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Repository:Archives of Ontario (web site)
Collection:Other - please see notes for details
Record identifier:Ontario Registration of Marriages, 1869 - 1922
Groom surname:Kelz
Groom given names:Joseph Anthony
Bride surname:Prudhomme
Bride given names:Vitaline
Date of marriage:1905-06-20
Place of marriage:CA, ON, York, York
Collection Indexed by in partnership with Family History Research Center, Brampton, Ontario,Canada. As clearly as may be seen the Extreme left column shows entry#1386. A stamped Number at extreme right shows #002392.

Witnesses for the Groom:
his Parents:John Kelz and Aloysia Bandel.
For the Bride:
her Mother:Leah Sanders and her sister:Ellen Prud'homme.

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