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Repository:British Columbia Archives (web site)
Collection:BC: Marriages Index
Record identifier:1924-09-278488
Record URL:record on web
Groom surname:Mcgill
Groom given names:William Weir
Bride surname:Elsey
Bride given names:Gertrude Elizabeth
Date of marriage:1924-08-19
Place of marriage:CA, BC, West Summerland
William Weir Mcgill; Bachelor; Age:32; Birth Year:1892; Birth Place: Ermosa, Ontario; Father: John Mcgill; Mother: Catherine Matheson; to Gertrude Elizabeth Elsey; Spinster; Age: 24; Birth year:1900; Birth Place:Pilot Mound, Manitoba; Father: Harry H. Elsey; Mother: Edith Vonnetta Curry;