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Record identifier:14.0341
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Child surname:Oaks
Child given names:Eliza Anne
Child sex:F
Date of birth:1849/08/05
Place of birth:CA,
Father surname:
Father given names:
Mother surname:
Mother given names:
Notes:Source: 14.0341 Year of b. m. or d.: 1849 Event: Baptism Surname: Oaks Given: Eliza Anne Spouse: Father: Thomas Occupation: farmer and baker Residence: Township of Hemmingford, at present residing in the City of Montreal Mother: Scott, Anne Bride's Residence: Birth date: 1849-08-05 Baptism date: 1850-11-16 Marriage date: Death date: Burial date: Witnesses: Woods, Robert; Robeson, Elvira; Robeson, William Rodgers; Robeson, William; Oaks, Anne; Robeson, Anne Notes: Church: Church of England, County of Huntingdon in the circuit of Sherrington Minister: Henry Hazard, Minister