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Groom surname:Farrer
Groom given names:George E.
Bride surname:Shenick
Bride given names:Elizabeth Jane
Date of marriage:1889-07-18
Place of marriage:CA, ON, Parry Sound, Parry Sound
Star Gazing, Reflections from the Parry Sound North Star. A collection of birth, marriage and death notices with selected articles and photos, compiled by Laura Knight Heidman. PG.75,Thursday,July 18th,1889 at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs.R.B.Armstrong,byRev.J.A.Chapman,M.A.,Geo.E.Farrer,LL.B.,second son of Joseph Farrer,Police Magistrate, to Elizabeth Jane Shenick,eldest daughter of Mrs.Shenick,all of Parry Sound. The happy couple left by steamer Maxwell for British Columbia where the intend making their future home. They were accompanied to the wharf by many friends who gave them a good "send off".