Documentation Specific to the 1911 Census

1911 Corrections System

How corrections are displayed

The 1911 corrections system is based on entering an alternative transcription of a line. When a correction is entered a red icon is displayed next to the line on the page and the suggested corrected transcription of the line is displayed at the bottom of the page juxtaposed with the current transcription. Column values in the current transcription that differ from suggested transcription are highlighted in red, values that are the same are shown in grey. Below is an example correction, the first line is the corrected transcription, the second is the current transcription. In the example the year of birth is the only difference between the two transcriptions, the current value is 1707 and the corrected value is 1907. Note that the background colors in the example table are not present on the census pages.

      Suggested corrections on this page:

Line #12 345678910
41 171O'BlenisKenneth MSonSSep19073(corrected values)
41 171 O'Blenis Kenneth M Son S Sep 1707 3 (current values)

Transcribers are responsible for handling corrections on pages they transcribed. If the transcriber accepts a correction, so that the current values and the corrected values match, the correction will automatically be removed in the next cleanup sweep. If the transcriber does not accept the correction they can add a note to the correction stating a reason. The proof reader may then decide to remove the correction. If the transcriber does not accept it, and the proof reader does not remove it, the correction will remain on the page until an adjudicator examines it and either makes the correction or removes it.

How to submit a correction

The most important thing to know before submitting a correction is that the index is a transcription of the data as recorded by the enumerator, and corrections should only be submitted if the transcriber made an error recording what the enumerator wrote, not if the enumerator recorded incorrect data. We have several mechanisms for providing correct information that preserve the accurate transcription of the original record. The two most important mechanisms are SurnameNotes and Links to other records.

For the 1911 Census only registered users can submit a correction using the automated system, unregistered users can submit corrections by posting on the 1911 Census Forum on the Message Boards. A Message Boards link is displayed in the upper left corner of most pages.

If a registered user is signed on there will be a proof link next to each page in the Enumeration District summary. When viewing the page in proof mode a Correct link and a Note link will appear to the right of each line. To submit a correction click the Correct link and edit the values that are not currently correct, and then submit the correction. The correction icon:

will now appear next to the corrected line and the correction will appear at the bottom of the page.

If you submit a correction using the message board it will help the volunteers tremendously if you include a link to the page, just copy and paste the address in the address bar of your browser into the message you submit. To post a message click on the Message Board link in the upper left corner of most pages, click on 1911 Census in the list of forums, and click the new topic button. Please include the word Correction in the subject line.

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