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Repository:British Columbia Archives (web site)
Collection:BC: Marriages Index
Record identifier:1912-09-208011
Record URL:record on web
Groom surname:Parkhurst
Groom given names:Archie Rivers
Bride surname:Coburn
Bride given names:Grace Ethel
Date of marriage:1912-01-21
Place of marriage:CA, BC, Nanaimo
Recorded marriage year probably incorrect. Marriage registered 28 Jan 1920.
Archie Rivers PARKHURST,age:23, occupation:lumber checker,birth place: Miller South Dakota, residence:Vancouver, father:Frederick Albert PARKHURST mother:Alice Maria HARDWICK, MARRIED Grace Ethel COBURN, age:21, occupation:teacher, birth place:Nanaimo, residence:Nanaimo, father:Stephen Robinson COBURN, occupation:teamster, mother:Frances Emma WENBORN, witnesses: Grace WALKER and Roy WATSON, on:21 Jan 1912 at Mr. Coburns residence, Nanaimo