Halifax Explosion Links

A listing of links from records in the index to the 1901 Census to the Halifax Explosion Book of Rememberence entries at the Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management web site. Names are as they appear in the 1901 Census.

Linking done by Sean Delaney.

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Surname Givens Links
Aikenhead Nathaniel Links
Allen Elizabeth Links
Allen Georgina Links
Allen John Links
Allison Brenthon Links
Anderson James Links
Andrews Norman W Links
Appleton Emma Links
Appleton Georgeina Links
Arnold Grace Links
Arthur Henry Links
Austin Margt Links
Baker Foster Links
Baker Havelock Links
Baker Lindsay Links
Balcom Harold C Links
Bauer Herbert Links
Bauer Middeton Links
Bauer Nora Links
Bauld Bertha M. Links
Bayers Emma Links
Beck Hiram Links
Bedgood George Links
Bell Gearldine Links
Bell Jessie Links
Bell John F. Links
Bendall Alfred Links
Bland Lanclet J. Links
Bond Alex Links
Borgald Freeman Links
Boutilier Frances Links
Boutilier Harrison Links
Brannen Horatio H Links
Breen Erven Links
Breen Gorden Links
Brigley John G. Links
Broderick William T. Links
Brodie Elizabeth Links
Brodie Hilda P. Links
Brodie Margaret Links
Brophy Hildergarde Links
Brunt William Links
Burgess Theodore Links
Calnen Annie F. Links
Calnen James B. Links
Cameron Hellen Links
Campbell Martin Links
Carr Mary Links
Carroll Arthur S. Links
Carter Alfred Links
Chapman William Links
Churchill Eugene Links
Churchill Isabella Links
Clattenburg Allen Links
Clattenburg Angus Links
Cole Alfred M. Links
Coleman Vincent Links
Collings Samuel Links
Condon Edward Links
Conrad John A. Links
Coolen Emeline Links
Cox Florence Links
Crawley Alice Links
Creighton Annie Links
Creighton Annie Links
Creighton Isaac Links
Creighton William Links
Crosby George Links
Crosby Percy Links
Crowley Estella Links
Currie Katherine Links
Currie Mary Links
Dakin Charles Links
Dauphinee Levi Links
Demone Isaac Links
Dibbon Joseph Links
Dibbon Winifred Links
Didcock H Links
Dixon Herbert Links
Doane Henry C. Links
Doody Gerald Links
Dooks Willougby Links
Dowell George Links
Drake William Links
Duggan Alice Links
Duggan Henrietta Links
Duggan James R. Links
Duggen Charles Links
Duggen Evelinn Links
Duggen Susan Links
Dunbar Alexander Links
Dunn Alice Links
Durkee Charles H. Links
Dwyer Vincent Links
Evans Joseph S. Links
Evans Mary A. Links
Fader Granville Links
Farrell Joanna Links
Faulkner Florence Links
Fink Charles Links
Fink William Links
Flemming Patrick Links
Foran Edward Links
Fralick Edith Links
Fraser Clem Links
Fraser Olive M Links
Frizzell Alfred Links
Frizzell Gertrude Links
Frizzell Laura Links
Frizzell Vera Links
Gage Susan Links
Gaston Amos Links
Gaston Charlotte Links
Gaudet Claudin Links
Gibson John Links
Goddard Bertram Links
Gough Arthur Links
Gough Charles Links
Gough Maud Links
Grant Mary M. Links
Graves Noah Links
Green Calvin W. Links
Green Edward Links
Griswold Alfred Links
Griswold Edna Links
Griswold Fredrick Links
Guess Helenia Links
Guest Frank M. Links
Hall Mary A. Links
Hamm Harriett Links
Hartlen Annie Links
Hartlen Blanche Links
Hartlen Catherin Links
Hartlen Charles Links
Hartlen Marrion Links
Hartling Mary Links
Harvey Caroline Links
Heenan John Links
Heffler Annie E. Links
Hefler Elsie Links
Hefler Robert N. Links
Heisler Stanley Links
Hemsworth William Links
Henderson Jannie Links
Hendry Hugh Links
Hessian Fredrick Links
Hessian Mary Links
Hickey Arthur Links
Hillis Frank Links
Hiltz Blanch Links
Hinch Clara Links
Hinch Elina Links
Hinch Fredrick Links
Hinch Harreld Links
Hinch Joseph Links
Hinch Laurea Links
Hinch William Links
Hirtle A. William Links
Hirtle O Karl Links
Hodgson Isabella Links
Hollingsworth Clara Links
Horan Grace Links
Horner Edward Links
Howe Donald Links
Hubley Angus Links
Hubley Lindsey Links
Hunt James Links
Hynes John W. Links
Irwing Lillian Links
Jack Andrew Links
Jackson Annie Links
Jackson Elizabeth Links
Jackson Louis Links
Jackson Margaret Links
Jewers Clarance Links
Jewers Seymore L. Links
Jewers Victoria Links
Johns Charles W. Links
Johnson Howard Links
Joyce Catherine Links
Kane Gladys Links
Kearns Florence A. Links
Keating Frank Links
Kennedy Hildred Links
Kingston Garrett Links
Kirby Saml. Links
Landry Michael Links
Langwith Joseph Links
Latter Ralph Links
Lavers Everett Links
Lavers Odessa Links
Lawlor Bradly Links
Le Cain Clarence Links
LeFort Annie Links
LeFort Cècile Links
LeFort Catherine Links
LeFort Marcellin Links
Lemee? William Links
Lemieux Pantaléon Links
Little Susie Links
Lloy John Links
Long Francis Links
Lovett Ada E. Links
Lovett William Links
Lovett William Links
Lund Emily M. Links
Malloy John Links
Malone Sydney Links
Manning Cora Links
Marks Martin Links
Marriett Albert Links
Marshall Annie Links
Marshall George Links
Matheson Clifford Links
Matheson John Links
McCarthy Samuel Links
McEachern Mary Links
McEachern Muriel Links
McElmon John N Links
McFatridge Wm Links
McHale Carman Links
McKintosh Joseph Links
McLanders Isabella Links
McLese Agness Links
McLese Mary Links
Melvin Ethel Links
Mercer Robert Links
Millard arthur C. Links
Milligan Gilbert D. Links
Mintis Stanley Links
Mitchell Cecil Links
Moody Elizabeth Links
Mooney James Links
Mooney Susan Links
Moore Samuel Links
Morley Laura Links
Mosher Clifford Links
Mosher Willfred Links
Mowatt Bella Links
Mowatt Eliza Links
Mowatt James Links
Moxon Blanche Links
Moxon Ellie Links
Moxon Richard Links
Munroe Annie I. Links
Murphy John Links
Murphy Martin Links
Myatt Edward Links
Myatt Oliver Links
Myers Asa H Links
Myers Levi A Links
Neary Patrick G. Links
Neary Robert L. Links
Nevin Johannah Links
Newcomb Mary Links
Newman Flora A Links
O'Brien Albert Links
O'Brien Margaret Links
O'Brion Walter Links
O'Connell Kathleen Links
O'Donnell James Links
O'Grady Edmund Links
Oakes Henrietta Links
Orr David Links
Orr Samuel Links
Paul Albert Links
Pendergrast Mary Links
Phalen Luke Links
Pickrem Roy S. Links
Pirie Laura Links
Pitts George H. Links
Powell Rich. Links
Pritchard Arthur Links
Pritchard John Links
Purcell Charls S. Links
Purcell Joseph Links
Quinn Martin J. Links
Rankine Helen B. Links
Redden Reginal R Links
Redmond Annie Links
Richardson George Links
Richardson George Links
Robinson James W. Links
Ronayne John M. Links
Roome G. Walter Links
Roscoe Albert Links
Sampson Joseph Links
Shaw Patrick Links
Shea Annie Links
Shea Catherin Links
Shea Joseph C. Links
Shea Maurice Links
Sheppard Frank T. Links
Sheppard James P. Links
Short Charles Links
Shrum Charles W. Links
Shrum Mary Links
Smith Annie E. Links
Snair Clyde Links
Stacey Frances V. Links
Stacey Frederick Links
Stacey Laurence Links
Stacey Mary J. Links
Stacey Thomas E. Links
Stapeleton Ellen Links
Stephens Isaac Links
Stewart Emma Links
Stockall Emma Links
Stoddard Clement Links
Stokes Aileen Links
Stokes John Links
Stokes John Links
Sullivan Dennis A Links
Swan Ada Links
Thomas Burndette Links
Thomas Martha Links
Tobin Patrick Links
Totten Frederick Links
Travis Alice M. Links
Travis Fredrick Links
Travis William Links
Tummonds Albert Links
Tupper George Links
Tupper Lida J Links
Upham Constant Links
Upham Vera Links
Upshaw Andrew Links
Vallee Louis Links
Vaughan Charles Links
Vaughan Irene Links
Vaughan Mary Links
Walsh Edna Links
Walsh John Links
Walsh Mary Links
Walsh Pious Links
Ward Adelaide Links
Watson Edw. J. Links
Watson Wm. Links
Weaver Annie Links
Weis Herman Links
Weis Sadie Links
Weis William Links
Westhaver Althea Links
Whalen Georgiana Links
Whalen Patrick Links
Whiston Charlott A. Links
Whitway Thomas Links
Wilson Carl Cecil Links
Wilson Frank A. Links
Wilson Marion M. Links
Wilson Robert Links
Woollard Charles Links
Wournell Clara Links
Wright Edith M. Links
Wright Edwin R. Links
Wright John R. Links
Wright Mabel Links
Wright Susie Links
Young Archibald Links
Young Florence Links
Young Richard Links
Zwicker Everett Links
Zwicker Stella Links

363 links.