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District Summary Franšais
Annapolis, Nova Scotia
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1 600 Bear River poll district Greenland
2 900 Belle Isle and Youngs Mountain Road poll district Chimney Cove, Chimney Mountain, Granville, Granville Centre, Youngs Cove, Youngs Mountain, Beaconfield
3 800 Carleton Corner poll district Tupperville, Marse Road, Paradise West, Bridgetown, Centrelea
4 550 Clarence poll district Inglewood, Granville, Bridgetown, Paradise, Beaconsfield
5 600 Clementsport poll district Upper Clement
6 650 Clementsvale poll district Greenland, Victory, Princedale, Virginia
7 500 Clements West poll district Deep Brook, Clementsport, Clementsvale, Waldeck Line, Bear River
8 300 Dalhousie poll district
9 750 Granville Ferry poll district Granville
10 900 Granville Lower poll district Karsdale, Port Wade, Victoria Beach, Delaps Cove, Thornes Cove
11 400 Hampton poll district Arlington, St. Croix Cove
12 650 Lawrencetown Lane poll district Williamston north and south, Paradise, Lawrencetown, Inglisville north, east and west, Woodland
13 850 Lequille poll district Lake La Rose, Perott, Dalhousie, Annapolis, Princedale, Clements
14 400 Maitland poll district Lake May, Northfield, Albany New, New Grafton
15 500 Margaretsville poll district Stronach Mount, Prince Albert, McNeileys, Forest Glade, East Margaretsville
16 900 Torbrook and Meadowvale poll district West Torbrook, East Torbrook, Bloomington, Torbrook Mines, South Farmington, Wilmot
17 550 Melvern Square poll district Spa Springs, Wilmot, South Farmington
18 850 Middleton
19 300 Middleton poll district Brickton, Victoria, Clarence, Wilmot, Spa Springs, Brooklyn
20 350 Milford poll district Lake Munroe, Greywood, Victory, Spring Hill, South Milford
21 250 New Albany poll district
22 750 Nictaux poll district North Williamston, Bloomington, Nictaux Falls, Nictaux West, Nictaux South
23 550 Parkers Cove poll district Hillsburn, Litchfield, Delaps Cove
24 500 Port George poll district Mosher`s Corner, Mount Hanly, Prince Albert, Victoria Vale, Roxbury
25 500 Port Lorne poll district Arlington, Mount Rose, Outram
26 650 Round Hill poll district Mochelle, Tupperville, Bentville
27 850 Springfield poll district Dalhousie East, Lake Pleasant, Stoddartsville, Hastings, Crossburn, Cherry Field, Hunter`s Lodge, Falkland Ridge
28 1050 Annapolis Royal
29 1000 Bridgetown
30 900 Lawrencetown poll district Clarence, Paradise, Brickton, Upper Clarence