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Repository:Archives of Ontario (web site)
Collection:Other - please see notes for details
Volume/film#/etc.:Reel 135, Volume I, Page 278, LDS Reel #: 1871867
Record identifier:013009-08
Groom surname:Ross
Groom given names:William
Bride surname:Mercer
Bride given names:Amy
Date of marriage:1908-01-06
Place of marriage:CA, ON, Middlesex County, London
Archives of Ontario Canada, Registration of Marriages 1857-1922, (RG 80-5, Appendix B2 - MS932), Volume/film#/etc.: Reel 135, Volume I, Page 278
LDS Reel #: 1871867
Record identifier: 013009-08
Name: William Ross
Birth Place: Hamilton
Age: 18, Bachelor
Father Name: Robert Augustus Ross
Mother Name: Rebecca Butler
Birth Year: Abt. 1890
Occupation: Grocer's Clerk
Residence: London
Spouse Name: Amy Mercer
Spouse Birthplace: London
Spouse Age: 15, Spinster
Spouse Father Name: John Mercer
Spouse Mother Name: Martha Mawhinney
Spouse Birth Year: Abt. 1893
Spouse Occupation: Housekeeper
Spouse Residence: London
Marriage Date: 1908/01/06 Registered: 06 Jan 1908
Marriage Place: London
Marriage County: Middlesex
Notes: Witnesses: Mrs. Martha Mercer, 10 Thames St., Elizabeth McNaughton, London, Ont.
Groom's religion: Baptist, Bride's religion: Anglican. Married by: James Ross(License)

(Bride is a minor but her mother (father dead) was present and gave her consent).