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Repository:British Columbia Archives (web site)
Collection:BC: Marriages Index
Record identifier:1910-09-061674
Record URL:record on web
Groom surname:Hancock
Groom given names:Charlie Allen
Bride surname:Hale
Bride given names:Evelyn Emma
Date of marriage:1910-06-01
Place of marriage:CA, BC, Vancouver
Groom's Name- Charlie Allen Hancock;
Groom's Age- 22;
Groom's Birth Date- 1888;
Groom's Birthplace- Balmoral, Manitoba;
Groom's Marital Status- Bachelor;
Groom's Father's Name- Wm Hancock;
Groom's Mother's Name- Mary Jane Campbell;
Bride's Name- Evelyn Emma Hale;
Bride's Age- 25;
Bride's Birth Date- 1885;
Bride's Birthplace- Grafton Carleton, New Brunswick;
Bride's Marital Status- Spinster;
Bride's Father's Name- Frederick H Hale;
Bride's Mother's Name- Emma E Boyer