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District Summary Franšais
Cumberland, Nova Scotia
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1 950 Advocate poll district no. 33 Spencers Island, New Yarmouth, Eatonville, Cape D`Or
2 500 Amherst Head poll district no. 8 Shinimicas, Truemanville
3 1650 Amherst
4 2200 Amherst
5 1700 Amherst
6 1650 Amherst
7 1950 Amherst
8 650 Apple River poll district no. 40 New Salem, West Apple River
9 700 Chignecto Mines poll district Maccan Village, Stanley
10 800 Diligent River poll district no. 35 Cross Road, Parrsboro, Ross Hill, Wharton, Lakeland, Kirkhill, Halfway River, Glasgow Mountain, Pettigrew Settlement, York Settlement, Harrison Road
11 550 Doherty Creek poll district Pugwash Junction, Wallace Bay, South Pugwash, Conns Mills, North Middleboro
12 850 East Amherst poll district Leicester, Stanley, Brookdale, Hastings, Salem
13 200 St. Lawrence poll district
14 1700 Joggins Mines
15 901 Linden poll district Lake Killarney, Beckarth, Northport, Port Howe, East Linden, West Linden, Wayford, Carrington, Shinimicas Bridge
16 350 Lower Cove Village Minudie
17 600 Malagash poll district no. 17 Saddle Island, East Wallace, Amet Island, Malagash Point, Cross Road, Malone Road, North Shore Point, Stewarts Island, Stake Road, Wallace Ridge, North Shore, Base Line Road
18 750 Mansfield poll district no. 22 Mount Pleasant, East Leicester, Oxford Town, Little River, Kolbec
19 850 Middleboro poll district no. 19 Upper Middleboro, Hansford, Pugwash Junction, Streets Ridge, Hartford, Conns Mills, South Victoria, Thompson, Birchwood
20 550 Nappan poll district no. 6 Fenwick, Salem, Upper Nappan, Brookdale, Nappan Station, Maccan, Chignecto Mines
21 1400 Oxford Town poll district no. 21 Roslin, Oxford Junction, Birchwood, West Hansford, Black River
22 1100 Parrsboro Centre part Parrsboro Town, Greenhill poll district no. 37
23 700 Parrsboro East poll district no. 38 New Prospect, Two Islands, Canaan, West Brook, Parrsboro East poll district no. 38, Newville, Lakelands, Halfway River, Moose River, Harrington River
24 1250 Parrsboro West Part of Parrsboro Town, Black Rock, West Bay, West Bay polling district no. 36
25 1200 Port Greville poll district no. 34 Ramshead River, Parrsboro, Spencers Island, Fox River, Wards Brook, Diligent River, Brookville
26 850 Pugwash poll district Fox Harbour, Gulf Shore
27 750 River Philip poll district Port Philip, River View, Upper Pugwash, Beckwith, Conns Mills, Roslin, Rockly, Pugwash West, Pugwash, Port Howe, Carrington, Pugwash River
28 1550 River Hebert poll district Masson Town, Barronfield, River Hebert Village, Maccan, Parish of River Hebert East, River Hebert Head, River Hebert Bend
29 1000 River Philip poll district no. 20 Williamsdale, Farmington, Salt Springs, Collingwood, Wyvern, River Philip Centre, Collingwood Corner, Glenville, Pleasant Valley, Windham Hill, Claremont, Valley Road
30 600 Rodney poll district Springhill, Leamington Road, Rodney Road, Leamington
31 300 Shulee poll district no. 32 Flat Brook, Finger Board, Sand River, Two Rivers, Ragged Reef
32 750 Six Mile Road poll district Fox Harbour, Wallace, Wallace Bay, Cape Cliff, Wallace Station, Middleboro, Wallace Highlands, Wallace Grant, South Wallace, North Wallace, East Wallace
33 850 Southampton poll district no. 23 Leamington, West Brook, Little Forks, Springhill, East Southampton, Athol, South Athol, South Brook, Mapleton - Number 34 not used, East Mapleton - Number 34 not used
35 1600 Springhill
36 550 Springhill
37 1800 Springhill
38 750 Springhill
39 1150 Springhill
40 1000 Tidnish poll district Chapman Settlement, Northport, Tidnish Bridge, Amherst Shore, Lorneville, Amherst
41 600 Wallace Bridge poll district no. 15 Whidden Road, Six Mile Road, Wallace Bay, Wallace, Kerr Road, Fountain Road
42 650 Wentworth poll district no. 16 Wentworth Centre, Le Roy
43 550 West Amherst poll district Brookdale, Upper Nappan - Number 44 not used, Amherst Point, Nappan - Number 44 not used
45 900 Westchester poll district no. 18 Millvale, Williamsdale, North Greenville, Greenville, Jackson, Williamsdale East, Thompson