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Repository:Archives of Ontario (web site)
Collection:Other - please see notes for details
Volume/film#/etc.:MS 932, York Co. 1891, Registration #013227-91
Record identifier:Ontario Marriage Registrations, York Co., 1891, part 1
Record URL:record on web
Groom surname:Harris
Groom given names:William James
Bride surname:Twaddle
Bride given names:Mary
Date of marriage:1891-11-11
Place of marriage:CA, ON, York Co., Vaughan
#013227-91 - William James Harris, 26, Co. of York, Woodbridge, hotel keeper, s/o E.B. & Maria, married Mary Twaddle, 27, Vaughan, same, d/o Robert & Martha, witn E.B. Prentis of Woodbridge, Jean Twaddle of Vaughan, married 11 November 1891, Knox Church Vaughan.

NOTE: Mary's father, Robert, was born in Ireland, immigrated in 1853, died 1907 Feb. 2. Surname varied with each census: 1861 Fwaddle; 1871 Twaddle; 1881 Twedell; 1891 Twaddle; & 1901 Swaddle, but always in Vaughan Twp.