Andrew 1894-09-12
View Eric Donaldson Woodburn Naomi Frances Amelia Domville Heming 1926-04-05
View Eric Donaldson Woodburn Naomi Frances Amelia Domville Heming 1926-04-05
View Arthur John Howewood Wootton Annie Dalby 1929-07-10
View Edward Ernest Wootton Frances Amelia Smith 1893-12-23
View Robert Alexander Burnie Wootton May Elizabeth Goff 1930-10-25
View Clarence Warren Wray Doris Adela Brown 1933-04-15
View James Milton Wright Nora Rabbitt 1894-08-06
View Horace George Wyatt Hannah Frances Holtby 1903-06-24
View Arthur Fitzgerald Yates Beatrice Margaret Planta 1914-04-14
View Thomas Carlyle Yeoward Mary Mildred Kelly 1927-11-05
View Thomas Yielding Harriet Maud Bryant 1904-09-21
View Arthur Francis Young Mary Alberta Rush 1921-04-19
View Frances Willard Young Edith H Hodgson 1908-12-30
View L Chester Young Nora Quennell 1905-12-20
View Vance Young Annie Maclean 1921-06-14