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1911: Leblanc, Adeline age: 41 subdistrict: Dorchester Parish (28/14) 01 (Edward D., Adeline, Rothemire, Claval, Alpha, Philomene, Ana, Lisa, Marie, Edouer, Philippe, Zelma)

1911: Leblanc, Madeline age: 40 subdistrict: Dorchester Parish (78/12) 01 (Alfred, Edna, Ferdina, Madeline, Celest)

1911: LeBlanc, Adeline age: 34 subdistrict: Dorchester Parish (114/16) 01 (Marc, Adeline, Elorie, Antoine, Jerrard, Lanne, Ida, Philomen, Bibien, Janne, Josephine)

1901: Leblanc, Adeline age: 31 subdistrict: Dorchester (41/206) 01 (Edward D, Adeline, Artemise, Clove, Alphe, Phelomen, Jane, Moses, Phelomen, Celena)

1901: LeBlanc, Adeline age: 22 subdistrict: Dorchester (8/212) 01 (Philias M., Adeline, Celina, Antoine, Lonie, Marie, Elodi)

1901: LeBlanc, Adeline age: 25 subdistrict: Dorchester (Thadie D., Adeline, Elzeard, Edgar, Camile)

1901: LeBlanc, Adeline age: 24 subdistrict: Dorchester (64/208) 01 (Octave, Philomene, Josephine, Davide, Bibienne, Jeanne, Marc, Adeline, Corine)

1881: LeBlanc, Deline age: 7 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-1 (Joseph, Philomine, Cecime, Aime, Deline, Marguerite, Tilman, Maurice, Marie)

Too young to appear in 1861 and earlier censuses.

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