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1852 Census of Canada East (Quebec)
District 29 Sherbrooke (county)

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Subdistrict Schedule Link Description Info
417 Hereford township A LAC Hereford township
418 Clifton township A LAC Clifton township
419 Auckland township A LAC Auckland township
420 Compton township A LAC Compton township
421 Orford township A LAC Orford township
422 Sherbrooke in Orford A NA Sherbrooke in Orford - see sub-district 421 for Orford The manuscript census returns for this sub-district/division no longer exist.
423 Sherbrooke in Ascot A LAC Sherbrooke in Ascot
424 Ascot township A LAC Ascot township some pages torn
425 Eaton township A LAC Eaton township
426 Newport township A LAC Newport township
427 Bury township A LAC Bury township
428 Lingwick township A LAC Lingwick township
429 Weedon township A LAC Weedon township
430 Melbourne township A LAC Melbourne township - Brompton Gore part A
430 Melbourne township Brompton Go... A LAC Melbourne township Brompton Gore
431 Brompton township A LAC Brompton township
432 Shipton township A LAC Shipton township
433 Windsor township A LAC Windsor township
434 Dudswell township A LAC Dudswell township
435 Westbury township A LAC Westbury township
436 Garthby township A LAC Garthby township
437 Winslow township A LAC Winslow township
438 Stratford township A LAC Stratford township
439 Stoke not inhabited A NA Stoke not inhabited
440 Hampden not inhabited A NA Hampden not inhabited
441 Ditton not inhabited A NA Ditton not inhabited
442 Marston not inhabited A NA Marston not inhabited
443 Whitton not inhabited A NA Whitton not inhabited
444 Clinton not inhabited A NA Clinton not inhabited
445 Chesham not inhabited A NA Chesham not inhabited