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1851 Census of New Brunswick Index
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A non-link parish name indicates that the census returns no longer exist for the subdistrict.


Albert County
(Transcription Complete)

Coverdale Parish
Elgin Parish
Harvey Parish
Hillsborough Parish
Hopewell Parish

Carleton County

Brighton Parish
Kent Parish
Northampton Parish
Simonds Parish
Wakefield Parish
Wicklow Parish
Woodstock Parish

Charlotte County

Campobello Parish
Grand Manan Parish
Pennfield Parish
St. Andrews Parish
St. David Parish
St. George Parish
St. James Parish
St. Patrick Parish
St. Stephen Parish
West Isles Parish

Kings County

Greenwich Parish
Hampton Parish
Kingston Parish
Norton Parish
Springfield Parish
Studholm Parish
Sussex Parish
Upham Parish
Westfield Parish

Northumberland County

Alnwick Parish
Blackville Parish
Blissfield Parish
Chatham Parish
Glenelg Parish
Ludlow Parish
Nelson Parish
Newcastle Parish
Northesk Parish

Queens County

Brunswick Parish (SD 53)
Canning Parish (SD 54)
Chipman Parish (SD 55)
Gagetown Parish (SD 56)
Hampstead Parish (SD 57)
Johnston Parish (SD 58)
Petersville Parish (SD 59)
Waterborough Parish (SD 60)
Wickham Parish

Restigouche County

Addington Parish
Colborne Parish
Dalhousie Parish
Durham Parish
Eldon Parish

Saint John County

Lancaster Parish (SD 67)
Portland Parish (SD 68)
Carleton Parish (SD 69)
Dukes and Queens Wards
Kings and Sydney Wards
St. Martins Parish
Simonds Parish

Sunbury County

Blissville Parish
Burton Parish
Lincoln Parish
Maugerville Parish
Sheffield Parish

Victoria County

Andover Parish
Madawaska Parish
Perth Parish
St. Basile Parish
St. Francois Parish
St. Léonard Parish

Westmorland County

Botsford Parish
Dorchester Parish
Moncton Parish
Sackville Parish
Salisbury Parish
Shediac Parish
Westmorland Parish

York County

Douglas Parish
Dumfries Parish
Fredericton City
Kingsclear Parish
New Maryland Parish (SD 94)
Prince William Parish (SD 95)
Queensbury Parish
St. Marys Parish
Southampton Parish (SD 98)
Stanley Parish

Gloucester County and Kent County: The manuscript census returns for these counties no longer exist.

The population in New Brunswick in 1851 was approximately 193,800.*

Line counts by subdistrict

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