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Repository:Archives of Ontario (web site)
Collection:Other - please see notes for details
Volume/film#/etc.:MS932, Reel 130, Page 312
Record identifier:18045-07
Groom surname:Clarke
Groom given names:Chas. Merkeley
Bride surname:Broad
Bride given names:Bertha Edith
Date of marriage:1907-10-30
Place of marriage:CA, ON, Prince Edward, Ameliasburgh
Bride, 27, born & residing in Amsliasburgh. Groom 29, born & residing in Newcastle. Bride's parents: James Broad & Hannah Wallbridge. Groom's parents: Robert Clark & Augusta Welch. Witnesses: T.W. Bowery, Newcastle; Bessie Spencer, Halloway. Minister: Rev. J. Barnes.