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Destroismaisons Homéline 28 Quebec Rouville St. Césaire 27 7 34
The given name should be Herméline;
"Mariages du Comte de Rouville" page 137 line 2384 shows "J. P. Aurele destrois" marrying Hermeline Gingras on
Jan 26, 1909, and Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery shows both J P Aurele des Trois Maisons and Hermeline Gingras buried in concession 00418 section R.
One could also note the other Gingras on that census page.
(This means that Page 37 line 33 should be Aurele, not Orel. You could reasonably argue that the handwriting is Arel but the original scribe clearly misspelled the first name. I can tell you from first hand experience that people get pretty bored after being directed to write "des trois maisons". )
--[Paul des Trois Maisons|http://des 3 maisons at gmail dot com take out spaces], 29-Jan-2008
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