Indices to Canadian Censuses

Automated Genealogy hosts several projects to index Canadian censuses. Over the last several years Library and Archives Canada has digitized their microfilms of the original census forms for several of the Canadian censuses and Automated Genealogy has organized volunteers to produce indices to the people enumerated in these censuses. Each project uses simple web forms to allow volunteers to transcribe census data from the images into a database, with the entered data being immediately available on the site. Following transcription further volunteers proofread and make corrections. Anyone with an internet connection can participate as a transcriber, proofreader, or just by submitting corrections as they use the site. The status of each census project varies depending on how long it has been active.

1901 Census

The 1901 Census was the first census that LAC released images for and the first one we indexed. Transcription has been completed and we are approximately 60% through proofreading. 1901Status

1911 Census

Transcription is now complete, proofreading is in progress. 1911Status

1906 Census


The 1906 Census was a special census of the three prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Transcription has been completed, proofreading has not yet started. 1906Status

1851 Census

Censuses were planned for 1851 for the then separate colonies of Canada (current day Ontario and Quebec), New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The census of Canada was delayed until early 1852 so it is variously refered to as the 1851 or 1852 Census. Indexing of the 1852 census was started in August 2007 1852Status. Indexing of the 1851 Census of New Brunswick was started in June 2007 and transcription of the available pages is complete (LAC missed some areas during digitization 1851NBStatus). Indexing of the 1851 Census of Nova Scotia, which is a head-of-household-only census, has not yet begun.

Linking Projects

An interesting feature of the site is the ability to link various records associated with a person together. This is done through the Link Centre. Projects are underway to link records from several sources as well as between the censuses. If this project were to be fully realized a researcher would be able to look up any person in Canada (from the era that census data is publicly accessible for) and find all the person's census records, birth, marriage, and death records, as well as photographs, newspaper stories, and other online data. It is a very ambitious project but many hands make light work and we have already linked over one million records! Help us put together the pieces of our shared genealogical puzzle by linking records for people you have researched!

Linked Collections

  • Soldiers of the First World War
  • Canadian Virtual War Memorial
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
  • British Home Children
  • Halifax Explosion
  • The Illustrated Index to the 1901 Census
  • Uploaded Images
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Other Projects

  • 1871 Census of Kings County, NB
  • The Review newspaper 1900-1901 images online
  • The Moncton Public Library Heritage Room Indexing Project

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Censuses Correction Submissions

Please submit census corrections directly to the appropriate census, except 1906 census, as per the Transcription Guidelines; or to the appropriate forum of the message board for a volunteer to submit the correction to the appropriate census.


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