Canadian Virtual War Memorial Links

A listing of links from records in the index to the 1901 and 1911 Censuses to the Canadian Virtual War Memorial entries at the Veterans Affairs Canada web site. Names are as they appear in the respective census.

Linking primarily done by Sean Delaney and Sandi Bellefeuille.

Message board thread on this project.

1901 1911


Surname Givens Links
Aaron William Links
Abbey Clarence Links
Abbey Ernest M Links
Abbey Thomas Links
Abbott Cephar H. Links
Abbott Howard R. Links
Adams Arthur Links
Adams Charles Links
Adams Charles Links
Adams Fred G. A. Links
Adams Geo F Links
Adams Guy K Links
Adams John B Links
Adams Lester Links
Adams Martin Links
Adamson James Links
Adamson James R Links
Adamson Minto F Links
Adie Harry Links
Adshead Harry Links
Aetcheson David L Links
Agar Egan Links
Aikins Russell Links
Airth R. Roy Links
Aitchison Alymer Links
Alchorn James F Links
Alchorn Vinton E Links
Alexander David A. H. Links
Alexander James Links
Algie Loyd Links
Alguire Claud Links
Allaby Hanford S Links
Allaby Percy R Links
Allaby Thomas H. Links
Allan Austin E. Links
Allan James Links
Allan James W. Links
Allard Alphonse Links
Allbright George W. Links
Allbright Wm. Hy. Links
Alldred Wilbert Links
Allen Harold Links
Allen Spencer Links
Allingham Joseph G. Links
Almon John E Links
Alpaugh Agnes Links
Alport Jean O. Links
Altman Gilbert Links
Alward Frank C. Links
Amadale(?) Thomas Links
Amy Raulin Links
Anderson Frederick Links
Anderson John D Links
Anderson John H. Links
Anderson L. Philipe Links
Anderson Laurence Links
Anderson Robert Links
Anderson Robert V Links
Anderson Roy W. Links
Anderson William Links
Andrew Fredrick R Links
Andrews Frederick C. Links
Angel Manly Links
Angell Walter Links
Anthony Addison Links
Anthony Douglas Links
Anthony Wesley E. Links
Antoine David Links
Appelbe Ernest F. Links
Appleyard Joe C Links
Arcand Ernest Links
Archer Matthew H Links
Armsden Abram W. Links
Armstrong Albert Links
Armstrong Charles Links
Armstrong Francis Links
Armstrong Frank Links
Armstrong Hilliard M. Links
Armstrong S H Links
Armstrong Thomas J Links
Armstrong William E. Links
Arnette Peter Links
Arnold Albert Links
Arnold Albert Edward Links
Arnold Ernest W. Links
Arnold Frank Links
Arnold William Everett Links
Arseneau William P. Links
Ascot Arthur J Links
Asham Gilbert G Links
Ashcroft Edward D. Links
Ashcroft Lancelot E. Links
Ashlee Allan Links
Ashley Bernard W. Links
Atchison Cleaveland Links
Atkinson Freman S. Links
Atkinson George Links
Atkinson Henry D Links
Atwell Aubrey Links
Atwood Alston G Links
Aubin Célestin Links
Aubin Napoléon Links
Aucoin Dédié Links
Aucoin Guillaume Links
Aucoin Hubert Links
AuCoin Pelite Links
Audy Cléophas Links
Auger Fortunat Links
Austin Ernest A. Links
Aylen Cyril K Links
Aylen Gerald Henry S Links
Ayles Alexander Links
Ayotte Ovila Links
Babcock Andrew E Links
Babcock Thomas Links
Bach Edward Links
Bailey Fredrick Links
Baillie Irvine Links
Baird Harry Links
Baker Charles N Links
Baker Harold Links
Baker Henry A. Links
Baker Herbert S. Links
Baker Margaret E. Links
Baker Miriam Links
Baldwin Dorothy Y Links
Ball Ranson A. Links
Balmer William L. Links
Balsdon Leslie Links
Balser William A Links
Banbury Lloyd A. Links
Bannerman David Links
Banning Charles W Links
Bannister William H. Links
Baril Eugène Links
Bark Robt Charles Links
Barker T. E. Links
Barlee Roland F-H Links
Barnes Charles L. Links
Barnes Frank Links
Barnes Richard G Links
Barnhardt Fredrick Links
Barnhart Cornelus Links
Barnhart Harry W. Links
Baron Hervé Links
Barr Herbert Links
Barrett James Links
Barrett John E.R. Links
Barron Harry K. Links
Barry James Links
Barton George G. Links
Baskett William H Links
Bass Lewinavery Links
Bastedo Alfred C. Links
Baty Robert Links
Baugh Charly Links
Baxter Edwy. S. Links
Baylis Charles Links
Bayne Charles Links
Beamer Archie Mainland Links
Beamish Herbert M Links
Beaton Edwin Links
Beaton Wicerain Links
Beatson Walter Links
Beattie David I. Links
Beattie Joseph Henry Links
Beaupré Auguste Links
Beaver Austin Links
Becher Henry C Links
Bechill Cecil Links
Beck Harry Links
Beckell Oliver ? Links
Beckett Gorden Links
Bedard Rodolphe Links
Beegs Bernard Links
Bélair Fédéric Links
Belanger Léo Links
Belfry Elwood J Links
Bell Andrew L. Links
Bell Elvis A Links
Bell Jame Links
Bell Reginald Links
Bell William Links
Bell-Irving Roderick O. Links
Bellefeuille Alfred Links
Bellefeuille Pierre Links
Bellhouse Richard Links
Bemister Walter B. S. Links
Bennett Cecil Links
Bennett James Links
Benoit Albert Links
Benson Louis Links
Bentley Freeland Links
Bently Walter Links
Berard Dolphis Links
Bernard Steven Links
Bernier Joachim Links
Berrey Edwin B Links
Berry Francis A F Links
Berry Ian N. R. Links
Bertain Henry Links
Berthiaume Omar Links
Bertram James K Links
Bertrand Albert Links
Best Charles Links
Betts Gordon Links
Betts Thomas Links
Betts William H Links
Bickerdike Robbie Links
Bickerstaff Everard Links
Bicknell Arthur J. Links
Bicknell Francis J. Links
Biffen Edward Jnr. Links
Biggar John Links
Biggar Warren Links
Bigham George Links
Bingay L. Woolsey Links
Binkley Ross Links
Bird Andrew Thomas Links
Bird George M. Links
Bird Thomas Henry Links
Birt Cyrus B. Links
Birt George W. Links
Birtwistle George Links
Bissett Harrold J. G. Links
Black Richard G Links
Blackader Gordon Links
Blackburn John R Links
Blackwood Hartly Links
Blades Alvin McK. Links
Blair Donald Links
Blair Donald Links
Blair James W Links
Blair Kenneth Links
Blair Stuart C. Links
Blais Wilfrid Links
Blake Charles P. Links
Blaker Joshua Links
Blakley John E Links
Blakney Ronald Links
Blauvelt Benjiman O Links
Bleakley Charles F Links
Blott Charles N. G. Links
Bloxaure George Links
Bluemen Bernhart Links
Blundy Isidor Links
Blythe George Links
Boger William B Links
Boggs Herbert Links
Bolin Richard A. Links
Bolster Herbert Links
Bolton Joseph Links
Bond Arthur Links
Boorne George H Links
Borland Darcy A. Links
Borman George H. Links
Borrow Joseph Links
Boswell Ernest B. Links
Botham Thomas C Links
Boulanger Alfred Links
Boulich Antoine Links
Bourgeois George Links
Bourre Napoleon T. Links
Bousquet Narcisse Links
Bowdridge Cyril A. Links
Bowes Donald C. Links
Bowes James L. Links
Bowlby St Clair Links
Bowman Leslie Links
Bowron Walter Links
Bowser William Links
Bowyer William Links
Boxall Harry V Links
Boyce Christopher Links
Boyce Willie C. Links
Boyd Archibald A. Links
Boyd Chester F. Links
Boyd Harold M Links
Boyd Robert Links
Boyd Thomas Links
Boyle Wellington Links
Bradshaw George H. Links
Brady Edward T. Links
Bramley Percy A. Links
Brant Camereon Links
Breen Ermen Links
Breen Gordon Links
Brehaut Richard Links
Bremner Ferguson Links
Brennan Martin Links
Brenner Arne Links
Brethour Oscar Links
Brett Arthur W Links
Brewster Raymund H. Links
Brière Armand Links
Brigdon Earnest Links
Briggs T.L. Links
Brillant Jean Links
Brister Albert J. Links
Britton John Links
Britton John C Links
Broad Lorne L Links
Broad Thomas C. Links
Broad Thomas P Links
Broadfoot Daniel J. Links
Brodie Roy Links
Broks Edgar W Links
Brooks Frances Links
Brophy Francis Links
Brophy John Links
Brough John Links
Brown Albert Hy Links
Brown Andrew Links
Brown Cecil R Links
Brown Christopher Links
Brown Claud Links
Brown Roy Links
Brown William W. Links
Brummell Robt. B. Links
Bryant William W. Links
Bryden Thomas H. Links
Buchanan Arthur Links
Buchanan Fitz-Herbert Price Links
Buchanan James J Links
Buchanan Leopold Links
Buchanan Reginald Links
Buchanan Victor C. Links
Buckingham James Links
Buckler John M. Links
Budreo Russell C Links
Bull Allinson Links
Bunbury Claude S Links
Bunnell A Leonard Links
Bunnell George A Links
Bunting David Links
Burford Edward L. Links
Burgar Robert J. Links
Burge Sidney Links
Burke Cecil P Links
Burke Harry L Links
Burke John Links
Burns John D. Links
Burns Wallace Links
Burns William S. Links
Burr Guy S. Links
Burritt Alfred C. Links
Burritt Edgar M. Links
Burton Raymond C Links
Bury Harry G Links
Buscombe Robert Links
Bushell James Links
Bye Thomas K Links
Cade George Links
Caldwell David Links
Caley Alfred Links
Calkin Hinson Links
Cambell Charles S Links
Cameron Albert Links
Cameron Allen S Links
Cameron Eli Links
Cameron Horold Links
Cameron Hugh Chas Links
Cameron Kenneth Links
Cameron McD. Hector Links
Cameron Norval A Links
Campbell Alex Links
Campbell Christina Links
Campbell F. W. Links
Campbell Glenlyon Links
Campbell Harold Links
Cann Malcolm Links
Caple William Links
Carey Conrad G. Links
Carleton Clarence Links
Carleton Lawrence Links
Carley Harry Links
Carmichael Henry Links
Carpenter Herbert Links
Carr Charles C Links
Carr Frank E. Links
Carr Frederick G. Links
Carr John A Links
Carrière Léopold Links
Carroll Arthur Links
Carroll Peter J. Links
Carruthers Peter McK Links
Carter Albert D. Links
Carter F.E. Links
Carter Horace C. Links
Carter Robt G. Links
Carton Clarence Links
Casey Leon Links
Cass Sydney Links
Cassells James Links
Castle Harold G. Links
Cathcart Frances D Links
Cattle Edward Links
Caughey Hugh Links
Caurier Bertie Links
Chambers Wallace S. Links
Chamney Richard O. Links
Chandler Samuel F. Links
Chantler G Clarance Links
Chapman Guy Links
Charbonneau Alphonse Links
Charlebois Hilaire Links
Charlton Claude Links
Chase Hartley Links
Cheer C.A. Russell Links
Cheer G.Amos Links
Chenier Janvier W Links
Chenier Olivier Links
Chession John Links
Chester William Links
Chidley Phillip Links
Chisholn Danieal Links
Chrismas Arthur Links
Chubb Freddie Links
Chudleigh Starks Links
Churchill Burpee Links
Clairmont Charles D. Links
Clapp Albert E Links
Clark George Links
Clark Paul S Links
Clarke Murdock Links
Clarke Vernon A Links
Clause Isaac Links
Clausey Raymond R Links
Cleaver Ernest T. Links
Clement James A. Links
Clemonts Walter Links
Cloughley Joseph E Links
Cobbledick George Links
Coe Ardagh Links
Cole Alex Links
Cole Arnold C Links
Cole Bruce Links
Cole Charles B. Links
Cole Earnest Links
Cole Edward Links
Cole Edward Links
Cole Fred M. Links
Cole Frederick Links
Cole Henry Links
Cole John Links
Coleman William Links
Coles Wallac Rodd Links
Collings Walter Links
Collins Edward J Links
Collins John Links
Collins Wilfred L. Links
Colpitts Clark F Links
Colter W. Otis Links
Colvin Duncan Links
Compton Henry B Links
Comte Gustave Links
Conder Willi Links
Conners William Links
Conquest Reginald Links
Constable George Nicol Links
Cook Arthur G. Links
Cook Edgar Links
Cook Leonard M. Links
Copeland A. George Links
Coram Thomas Links
Corbeil Aimé Links
Corbeil Frédéric Links
Corbett Charles Links
Corey Rowan Links
Corfield James A. Links
Corning(?) Gordon Links
Corridan Edmond Links
Corrigan Bernard E. Links
Corrigan Thomas Links
Cosgrove Albert V Links
Cosgrove Edward Links
Cossar Ralf Links
Cossmann Charles Links
Costello Francis R. Links
Costello Rupart Links
Couch Stanley M Links
Coulter John Links
Courtney Gordon Links
Cowan James Links
Cowley Edward Links
Cox Edwin Links
Cox Herbert Links
Coyne James Links
Craford Alfert M Links
Crago Percal Links
Craig Charles A. Links
Craig Raye J. Links
Crawford Charles W. Links
Crawford George R. Links
Crawford Harry W Links
Crawford Richard G. Links
Crawford William Links
Crawley Percy Links
Creighton Arthur Links
Creighton James O. Links
Crighton Marurice Links
Croft Wilbert C. Links
Crofts Frederick J Links
Cronk Stanly Links
Crosby Emerson Links
Crosby Keith Links
Crosier Charles Wm. Links
Crowell John L. Links
Crowther Wm Links
Crozier Dan E. Links
Crozier Milbon C Links
Crozier William Links
Cudmore William H. Links
Cuenzie Isaac Links
Cuenzie Leslie Links
Cull Arthur Links
Cumberland Keith Links
Cuming John D Links
Cumming Duncan Links
Cumming Isabelle Links
Cumming James D. Links
Cunningham Francis Links
Cunningham William B. Links
Curran Edward P. Links
Currie Dougall Links
Currie John Links
Currie Perry Wm Links
Curtin William Links
Curtis B. Roy Links
Curtis Leslie W. Links
Curtis William Links
Cuthbertson Allen Links
Cutting Garfield Links
Dagg Ainslie Links
Dahl Henry A Links
Dakota Alec Links
Dale William Links
Dalglish Wm. A. Links
Daly Thomas P Links
Dalzell Elmer Links
Danford John E. Links
Daniel Charly T. Links
Daniels Albert M. Links
Dargavel William B. Links
Darling Norman E. Links
Darling R Clifford Links
Dart John L. Links
Daskel Abraham Links
Davey Ernest E Links
Davey Melville J Links
Davidson Allan M Links
Davidson Amelia Links
Davidson Arche Links
Davidson George Links
Davis Alfred E Links
Davis George Links
Davis George Links
Davis German Links
Davis Harold U V Links
Davis Lenna Links
Davis Reginald V. Links
Daw fred Links
Daw Herbert Links
Dawe William Links
Dawson Wilfred D Links
Day Calvin W. Links
Day Herald Links
Day William M. Links
DeCourcey Thomas J Links
Delagorgendier Regie Links
Delaney Earnest M Links
Delaney George G Links
Delaney Hiram Links
Delaney Jno J Links
Delaney Mark Links
DeLaronde Alfred Links
Delisle Paul Links
Denbow John Links
Dence Ernest Links
Denike Anslem Links
Denis Albert Links
Denis Henri Links
Denison Edgar Links
Denison Joseph Links
Denne Vincent Alured Links
Dennistoun John R. Links
Deragon Leopold Links
Dermody Vincent Links
Desroches Vital Links
Detlor John Links
Detlor Morley Links
Detlor Walter Links
Devoo John W Links
Dewar Earle Links
Dickie Max M Links
Dickinson Thomas Links
Dickson Keith W. Links
Dickson Walter T. A. Links
Dillon William P. Links
Dingwall McLaren Links
Dix Walter F Links
Dixon Frank Links
Dixon Henry A. Links
Dobie Fred. R. E. Links
Dobie J Milton Links
Dodderidge Léo Links
Dodwell Worsley Links
Doheny Edward Links
Doherty Thomas J. Links
Doïg Arthur Links
Doig Harold G. Links
Doig John G. Links
Dolter Geo Links
Domville Jas. De B. Links
Domville William K. Links
Donald George Links
Donaldson James E Links
Donatelli Antonio Links
Dondale Edward C Links
Donnelly Howard Links
Donnelly Orville Links
Donnelly Will H. Links
Doolittle Jay M Links
Dorion Siméon Links
Dougherty A Nathan Links
Dougherty H Leland Links
Douglas Charles F. Links
Douglas John B Links
Douse Gordon Links
Douse Harry Links
Douse John H. Links
Dowding Albert Links
Dowdle John T. Links
Down Joseph H Links
Down William G Links
Downing Nicholas Links
Doxsee Arthur E. Links
Doxsee Erenst Links
Doxsee William Links
Doyle Nelson Pat. Links
Draper Samel H Links
Drew George Links
Drew Sydney S Links
Drinkwater Henry Links
Drolet Edouard Links
Drummond Archibald Links
Drummond Guy Links
Drummond K. Links
Drummond Kevin Links
Dubois Omer Links
Ducharme Albert Links
Dudley Howard Links
Duff Calvin F W Links
Duff Henry R Links
Duffin Joseph Links
Duffy J. Herbert Links
Duke Gordon Links
Duke W Cecil Links
Dumais J. Baptiste Links
Dummitt Charles Links
Dunbar Charles Links
Duncan Bruce Links
Duncan Charles Links
Duncan George Links
Duncan James Links
Duncan Robert G. Links
Dunham Thomas W Links
Dunkin Walter Links
Duperow Earl Links
Dupras Peter Links
Dupuis George Links
Durnford Andrew Links
Durrah Robert Links
Durst John Links
Dusang Hiliard Links
Dusome Patrick Links
Dussault Alexina Links
Dussault Olivier Links
Dutton Sopas L Links
Duxbury Charles W B Links
Dwyer Munden Links
Dyer Charles Links
Eadie Shaver Links
Earl Frederick G. Links
Earle Wallace S. Links
Earls George Links
Eastlake Charles W. Links
Eastman Edwin F. Links
Eaton Judson W Links
Eaton Vernon Links
Eby Alexander R Links
Edwards Herbert Links
Eedy Albert L Links
Eirikson Sigurdur Links
Elderkin Vernon C. Links
Elliot James H Links
Elliott Geo William Links
Elliott John McK. Links
Ellis Duncan S Links
Ellis Judson Links
Ellis L Martin Links
Elsley Clifton Links
Embury Charles Links
Embury Charles Links
Endicott Elias Links
Endicott William J. Links
Enkel Olfrid Chas. Links
Enman Wellington Links
Enmans H. Walter Links
Epps Cecil H. Links
Erskine Thomas Links
Erwood John Links
Essery Thomas A Links
Esten Gerald Links
Etty Robt Wm Links
Evans Alfred J.L. Links
Evans Charles Links
Evans David A. Links
Evans Earnest F Links
Evans Herbert J. Links
Evans Kingley Allan Links
Evans Wm H Links
Fader George H. Links
Faggeter Henry Links
Fair Robert M Links
Fales Archibald Links
Falkiner George Links
Fanning William Links
Farmer Allen Links
Farrell Percy Links
Farrell Philib Links
Fay Birtram Links
Fenton George F. Links
Ferg Charles Links
Ferguson Alexander Links
Ferguson Herbert S. Links
Ferguson James A. Links
Ferguson Thomas Links
Ferneyhough Lorne Links
Fessenden James Links
Fiddler Edwin Links
Fiddler Henry G Links
Fillion Hector Links
Finnie Frank W. Links
Fish Francis Links
Fish Reuben Links
Fisher Fred Links
Fisher Harry R. Links
Fisher James Links
Fisher John Links
Fisher Sydney J. Links
Fiske Kenneth R. Links
Fitzgerald Chester L Links
Fitzgerald Patrick Links
Flagg Eugene Links
Flanagan John Links
Flanigan Thomas Links
Fletcher Orville Links
Flowers Gordon Links
Flynn Owen F Links
Flynn Robert Links
Follett Minnie Links
Forbes William Links
Ford Charles Edward Links
Ford Edgar N. Links
Ford Fred Geo Links
Forneri A. Florian Links
Forrest Henry S. Links
Forrest Lenard Links
Forsyth Charles A. Links
Fortescue Daisy Links
Fortin Jules Links
Foster K. Gordon Links
Foucault Joseph Links
Fournier Emile Links
Fowler Gordon Links
Fowler Robert W Links
Fowles Stephen Links
Francis William L Links
Fraser Chester S Links
Fraser Harold J. Links
Fraser James G. L. Links
Fraser Margaret M. Links
Fraser W Robert Links
Freeland Gordon Links
Freeman Enoch F Links
Freeman Frank E Links
Freeman Harold A Links
Freeman Reginald Links
French Truman M. Links
Frood Lorn Links
Fry William Links
Fryer Joseph Links
Fudger George B Links
Fugère Donat Links
Fulton John T Links
Fulton John T Links
Fulton Raymond E Links
Furby Hubert Links
Furguson Harry Links
Gage George H. Links
Galbraith C. Franklin Links
Gallaher Frank Links
Gallant Adolphe Links
Gallenger Kenneth C. Links
Galloway George G. Links
Galpin Ralph Links
Gamble James A Links
Garber Clarence Links
Garber Garnerd Links
Gardner Andrew Links
Gardner Atwood R. Links
Garlow Marshal J Links
Garner Orien Links
Garrett Cecil S. Links
Garrioch John S. Links
Garrison Horace G. Links
Garton Thomas Links
Garvie Edward J Links
Gass Blanchard Links
Gass Lawrence H. Links
Gaudet Claudin Links
Gaudet Jerome Links
Gaudin Harold E. Links
Gauthier Ferdinand Links
Geary Oliver Links
Gerbig John Links
Gerrand Thomas S. Links
Gerry Albert J Links
Gibault Joseph G. P. Links
Gibbard Arthur Links
Gibbons Thomas R Links
Gibson Charles F Links
Gibson Clarence L. Links
Gibson Francis M. Links
Gibson Lawrence P K Links
Gilhuly Harold R Links
Gillander Warren Links
Gillespie Charles Links
Gillespie Frank H Links
Gillis Merton Links
Gilmour Allan U. Links
Glass Franck Links
Glasser R Henry Links
Gleeson James Links
Gliddon Clarance Links
Glover John D Links
Glover Joseph A Links
Glover Norman R Links
Golay Harold Links
Goldsmith John M Links
Gonneau Oliver E. Links
Good Joseph V Links
Gordon David S Links
Gordon James A Links
Gordon Thomas Links
Gordon William S Links
Gordon Willie A. Links
Gorrell Charles Dr. Links
Goudy James Links
Gough Gordon Links
Gould Norman C. Links
Goulet Adjudore Links
Gracie Robert Links
Graham Archie Links
Graham Duncan W Links
Graham Edgar Links
Graham Everett J. Links
Grant Enas? Links
Grant Gracie M. Links
Grant Oswald Links
Grant Oswald W. Links
Grant William Links
Grassie William W. Links
Gratton Léopold Links
Gray Angus Links
Gray George Links
Gray George S Links
Greaves Harry P. Links
Green Caroline G Links
Greening Robert Links
Greenlay Ernest Aug Links
Gregory Richard H. Links
Gregson David W Links
Gregson Samuel Links
Grenke Herman Links
Grey Allan Links
Griffin Arthur L. Links
Grossman Leo H. Links
Guay Arthure Links
Guest Arthur J. Links
Gunning Ambrose Links
Gunnis Victor N Links
Gustlinger John Links
Gutcher John Links
Habick Andrw Links
Hackland William Gilbert Links
Hague Owen Links
Haig David E Links
Haight Grant Links
Halcrow William Links
Hall James E. Links
Hallett Edwin B Links
Hamilton Andrew R. Links
Hamilton James Links
Hamilton John H Links
Hamilton John L. Links
Hamilton William Links
Hamilton William Links
Hammill Albert H Links
Hampson Harry Links
Hampson John Links
Hancock George Links
Hanes(?) William Links
Hanna Maud B. Links
Hannan Peter E Links
Hanson Hedley Links
Hardy Joseph T Links
Harland George Links
Harland George Links
Harmston Lucius Y. Links
Harris John Links
Harris Warren E Links
Harrison Cameroun Links
Harrison David E Links
Harrison Dyne Links
Harrison Harvey Links
Harrison Wilfied Links
Hart Tony Links
Harty James Links
Harvey Victor Links
Hasted Thomas A Links
Hastid Thomas A Links
Hastie Alex Links
Hastie Harry H. Links
Hatcher Harold Links
Hatfield Arthur W Links
Hatfield Roy J Links
Hatfield Walter H Links
Hawkins Bruce Links
Hawkins Roy C. Links
Hawley Robt. H. Links
Hayes Steward Links
Head William E Links
Headman Alf Links
Heal Frederick G R Links
Healy Malcolm Links
Hedderson Harry Links
Hefler Robert N. Links
Helem William Links
Heller Adam Links
Helliwell Joseph Links
Helmer Alexis Links
Hemming Tho R. D. Links
Henderson A. A. Jr. Links
Henderson Alfred S. Links
Henderson Geo J Links
Henderson John Links
Henderson John C Links
Henderson Leeward Links
Henderson Stanly Links
Henderson Stewart Links
Henderson Wm F. Links
Hendry Hugh Links
Heney John B. L. Links
Henry Alexander Links
Henshaw Fred Grant Links
Henshaw Willis M Links
Herald Ralph E. Links
Herman Robert R Links
Hern Loftus R. Links
Heron Earnest Links
Heron Harry Links
Heron James Links
Heron William Links
Herrell E. Clifferd Links
Herren Arther S. Links
Herrington Orvel Links
Herron William Albert Links
Hertzberg Charles Links
Hewlett Raymond Links
Heyland Dominic Links
Hickey Allen Links
Hickman John F. Links
Hicks Burwell Links
Hicks Gerald Links
Hildred(?) John Links
Hill John E. Links
Hill Percy Links
Hill Wm. E. Links
Hilson Fred Links
Hilton Harold Links
Hilts James Links
Hineman Clayton Links
Hingston Basil Links
Hjörleifsson Gunnlaugur Byron Links
Hobbs Thomas Links
Hobden John M Links
Hobden Ross R Links
Hoddinott Henry W Links
Hodges Ray B Links
Hodges William B Links
Hodgins David Links
Hodgson Sidney Jas. Links
Hodgson William R Links
Hogg Oliver J M Links
Holmback William Links
Holmden George Links
Holmes Alfred E Links
Holmes Wendal H Links
Holtorf Henry Links
Honey George F. Links
Honey Samuel L. Links
Honsberger Thomas Links
Hood Alexander Links
Hood Archibald Links
Hooker Leon A Links
Hope William B. Links
Hopkins Fre H H Links
Hopwood Clarance Links
Hotrum Louis E Links
Houle Henri Links
Hourd William Links
Houston John Links
Houston William D Links
Howard Fred S. M. Links
Hubbards Fred N Links
Hubley Harold Links
Hughes Chester Links
Hughes Chester Links
Hughes Percy Links
Hull Percy J Links
Hull Reginald A Links
Humphreys Edward Links
Hunt Arthur Links
Hunt Frank Links
Hunt John R Links
Hunter George R Links
Hunter Herbert Links
Hunter Kennoth Links
Hunter Mary Links
Hunter Roy C Links
Hunter Rufus O. Links
Hutchinson Charles Links
Hutchinson S? Links
Hutchinson Walter Links
Hyde William G. Links
Hyndman Thomas Links
Iliff Charles Links
Iliff William Links
Ingalls Allen G. Links
Ingersoll Ralph Links
Ingles George Links
Ingram Harold Links
Ings John Walter Links
Irving Andrew G Links
Irving William Links
Irwin Archibald Links
Irwin Rupert Links
Irwin Sherman Links
Irwin Walter Links
Isaac Jacob Links
Isabelle Ulric J Links
Ivens John F H Links
Jack Edward Links
Jackson Alfred Links
Jackson John E. Links
Jackson Percival E. Links
Jackson Thomas F. Links
Jagger Herbert W. Links
Jagger James L. Links
Jaques Maurice Links
Jarrett Robert B. Links
Jarvis John Links
Jeffrey Amos Links
Jepson Russell Links
Jewitt William A Links
Johannesson Pall Links
Johnson Arthur Links
Johnson Bertie Links
Johnson Desmond Links
Johnson Harry J Links
Johnson Malcolm Links
Johnson Thomas P. Links
Johnson William L. Links
Johnston Bruce A Links
Johnston David Links
Johnston Frank Links
Johnston James Links
Johnston Lyell C Links
Johnston Raymond Links
Johnstone Sidney G. Links
Jones Samuel Links
Jones Stanley Links
Joslyn Harold W. Links
Joslyn Robert W. Links
Journeaux Philip H Links
Jowsey Fredrick W Links
Joyce E. James Links
Joynt William J. Links
Jucksch Arno Links
Kaible Joseph Links
Kane Robert Links
Kane Thomas L Links
Kavanagh Lionel Links
Kealy Ida Lillian Links
Keating Daniel Links
Keene Freddie A Links
Keene Wilferd Links
Keesheg Barney Links
Kehoe M. George Links
Keillor William Links
Kell Fred Links
Kelso William A Links
Kendall Noel W. Links
Kenison Francis Links
Kennedy John Links
Kennedy Stuart Links
Keoughan James Links
Keoughan Patrick Links
Keown Wm H Links
Kerr Angus Links
Kerr Herbert G. Links
Kerr Oscar R. Links
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Kerry Arthur Links
Keyes Clayton Links
Keys Tomas Links
Kilgour John R. Links
Kilkenny John Links
King Bernard Links
King Jessie N. Links
Kingsbury Lachlan J Links
Kirk Albert R Links
Kirk Andrew O. Links
Kirk Henny Links
Kirkpatrick Douglas Links
Kirkwood Rex O. Links
Kish Bertie Links
Kittridge John Links
Kiyosh Joseph Links
Klutz Herbert N. Links
Knight Alfred C. H. Links
Knowles Percy P. Links
Knowles Percy P. Links
Knowles Robert D. Links
Knox George Links
Knox Uchtred C.G. Links
Kolesar Georgie Links
Kreutzwiser Richard Links
L'Escarbeau Ulric Links
Laboucane Samuel Links
Lacasse Henrie Links
Laderout John Links
Lafave James Links
Laform John Links
Lamorandaire Wilfred Links
Lamplough Frank W Links
Lamplough Leonard A Links
Lamport William Links
Lang Alvin F. Links
Langell Eben N. Links
Langille Edward F Links
Langlais Ernest Links
Langmuir Gavin I Links
Lapointe Guillaume Links
Laramée Aldéric Links
Larmer Hrbert Isaac Links
Larocque Moise Links
Laronde John Links
Laronde Thomas Links
LaRose John Links
Latchford John C Links
Lattimer Gerald Links
Lau Frank C Links
Lau John W Links
Laurin George Links
Lavoie Edmond Links
Lawson George B. Links
Lawson William A. Links
Leal Reginald D. Links
Leamy Hubert Links
Learmonth Okill Links
Ledgerwood Douglas Links
Ledgerwood George Links
Leeman Lloyd F. Links
Leffler Raywood Links
Leigh Charles H. Links
Leith Lorne Links
Lemesurier Garnet W. Links
Lemoine Harold Jas Links
Lemyre Louis Links
Lennox John H Links
Leslie Henry Links
Lester Harold Links
Letts Hugh Links
Levin Maurice Links
Lewis John L. Links
Lewis Samuel Links
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Lightbody Norman Links
Lindal Jacob Links
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Lindsay Arthur L. Links
Line Robert L Links
Little Gordon Links
Lobban Alfred Edward Links
Lobban John Herbert Links
Lockhart Frank Links
Lockhart Herbert Links
Lockhart Norman Links
Lockman Lewis A Links
Long Arthur Links
Long Robert H Links
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Loucks Robert Links
Loudon Bryan M. Links
Lounsbury Wilfred L. Links
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Lupien Valère Links
Lyall Richard Links
Lynds Dimock B Links
Lyness Thomas Links
Lyons James F. Links
Lyster Harold Links
Lyttle Charlie Links
Macdonald John A. Links
Macdonald Kathleen M Links
MacDougall Harold Links
Macfarlan Robert G. Links
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MacKay Robert Links
Mackenzie Alister S. Links
Mackenzie Cortland G G Links
Mackenzie Gordon A Links
MacKinnon Angus Links
MacLeod John A. Links
Macnab James Links
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Magnan Alphonsi Links
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McCahon George Links
McCain Nelson Links
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McCallan Geoffrey W Links
McCallum James F Links
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McCarey Frank Links
McCarthy Joseph D. Links
McColl Bruce Links
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McConachie John A Links
McConaghy Arthur Links
McCormick Benjn. Links
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McCrae John Links
McCreary Russel S Links
McCrimmon Malcolm Links
McCuaig Howard Links
McDermid Alfred Links
McDiarmid Alexander D Links
McDonald Daniel Links
McDonald Daniel Links
McDonald John M. Links
McDonald Madeo Links
McDonald Richard Links
McDougall George Links
McEachern Archibald E. Links
McElhiney Joseph S Links
McEneaney John Links
McFadden Harold Links
McFadyen Alex Links
McFadyen Roy Links
McFalls Elmer Links
McFarland R George Links
McFarlane Alexander J. Links
McFarlane Charles Links
McFern Thomas Links
McGee Frank Links
McGibbon Gilbert Links
McGill John B. Links
McGinnis Mary G Links
McGoun Frank Links
McGoun Tommy Links
McGrath Rufus B. Links
McGuinness Frederick Links
McGuire Henry B Links
McHarg David Links
McIntosh Donald Links
McIntosh Rebecca Links
McIntyre David J. Links
McIntyre Mark(?) C Links
McIsaac John Links
McIsaac Neil Links
McKay Edwin Links
McKay Leslie Links
McKay Loran C. Links
McKay Malcolm M Links
McKay W. Stewart Links
McKee George H. Links
McKeegan James Links
McKellar William D. Links
McKenna Adrien Links
McKenzie Adam J. Links
McKenzie Archibald E.G. Links
McKenzie Hugh Links
McKenzie Mary Links
McKercher Archie Links
McKercher Peter Links
McKillop Allan Links
McKinnon D. Willie Links
McKinnon Ernest Links
McKinnon Frank Links
McKinnon Robt B Links
McKnight Harry B Links
McKnight Loxley Links
McKnight Thomas W. Links
McLaughlin Robert Links
McLean Clarence Links
McLean Ginerey? C Links
McLean Rena M. Links
McLearn James A Links
McLeish Alex Links
McLennan Bartlett Links
McLeod Allan Links
McLeod Archibald Links
McLeod Daniel B Links
McLeod Murdock Links
McMahon Michael Links
McManus Bernard Links
McMaster Dalton Links
McMaster George E Links
McMaster John J Links
McMeans Earnest D. Links
McMillan Chas Links
McMillan Evan Links
McMillan John A. Links
McMinn Alim V Links
McMullen Joseph W. Links
McMurtry Eric O Links
McNabb David Links
McNally Henry H Links
McNally Wallace Links
McNalty Danual Links
McNaught Albert C Links
McNaughton Donald Links
McNeill Alexander L Links
McNeill George Links
McNevin Thomas Links
McPhail John Links
McPhee Neil Links
McPherson Agnes Links
McPherson Donald D. Links
McPherson Ross E. Links
McQuoid Arnold B Links
McRae William G. Links
Medland Fredk R Links
Meehan William Links
Meek Herbert H Links
Meeres Edward W. Links
Mehring Edwin R. Links
Mercer John C Links
Mercer Robert H Links
Merlin Edward Links
Merserau George Links
Messett Ralph Links
Metcalfe George Links
Metherall George Links
Meyer Albert Links
Meyer Herbert F. Links
MGuire Norman Links
Michaud Alexandre Links
Michaud Silvio Links
Micks O. Robby Links
Middleton William Links
Millar Arthur Links
Millar Normand Links
Miller Charles Links
Miller Everett Links
Miller John Links
Millican Robert J L Links
Million Cecil Links
Mills Blair Links
Mills Morris A. Links
Milmine Harvey S. Links
Milne John C. Links
Milton George A. Links
Miner Harrey Links
Minorgan George Links
Minorgan J Harold Links
Misner Wilfred L Links
Mitchell Charles F. C. Links
Mitchell Garnet L. Links
Mitchell Gordon Links
Mitchell Herbert Links
Mitchell Stanley H Links
Mitten Percy L Links
Moffit Gordon Links
Moir Clifford J. Links
Mollard C A Links
Molson Otto Links
Molson Percival Links
Monkman Wellington C Links
Montgomery Clark Links
Montgomery Harold W J Links
Montgomery Osburne Links
Montroy Emile Links
Moore Donald Links
Morgan Albert N Links
Morgan Henry A Links
Morphy Chas. E. Links
Morphy John Links
Morrel Gordon M Links
Morrison Donald B. S. Links
Morrison Lionel Links
Morton James G. Links
Mosher Chas R. Links
Mott Ester A. Links
Mott Hubert Links
Mould John R. Links
Mount Clelah Links
Mount W. Roy Links
Mountain Stewart D. Links
Mowat John L. Links
Mowbray Cyril Links
Mowbray James Links
Moynehan James Links
Muir Arthur E. Links
Mulcahy Richard Links
Mulhern Francis Links
Mullen Edgar T Links
Mulloy E Harold Links
Mumford Cecil Links
Munger Ralph C. Links
Munn David E. Links
Munro Hugh A Links
Munroe Duncan Links
Munroe M Donald Links
Muntz Herbert G Links
Murdock Harlan W. Links
Murdock John A Links
Murison James Links
Murison Wm James Links
Murphy William Links
Murray Hugh J Links
Murray Ivor H. Links
Murray John A Links
Murray John K. Links
Murree Edward Links
Murry Hester Links
Murtha James J Links
Musgrove Harry Links
Nadjewon Paul Links
Napier John Links
Napier Robert E. Links
Nass Stanley Links
Naylor Herbert V Links
Neelands Clifford Links
Negeus Thomas Links
Neild Henry Links
Neilly Victor E Links
Neilly William W Links
Nelson Andrew E. Links
Nelson Harold Links
Nelson Ray Links
Ness Garnet Links
Nethercott Harold V Links
Neveu Alexandre Links
Newcomb Clyde E. Links
Newcomb John Links
Newcomb John H. Links
Newcome Michael Links
Newell Lawrence G. Links
Newman George Links
Newsham Paul Links
Newth Roland Links
Ney Wane M. Links
Nichols Frank W. R. Links
Nicholson Lorne Links
Nicholson Robert Links
Nickerson Walter L E Links
Niddery Edward J. Links
Nieforth Albert Links
Nightingale William Links
Noble Cecil Links
Nolan Joseph Links
Norlock Michael Links
Normand Narcisse Links
Norquay Gordon Links
Norton Robert P. Links
Nourse Grace Eloner Links
Noverre Walter Links
Nugent Alfred Links
Nunn William Links
Nutter Lionel W Links
O'Connor Charles Links
O'Keefee Daniel Links
O'Keefee John Arthur Links
O'Shea William H Links
Oakes Wilfred Links
Odlum Joseph Links
Okeefe Frank Links
Oldfield Frankie Links
Olive Alfred S. Links
Oliver Theophilus Links
Oliver William Links
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Orde Frederick Links
Osgood Wilfred J Links
OToole Joseph Links
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Paddon Hubert A Links
Pallen John H. Links
Pallen Jos. B. Links
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Papineau Talbot Links
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Parks J Stanley Links
Parliament John Links
Parrott Reginald E. Links
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Parsons Frank V Links
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Partridge Chas G Links
Passmore Robert H Links
Patchell Charles Links
Paton Earnest Links
Patten Bertram B Links
Patterson Gordon H. Links
Patterson Wm E Links
Pattinson John L Links
Paul Napoleon Links
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Payne John A Links
Peacock Arthur F. Links
Pearce Russell S. Links
Pearson R. Thomas Links
Peet E. Sherman Links
Pelchat Louis Links
Pender John Links
Penhale Thomas Links
Penney Herbert S Links
Pentacost Albert Links
Pentland John A Links
Pepler Roger C Links
Perkins Frederick Links
Perkins Thomas Links
Perkins Walter Gladstone Links
Perry Thomas L Links
Peters Fred S. Links
Peters Henry E. Links
Peterson Frank Links
Peterson Gilbert Links
Petty Gertrude Links
Phillips Roscoe L. Links
Piche James Links
Piche Randolph Links
Pick Peter W Links
Pickard Cecil Links
Pickard Robin Links
Pickett James Links
Pierpoint Lionel Mervin Links
Pinch Arthur Links
Pineo Randall Links
Pinette Joseph Links
Pinkerton Edward Links
Piper Fred C Links
Pipher Ross Links
Pirie Golden Links
Pirie Gordon M. Links
Pitra William B Links
Planch Norman Links
Plet Arthur Links
Ploethner William Links
Plowman Frederick Links
Plows Fredk T. Jr. Links
Pocha Roderick J. Links
Poirier Omer Links
Poirier Philias Links
Pollock William John Links
Polly Eddie H Links
Pond Ora Links
Pook Edward Links
Pook Frances Links
Pope Harry S. Links
Porteous Robert M. Links
Porter James Links
Post Bertie N. Links
Post William Links
Potvin Victor Links
Powell Alan Links
Powless David J. Links
Prefontaine Aurèle Links
Prentice Wilbert Alex Links
Preston William Links
Price George Links
Price Nelson Links
Primeau Bernadotte Links
Prince Albert Links
Proctor John A. Links
Proudfoot Earl G Links
Proudfoot William C Links
Proudlove Plenydd C Links
Pruden Howard A Links
Pue William H. Links
Qua Arthur H. Links
Quackenbush Hubert A. Links
Quackenbush Jacob Links
Quail Charles H. Links
Quickfall Harvey E Links
Quirt Albert Links
Racette Jean Baptiste Links
Rae Allan Links
Rainey John E. Links
Rainsbottom Earle Links
Rainsbottom Edward Links
Ralston James A. Links
Ramsay William Links
Ramsdell John L. Links
Ramsey John S Links
Ramsey Joseph Links
Rankin Cornelius Links
Raper Thomas B. Links
Rattigan Patrick Links
Raymond Alexande Links
Raynor W. Joseph Links
Read George D. Links
Read Harris G. Links
Reading Allen Links
Reardon Blake Links
Reddock Samuel A Links
Redford James D. Links
Reed Trenholm Links
Reeve Russell R. Links
Regan Samuel Links
Reid Ellsworth Links
Reid James D. Links
Reid S. Leslie Links
Reid Wilfrid Links
Renolds Joseph W. Links
Reynolds Arthur Links
Reynolds Arthur S Links
Reynolds Stanley G Links
Reynolds William R Links
Reynor George T. Links
Rheaume Joseph Links
Rice Robert S Links
Richard Roger Links
Richards Ceacle Links
Richards William A. Links
Richardson Allan A, Links
Richardson George Links
Richardson Julius Links
Richardson S Samuel Links
Richmond Stanley B. Links
Ridout Vincent Links
Ridout Walter Links
Rigler Joseph Links
Ringlar William J Links
Ritchie Thomas F. Links
Rivers John P. Links
Roach A. William Links
Roach Charles W Links
Roach Donald J. Links
Robbins Valentine Links
Roberts Harold P. Links
Robertson Arthur Links
Robertson Ian Links
Robertson John W. Links
Robertson Norman Links
Robertson Struan G. Links
Robertson William Links
Robillard Matte Links
Robinson David Links
Robinson Howard C Links
Robinson Walter Links
Robinson William Links
Rodgers William J Links
Rogers Alan Links
Rogers Bliss H. Links
Rogers Garfield A Links
Rogers John Links
Roi Albert Links
Roscoe Albert E. Links
Rose Gaston Links
Ross Angus C. Links
Ross Benjamin S. Links
Ross Clarence J. Links
Ross Donald Links
Ross Elsie G. Links
Ross Gertrude B. Links
Ross James L Links
Rough Douglas Links
Rourke Malcolm W. Links
Rowe Wilbert John Links
Roy Adolphe V. Links
Royds Nowell B. Links
Rumney Jos. Henry Links
Ruston Albert W. Links
Ruth Percy Links
Ryan Gordon Links
Ryde Herbert J Links
Ryde William H Links
Ryder Edward J Links
Ryerson George E Links
Rymal Wm A C Links
Sait Edwin Links
Sale Charles Links
Sample Stanley Links
Sample Stanley Links
Sampson Mary B Links
Samson Emile Links
Sangster Edgar C. Links
Sarel Charles Links
Sarel Ian Links
Sargent Charles Links
Saul A. George Links
Saunders Ray Links
Saunders Thomas Links
Savage James Links
Savage Sanford C. Links
Sawers Owen Links
Sawyer Ernest Links
Saxby Albert Links
Saywer Harold Links
Schiltiroch William Links
Schingh Joseph S Links
Schofield Edgar L Links
Schubert Bertie Links
Sclater Arthur N. Links
Scott Earle W. Links
Scott Frank Links
Scott Henry H Links
Scott Howard Links
Scott John Links
Scott William G. Links
Sedger Cyril Links
Sedgwick John L Links
Seeley Launcelot E Links
Seeley Leslie G Links
Seely Ruben Links
Sellon Charles Links
Severs Ernest C. Links
Seymour Charles E. Links
Shangrow Lawrence Links
Sharp Samuel Links
Sharpe Lorne S. Links
Shaughnessy Alfred Links
Shaughnessy Harold Links
Shaw Alexander Links
Shaw Alfred Links
Shaw Allan C. Links
Shaw Darius Peter Links
Shaw Ernest Links
Shaw Hugh Links
Shearman Harold L. Links
Sheriff Lorne Links
Sherritt Alfred Links
Shields Lawrence Links
Shilington Adam T Links
Shipton Joseph C Links
Shires Joseph Links
Shuter Hugh Links
Sibbald William A. Links
Sifton Ellis W Links
Sigurdson Hjalmar S Links
Sigurdson Holm S Links
Silver Arthur Links
Silversides Gordon S. Links
Silvester Charlie Links
Simmons George Links
Simms Alex Links
Simms William Links
Sinclair Archie H. Links
Sinclair Harold Links
Sisley Arthur J.S. Links
Sisley Donovan L. Links
Sisley Frederick Links
Skeaff John M. Links
Skimin Walter M. Links
Slack Dellmer Links
Slauenwhite Charles Links
Sloat Nile Links
Smith Clare Links
Smith George D Links
Smith Goldwin Links
Smith Harold P. Links
Smith J William Links
Smith Kenneth M. Links
Smith Randolph R. Links
Smith Reginald A. Links
Smith Thomas E. Links
Smith Vernon Links
Smither Russell H. Links
Smithers Clarance M Links
Smithrim Charles H Links
Smoll Lamert Links
Smyth George C Links
Snelgrove Robert Links
Snowdon Obediah Links
Snyder Valentine Links
Snyder Walter C Links
Somerville Cecil Links
Sonheim Ludwig Links
Soucy Andrew Links
Spalding Eric T. Links
Sparks Douglas Links
Speakman Joseph H Links
Spence Lyell Links
Spence Robert Links
Spencer Hugh Links
Spencer Kenneth M. Links
Spencer William Links
Spicer Harry Links
Spier Harold Links
Sprat William Links
Sproule Hugh Links
Squires Gordon Links
St. Pierre Ildège Links
Stacey Frederick Links
Stairs Gavin Links
Stairs George Links
Stairs Graham Links
Stamers Annie Links
Stamp Edgar Links
Stamp Herbert Links
Statia Harold E Links
Steenburgh James S. Links
Stephens Frank Chattam Links
Stephens Roy G. Links
Stephenson Thomas Links
Sterling Charles Links
Steshart Meno Links
Stevens David V.V. Links
Stewart Charles J. T. Links
Stewart Norman Links
Stobo Robert Links
Stoddart Daniel Links
Stone Amos Links
Stonehouse John Links
Storing William A Links
Stothers Walter Links
Stoutley Ralph Links
Strang John C Links
Strathearn Walter Links
Street Charles Links
Street Herbert Links
Strickland Jerald Links
Strickland Leland D. a. Links
Stringer Charles R Links
Stringer Joseph Links
Strong E. Herman Links
Studley Enoch Links
Sudderlay Mason Links
Summer Ira W. Links
Summerscales Robert W. Links
Sutherland G. James Links
Swait Fred C. Links
Swartman Norman Links
Swayze Clark Links
Sweet Edward Links
Sweet Ralph Links
Sweetman Roy Links
Swift Thomas L. Links
Sykes Gordon Links
Tait Frank Links
Tanner Willie Links
Tappendon James Links
Tassé Rodolphe Links
Taverner John J. Links
Taylor Elmer Links
Taylor Harold Links
Taylor John H Links
Taylor Nelson C. Links
Taylor Richard Links
Taylor Ross M Links
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Teed Daniel L. Links
Teed Hugh M. Links
Tellier Fredric R. Links
Temple Robert H Links
Templeton Archibald Links
Templeton Jennie Links
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Terry George E. Links
Teskey James E Links
Tessier Arthur Links
Thauvette Josephus Links
Thériault Cagetend Links
Thériault Edmond Links
Theriault Jean Links
Thériault Joseph Fred Links
Thimot Odelfis Links
Thomas Albert E. Links
Thomas Clemie Links
Thompson Cyril Links
Thompson James J.L. Links
Thompson Joshua Links
Thompson Robert Links
Thomson Basil E Links
Thomson Harold Links
Thomson Murray G. Links
Thomson Wm Links
Thoraldson Walter Links
Tinling Burnaby Links
Tinling George Links
Tobico Robert Links
Tobicoe Maxwell Links
Tole Bruce T Links
Tolton Harold Links
Toms Willie Links
Tory Charles Howard Links
Totty Alfred Clinton Links
Touchette Willard Links
Towell George J. Links
Tower Leonard B. Links
Train Clarence Links
Tranter W. V. Links
Travis Wallace Links
Treen Robert Links
Treleaven Norman C. Links
Trent Robins Links
Truesdale Alice Links
Trull Bert Links
Truss Peter G. Links
Truthwaite Victor H Links
Tuck Harry M. Links
Tuffts Gorman Links
Tufts Arthur Z. Links
Tufts Gordon Links
Tufts Ray Links
Tunstall Marmaduke Links
Tunstead William Links
Tupper Grant Links
Turnball Kenneth Links
Turnbull Reginald D Links
Tuttle Ernest Links
Tuttle Robert Links
Tyerman Cecil Links
Tyner John W.R. Links
Tyreman Thos Links
Uloth Albert Links
Urie William W Links
Urquhart Allan Links
Urquhart John R. Links
Valyear Peter Links
VanEvery William Links
Vankleek S. Bruce Links
VanKoughnet Norman Links
Varcoe Thomas R. Links
Varin Homer G. Links
Vicaire John Links
Vidal Richard Links
Vigneault Theophile Links
Vincent David Links
Vincent Norman Links
Vollrath Will Links
Vrooman Oswald Links
Wabb Robert H J Links
Waite William H Links
Wake Gladys M. Links
Waldie Charles P. Links
Waldie Walter S. Links
Walker Fredrick Links
Walker Joseph Links
Walker Joshua Links
Wallace Percy E. D. Links
Waller Charles H V Links
Walley Percy Links
Walmsley Adolphe Links
Walsh Edgar W Links
Walsh John P. Links
Walterhouse Bert Links
Walton Hudson Links
Walton William Links
Wamslay Richard Links
Wanamaker Fredrick P Links
Wand Howard Links
Ward Arlington Links
Wardle C. Arthur Links
Wark Lawrence L Links
Warminton John Links
Warn Lancelot R. Links
Warner Dexter Links
Warr Arthur Links
Warren Trumbull Links
Warwick E. Charles Links
Washington Hubert H Links
Waters William Links
Waterston Douglas Links
Watson Albert Links
Watson George Links
Watson Gilbert H. Links
Watson Harold O. Links
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Watt Donald Links
Watt Richard N. Links
Watt Wm. L. Links
Weathups Harold Links
Weaver Gordon Links
Weber George Links
Wedlock Richard Links
Weegar Adrian E. Links
Wein David Links
Weir Douglas Links
Weir Elgan Links
Weir Noble A Links
Weir Ormond L. Links
Weir Ormond L. Links
Weldon Medley B. Links
Weller Clarence V. Links
Wells W. Brock Links
Welsh Charles Links
Welsh Henry Links
Wendt Charlie Links
Wentzel Evert Links
Wentzel Joseph Links
Wentzell Arthur Links
Wentzell George Links
West Arthur Links
West Gordon B. Links
West James W Links
West Luis E Links
Westlake Samuel J Links
Wharton James Links
Wheeler Elwin Links
Wheeler Fredric G Links
Whelan George K. Links
Whetter Richard Links
White George Links
White John B Links
Whitehead Ward Links
Whybra Harold Links
Whyte Cecil B Links
Wile Regie Links
Wiley John A. Links
Wilford Hugh D Links
Wilgress George K.H. Links
Wilkie Albert H. Links
Wilkie Silias E Links
Wilkinson John Links
Wilks H. Links
Williams Edward Links
Williams Mary Links
Williams William Links
Williamson David A. Links
Willis Elmer Links
Willis Morris Links
Williscraft Blamer Links
Wilmot Eddie Links
Wilmot Norman Links
Wilson Carl Cecil Links
Wilson Davie Links
Wilson Douglas G. Links
Wilson Gilbert Links
Wilson Leslie Links
Wilson Ralph D. Links
Wilson William T Links
Wiman Leslie Links
Winacott Fredrick C. L Links
Windsor Harry E. Links
Wintemute Lansing Links
Wise Albert Links
Withrow William J Links
Wolfenden Frank Links
Wood Albert V Links
Wood Chester E. Links
Wood John Lyman Links
Wood Linden D Links
Wood Walter Links
Woodcock George F. Links
Woodgate James Links
Woodrow Gordon E. Links
Woodrow John L. Links
Woods Kenneth E. Links
Woods Mervin Links
Woodward Thomas Links
Woodworth Harvey Links
Woolsey William W Links
Worsfold Basil F. Links
Worthington Harold Links
Wright Christopher A. Links
Wright Clarence D Links
Wright Clark Links
Wright Gordon Links
Wright Harald H Links
Wright Herbert Charles Links
Wright Rolland Links
Wyatt George A. Links
Yandon Daniel W. Links
Yandon John E. Links
Yates Clifford Links
Yates Ernest Links
Yates H.B. Links
Yates James Jr Links
Yates William B. Links
Yeldon Willis Links
Yeo George E Links
Yeo Horace W Links
Yetts Joseph C. Links
Yorrick William H. Links
Young Edgar Links
Young Elsworth Links
Young Kenneth E Links
Young Leslie Links
Young Russell Links
Zaharia Simon Links
Zapfe August F. Links
Zavitz James E Links
Zegler Eric H Links
Zeiggel Louie Links
Zeron Dalton Links
Zettel Urban Links
Zettergreen Nels A Links
Zetterland John A. Links
Zetterman Alfred Links
Ziegler Milton Links
Zielie Ora L Links
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Zimmerman Lennard Links
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Adams Frederick Links
Adams Jack Links
Adams John Links
Adams Merton Links
Adamson Bertram Links
Adie Henry Links
Ager? George Samuel Links
Agnew Ross Links
Ahmed Albert Links
Aishford Henry Philip Links
Aitcheson David L. Links
Albrecht Oscar Links
Alcock Wilford Links
Aldred Douglas Links
Alexander Fredrick Links
Alexander James Links
Alguire Wesley Links
Allaby Handford S. Links
Allaby Haritt Links
Allaby Percy Links
Allan Austin Links
Allan James Links
Allan William Links
Allan William Ellis Links
Allbright George Links
Allbright Harry Links
Allen Linal(?) Links
Allen Spencer Links
Allingham Joseph Links
Allison Oliver Links
Almon Ralph Links
Alport Jean Links
Altman Gilbert F Links
Alward Frank C W Links
Anderson Henry J. Links
Anderson Lorne P Links
Anderson Roy Links
Anderson William A Links
Andrews Fredrick C. Links
Andrews Gerald Links
Angel Manley Links
Annandale Thomas S Links
Anthony Addison Links
Anthony Wesley Links
Apps John Links
Arcand Ernest Links
Archer Mathew Links
Armstrong Francis Links
Armstrong Francis Links
Armstrong Hilliard Links
Armstrong Lawrence Links
Armstrong S H Links
Armstrong Thomas J. Links
Armstrong Wm E Links
Arnold Alvin R. McK. Links
Arnold Frank Links
Arnold Oliver Links
Asham Gilbert? Links
Ashcroft Edward Links
Ashcroft Lanccelot Links
Ashley Bernard Links
Atkinson Freeman Links
Atkinson Henry D. Links
Atwell Aubry Links
Atwood Allison Links
Aubin Napoléon Links
Auchincloss Thomas Links
Aucoin Didié Links
AuCoin Guillaume Links
Aucoin Patrick Links
AuCoin Pelite Links
Audy Cleophas Links
Auger Fortuna Links
Avon Jamey? Links
Aylwin Arthur Links
Ayotte Auvila Links
Babcock Andrew Links
Babcock Thomas Links
Bach Lambert Links
Badger John Links
Baggott Horace Links
Bailey Anthony M. Links
Bailey Frederick Links
Baird Frank Links
Baird James Links
Baker Charles Links
Baker Cyril A Links
Baker Herbert S. Links
Baker Miriam Links
Ball Albert Ransome Links
Balmer Lorne Wm Links
Balsdon Leslie Links
Balser William Links
Banbury Lyod A Links
Banister William P. Links
Bannerman David Geo. Links
Barie Eugene Links
Barlee Roland Finch Hatton Links
Barnard Aurthur Links
Barnes Albert Links
Barnes Albert Links
Barnes Peter Links
Barnhart Harry Links
Barr Henry Links
Barr Herbert Links
Barret James Links
Barrett Edisforth J.R. Links
Barrett John Links
Barron Harry Links
Bastedo Alfred Links
Bastedo Roy Links
Bateman Reginald Links
Bates Douglas Links
Baugh Charles Links
Beamish Herbert Mellville Links
Beard? Archie W. Links
Beaton Willie Links
Beaupré Auguste Links
Beaver Austin Links
Beaver Austin Links
Bechill Cecil C Links
Beck Harray Links
Beckerstaff Herbert Links
Becket Oliver Links
Beckett Gorden Links
Begg James Links
Belair Frederick Links
Belfry Elwood Links
Belfry George W Links
Bell Alexander Links
Bell Regnald Links
Bell-Irving Roderick Links
Bellefeuille Pierre Links
Bemister Brier Links
Bennett Cecil Links
Bennett Cecil Links
Bennett Robert J. Links
Benoit Albert Links
Berhoe Richard Links
Berry Ian Links
Bertain Henry Links
Bertram Jamie Links
Best Charlie Links
Betts William Links
Bicknell Frank Links
Biffin Edouard Links
Biggar Edward J. Links
Billen Philippe A. Links
Binette Paul Links
Binkley Basil W Links
Bird Andrew Links
Bird George Morton Links
Bird Thomas Links
Black Thomas Links
Blackader Gordon Links
Blackburn Alf Links
Blackwood A. Hartley Links
Blades Alvin Links
Blair Donald Links
Blair Harry K. Links
Blair Stewart Links
Blake Hebert Links
Blakely John Links
Bleakley Fred C Links
Bleakney Ronald Links
Blizzard Leonard Links
Blood Albert Mountain Horse Links
Bloom Alford Links
Bloxam George B. Links
Bloxom Percival Links
Bloxom William Links
Blundy Isidor Links
Body Charles Links
Boger Otway Links
Bogert Victor Links
Bond Arthur Links
Bonnell Amos Links
Boorne George B Links
Borman George Links
Borrow Joseph Links
Botham Thomas C Links
Bouchard Harry Links
Bouchard Ralph Links
Boucher Arsène Links
Bouckland Arthur Links
Boulanger Alfred Links
Bourgeois George Links
Bourrie Napoleon Links
Bousquet Narcisse Links
Bower Albert Links
Bowes Donald Clifford Links
Bowes James Links
Bowron Walter Links
Boxall Harry Links
Boyce Christopher Links
Boyce William Links
Boyd Archibald A. Links
Boyd Harold Links
Boyd Robert Links
Boyle Hugh F Links
Bracey Edward Links
Bradley John P Links
Bradshaw George Links
Bramley Percy Links
Brant Cameron Links
Braund Robert Links
Bray Robert Links
Brethour Oscar Links
Brett Wesley Links
Brewster Raymond Links
Briebois John Links
Brigden Ernest Links
Briggs Thomas L. Links
Brister Burte Links
Britton John Alfred Links
Broad Loran L Links
Broad Percy T Links
Broadfoot Daniel Links
Brocket Fred Links
Brodie Roy Links
Brook Edgar Wm Links
Brooker Sephen Links
Brookfield Andrew Links
Brophy Francis L Links
Brophy John Links
Brough John Links
Brown Albert Harris Links
Brown Bernard Links
Brown Christopher Links
Brown Claude Links
Brown Louise Irene Links
Brown Roy Links
Brummell Robert Bruce Links
Bryant William Links
Bryden Thomas H Links
Buchanan Fitz-Herbert P Links
Buchanan Reber Links
Buchanan Victor Links
Buck Jack Links
Buckingham James Links
Buckland Frederick Links
Buckler John M Links
Bunnell George A. Links
Burden Thomas J Links
Burges Robert Links
Burke Cecil P Links
Burke Harry L. Links
Burnett Peter Links
Burns Wallace H. Links
Burt Samuel Links
Burton Arthur Links
Bury Harry Links
Bushell James Links
Buswell George Links
Butler Edward Links
Cade Gurge Links
Cairns Hugh Links
Caldwell David J. Links
Caley Alfred Links
Calkin Hinson Links
Cameron Allen Links
Cameron Eli Links
Cameron Harold Links
Cameron Hector M Links
Camorandier Wilfred Links
Campbell Alexander Links
Campbell Christine(?) Links
Campbell Fredrick Links
Campbell Glenlyon Links
Campbell Harold Links
Cann Malcolm Links
Capel William Links
Carbert Charles Links
Carleton Clarence D Links
Carleton Lorne J Links
Carley Harry Links
Carr Charles Links
Carr Frederick G. Links
Carr John A. Links
Carroll Peter J Links
Carter Albert Links
Carter Clyde Links
Carter F. Earnest Links
Carter John N. Links
Carter Leonard B. Links
Carton Clarence .A Links
Cartwright Thos Links
Cartwright William Links
Casey Leon M. Links
Cass Douglass Links
Castle Harold G. Links
Cathcarte ??rant Links
Cattle Edward Links
Cerswell Gordon L Links
Chambers Wallace T Links
Chamney Clarkson Links
Chandler Samuel Links
Chant Joseph R Links
Chantler Clarence Links
Chapman Daniel Links
Chapman Guy Links
Charlebois Ilaire Links
Charman George Links
Chase Hartley Links
Checkley Albert Links
Cheer Gordon Links
Cheer Russell Links
Chenier Oliver Links
Childs Frank Links
Chisholm William A. Links
Chrétien Sylvio Links
Chrismas Arthur Links
Clairmont Charles Links
Clark Biern?? A. Links
Clark George Links
Clark Paul Links
Clarke Lionel B Links
Clarke Murdock A. Links
Clarkson Tom(?) Links
Clause Isaac Links
Cleaver Earnest T Links
Clement James A Links
Cole Alexander Links
Cole Blair Links
Cole Edward Links
Cole Frederick Mindan Links
Cole Henry Links
Cole John Links
Coleman Henry W. Links
Coleman William R. Links
Collings Walter Links
Collings Walter Links
Collins Edward Links
Collins John D Links
Collins Wilfred Links
Colpitts Clark Links
Compte Gustave Links
Connor Charles W Links
Constant Charles T. Links
Cook Edgar Links
Cope Sidney Links
Copeland George Albert Links
Coram Thomas L. Links
Corbeil Aimie Links
Corbeil Fréderic Links
Corbett Hilbret S Links
Corbett Vaughn Links
Corbett Wm Lorne Links
Corney Frederick William Links
Corridan Edmund Links
Corrin Edward S. Links
Cosby Walter Links
Cosgrove Albert Links
Cossar Ralph Links
Cossmann Charles E Links
Costello Robert Links
Costello Rupert Edw (?) Links
Couch Stanley Links
Coulson Clifford Links
Coulter John Links
Cousins Albert Links
Cowie John Links
Cox Arthur Links
Cox Herbert Links
Cox John Links
Craig Charles Links
Crawford Charles Links
Crawford William E Links
Creighton Arthur Links
Crewe Charles Links
Crighton Maurice Links
Croak John Links
Croft Hillburt Links
Crofts Frederick Links
Cronk Stanley Links
Crosby Keith Links
Cross Daniel Links
Cross Samuel A. Links
Crowell Leonard Links
Crowther Wm Jr. Links
Crozier Dan E. Links
Crozier Milton C. Links
Crozier William Links
Cudmore William Links
Cull Arthur Links
Cumming Duncan Links
Cummins Chester F. Links
Cummins William K. Links
Cunningham Francis B. Links
Cunningham William B Links
Currie Perry Links
Curry Sydney Links
Curtin William Links
Curtis Leslie W. Links
Da?v Alfred Links
Dahl Henry Alexander Links
Dainton William Henry Links
Dalgas Agner Links
Dalgety George Links
Danford John A. Links
Daniel Charles T. Links
Dargavel Willie Links
Davey Ernest Links
Davey Ernest E Links
Davidson Allan Links
Davidson Amelia Links
Davidson Archibald Links
Davis German Campbell Links
Dawson Wilfred D. Links
Day Calvan W Links
Day Harrold Links
Day William ?. Links
Dayton Ernst Perdue Links
Dee Thomas Links
DeLaGorgendiere Regie Links
Delagorgendiere Regis Links
Delaney Edmond Links
Delaney George Links
Delaney Hiram Links
Delaney Mark Links
Delisle Leopold Links
Denford William Links
Denison Egerton Links
Dennee Ernest Links
Dennistoun John Romain Links
Deroches Vital Links
Dickens Harold Links
Diffey Herbert E. Links
Dillon William Links
Dingwall McLearn Links
Dixon Frank Links
Dixon Henry Links
Dixon James Links
Dixon Theo. W Links
Dobie Fred Links
Dodds Gordon Links
Doheny John E. Links
Dolter Leo Links
Domville William K Links
Donaldson James Links
Donattelli Antonio Links
Donnelly Howard Links
Donnelly Orvil Links
Donnelly William Links
Donor (?) Gordon Links
Doolittle Jay Miller Links
Dougherty Leland Links
Dougherty Nathan Links
Douglas John S. Links
Douse Gordon Links
Douse Henry C. Links
Douse John H. Links
Downie Kenneth Links
Downing Nicolas Links
Doxsee Arthur Links
Doyle Nelson Links
Draper Franklin Links
Draper Samuel Links
Drew Sydney S Links
Drummond Grey Links
Drummond Kevin S. Links
Drummond-Hay Eric Links
Dubois Omer Links
Ducharme Albert Links
Duckhous Stephen Links
Dufe_ _ _ William Earle Links
Duff G. Clark Links
Duff Hew R. Links
Dugan Leonox Links
Duke ? H. Links
Duke Gordon Links
Dummitt Charles Links
Duncan Charles Links
Duncan James Links
Duncan Robert Lionel Links
Duncan Sydney J. Links
Dunford Andrew Links
Dusang Allan A Links
Dusseault Alexina Links
Duxbury Bruce Links
Dyer Charles Links
Dyer Thomas Links
Dymond Walter Links
Eadie Shaver Links
East Benjamin Links
East Thomas Raymond Links
Easterman H Sidney Links
Eastlake Charles Links
Eastman Edwin Links
Eaton Judson W. Links
Edmonds Harry Links
Edwards Samuel Links
Edwards Thomas Links
Eirikson Sigurdur Links
Elliot George Links
Ellis Martin L Links
Elson Charles Links
Embury Charles Links
Emmans Walter Links
Enkel Alfred Links
Enman Wellington Links
Essay Thomas Links
Esslemont William Links
Evans D. Links
Evans David A. Links
Evans Ernest F Links
Evans Hebert Links
Evans Kingsley A Links
Fader George Links
Faggetter Henry Links
Falconer Robert Links
Falkiner George Links
Fanning William Links
Farmer Allan Links
Fawcett Charles D. Links
Fay Bertram Links
Febby Edward E. Links
Fellingham Frank Links
Ferguson James Andrew Links
Ferguson Thomas Links
Feton George F. Links
Fidler Edwin Links
Fidler Henry Links
Fish Reuben J. Links
Fisher Fred Links
Fisher Henery Links
Fisher Henry R Links
Fisher Herbert Courtny Links
Fisher Sydney John Links
Flannigan Thomas Links
Fletcher Harold Links
Fletcher Herbert Links
Flowerday Charles Links
Flowers Gordon Links
Folland James W. Links
Forbes Wm Links
Ford Charles Edward Links
Ford Fredrick Links
Forest Henry Links
Forest Leonard Links
Forsythe Charlie Links
Foster Thomas Links
Fowler Hamilton Gordon Links
Fowler Roy B Links
Fowler William R. Links
Frame Wm. L. Links
Franks ? Norman Links
Fraser William Robert Links
Freeman Enoch Links
Freeman Eric Links
Freeman Harold Links
Freeman Reginald Morse Links
Fright Edward Links
Fryer Joseph Links
Fugère Donat Links
Fulton F Links
Fulton F Links
Fulton G Links
Fulton G Links
Fulton J.T Links
Fulton J.T Links
Fulton L.A. Links
Fulton L.A. Links
Fulton Raymond Links
Furby Hubert Links
Furze Ermest James Links
Fyche Francis Links
Gage George Links
Gallinger Carmon Links
Gallinger Kinneth Links
Galpin Ralph Links
Gamble James Links
Garber Clarence Links
Garber? Garnet Links
Gardiner Atwood Links
Garlow James Links
Garton Thomas Links
Garvie Edward Links
Gass Blanchard Links
Gass Laurence Links
Gaudet Glendin Links
Gaudin ? E. Links
Gauthier Ferdinand Links
Gerbig John Links
Gerrand Thomas Links
Gibault Paul Links
Gibbard Arthur Links
Gibson Loren P.K. Links
Gillespie Charlie Dugald Links
Gillespie Francis Links
Gillis Mertam Links
Gilly George Links
Gilmour Allan Links
Gittins Norman J Links
Glass Frederick Links
Glazebrook Stanley Links
Gliddon Clarence Links
Glosser? Henry R Links
Goldsmith John Links
Gorden David Links
Gordon Albert Links
Gordon Thomas S. Links
Gordon William Links
Goudie James Links
Gould Norman Links
Goulet Adjutor Links
Graham Duncan W Links
Graham Edgar Links
Grant Enos Links
Grant Oswald W Links
Gray Allan Links
Gray Edward Links
Gray George S Links
Greaves Henry P Links
Greenley Earnest Links
Greenwood Hilbert Links
Gregory Richard Links
Grenkie Herman Links
Griffith Walter Links
Grout Edward Links
Guay Arthur Links
Gulliver Alic Links
Gulliver Warren Links
Gunnis Victor N. Links
Guysburger John Links
Hackland William Gilbert Links
Halcrow William Links
Hall Edwin Links
Hallett Edwin Bryant Links
Hamilton Allan Mc Links
Hamilton Andrew Links
Hamilton Edward Links
Hamilton James Links
Hamilton John Links
Hamilton Laines(?) Links
Hamilton Percy Links
Hamilton William Links
Hanley George T Links
Hanson Hedley Links
Hards Brian Links
Hardy Joseph Links
Harpour Stanley Links
Harris John Links
Harris Simon P. Links
Harrison C. Dyne Links
Harrison Harvey Links
Harrison Percy Links
Hart Anthony Links
Hart Anthony Links
Harwood William Links
Hasman Edward P. Links
Hasted Thomas Links
Hastings Ernest Links
Hatfield Arthur Links
Hayes Herbert Links
Hayman Arthur Links
Haynes William Links
Heal Frederick G. ? Links
Heather Malcolm Links
Hemming Thomas A D Links
Henderson George J Links
Henderson John Crowla Links
Henderson Leeward I. Links
Henderson Stanley E Links
Heney John B.L. Links
Henry Alexander B Links
Henshaw Frederick Links
Henshaw Willis Links
Herald Ralph E Links
Herman Teddie Links
Hermary Celestin Links
Hern Loftus Links
Heron James Links
Heron Robt. Links
Heron William Links
Herren Arther Links
Herrington Orvel Links
Herron Peter Links
Herron William Links
Hertzberg Charles Links
Hewlett Raymond Links
Hickey Allan H. Links
Hickman John F Links
Hildred John Links
Hill Charles William Links
Hill John Links
Hill John E Links
Hill Percy Links
Hill William Earl Links
Hilson Fred Links
Hilts Walter Links
Hirman Ross Links
Hjorleifsson Gunnlaugur Links
Hobbs Thomas Links
Hobden Milton Links
Hobden Rosa Links
Hobson Frederick J Links
Hodgson James Links
Hodgson Sidney Links
Hodgson Sydney J Links
Hogg Oliver M Links
Holmden George Links
Holroyd Dell Links
Honey George F Links
Honey S Lewis Links
Hooker Leon Alvord Links
Hooper Earnest Links
Hopwood Clarence A W Links
Horton Christopher Links
Hoskins John Edward Links
Hotrum Louis Links
Houstan William D. Links
Houston John Links
Howatson David Links
Howell Thomas Links
Hron? Harry Links
Huar? Percy Links
Hubley Harold Links
Hughes Chestr Links
Hughes Percy Links
Humphreys Edward Links
Humphreys Roger Links
Hunt Arthur Links
Hunt Frank Links
Hunt John Links
Hunter Herbert W. Links
Hunter Kenneth L. Links
Hunter Rufus O Links
Hunter Wray F. Links
Hurd William Links
Hurley Oscar Links
Hutton Peter Links
Hyatt George Links
Hyde William Links
Ibbotson Robert Links
Iliff Thomas Charles Links
Iliff William M Links
Ingall's Allen Grannis Links
Ingersoll Ralph Links
Ingle Greville Links
Irvin Archie Links
Irvin Arthur Links
Irving Andrew Links
Irving W. A. Links
Irving William A Links
Irwin Sherman Links
Isaac Jacob Links
Isabelle Ulric Links
Ivans Chas J Links
Ivens John Links
Jackson Alfred Junr. Links
Jackson John E. Links
Jackson Thomas F Links
Jacob Reginald Links
Jagges Herbert Links
Jagges Louis Links
Jago Charles Links
Jaques Maurice Links
Jarrett Robert Links
Jart Arthur Links
Jarvis William D.P. Links
Jeffrey Amos Links
Jessett Percy Robert Thomas Links
Jesso William Links
Johanneson Pall Links
Johnson Albert Eden Links
Johnson Edward Links
Johnson Harry Links
Johnson William L Links
Johnston Bruce Links
Johnston Carson Links
Johnston David Links
Johnston David Links
Johnston Frank Leslie Links
Johnstone James Links
Jones Samuel Links
Joslyn Herald Links
Joslyn Robert W Links
Journeaux Henery Links
Kane Thomas Links
Kealy Ida Links
Keary William O. Links
Keddie Oswald V. Links
Keeshig Rainey Links
Keitel John Links
Kelkeny John Links
Kelso William Links
Kendall Lorne E. Links
Kendall Noel Links
Kenisson Frank Links
Kennedy Harold William Links
Kerr Oscar Links
Kersey Herbert Links
Keting Daniel Links
Keys Tomas M. Links
Kidd John Links
Kilbourne Clinton M Links
Kilgour Gordon Links
Kilpatrick Thomas Melvale Links
King Bernard Links
King Frederick L. Links
King Wilfred Links
Kingsbury Lach??? J Links
Kirk Andrew Links
Kirk Henry D Links
Kirk Margaret Links
Kirkwood Rex Links
Kish Bert Links
Kitchen Frank Links
Kiyoshk Joseph Links
Klotz Herbert N. Links
Knowls Paulden Links
Kolesar Charley Links
Kolesar George Links
Kootenay Albert Links
Kruitzweiser Richard Edward Links
Lacasse Henrie Links
Lafave James Links
Lang Alvin Links
Langill Edward F. Links
Langill Roy Links
Langille Eben Links
Lapointe Guillaume Links
Laramie Albéric Links
Larmer Herbert Links
Latchford John C Links
Latimer Gerald Links
Lau Frank O. Links
Lau John Links
Lavoie Edmond Links
Lawless Thomas Links
Lawson William A. Links
Leach Kenneth Links
Leamy Hubert Links
Learmont Okill Links
Ledbetter Earnest Links
Ledgerwood Douglas Links
Ledgerwood George Links
Lees Edward Links
Leffler Raymond Links
Leigh Charles H. Links
Leith Lorne? Links
Lemesurier Garnet Links
Lemm Roderick Lionel Links
Lescarbeau Ulric Links
Lesley Arther Links
Lesley Dan? Links
Leveyie? Louis Links
Lewis John L Links
Lindner William Links
Lindsay Arthur Links
Lingford George Kenneth Links
Loane George Links
Lobban Edward A. Links
Lobban John Links
Lockman Lewis Links
London Samuel Links
Long Robert W.(?) Links
Long Russel Links
Loucks Roy Links
Lounsbury Albert Links
Lounsbury Wilfred S Links
Lovatt Charles Links
Lowther Charle Links
Loxley William Links
Lupian William Links
Lyall Richard Links
Lynds Barry Links
Lyness Thomas Links
Lyons Francis James Links
Macdonald Richard Links
MacDougall Harold V Links
Macfarlane John R. N. Links
MacKnight Thomas W F Links
Madill Ralph Links
Magee Arthur Links
Magee Grant Links
Magnone Marshal Links
Mahood Hubert J. Links
Mainwaring Loyd Links
Malpass Arnold V Links
Manderson William G. Links
Mann Charles Links
Manning Clarence Links
Manser Ada Links
Manser George A. Links
Mantle Fred Links
Marchant Charles Links
Marison James Links
Marr Arthur Links
Marshall Robert Adrian Links
Martin Basil Links
Martin Kenneth C. Links
Martin Walter J. Links
Mason William Harold Links
Massy Hugh Links
Matheson Campbell Links
Maundrell George Henry Links
May Archie F Links
May George J Links
May Mrs Emma B Links
Maynard Harry K. Links
Mazo Frank Links
McAllister Arther Links
McBeath Leigh Links
McCaffrey Terence Links
McCahon Charles Links
McCahon George Links
McCain Nelson Links
McCall Edward Links
McCallum James F Links
McCallum Jeffery Links
McCallum Mervin J. Links
McCarey Frank Links
McCarthy Daniel Joseph Links
McColl Bruce Links
McColl John Links
McConackie John Links
McCormick Robert Links
McCrae John Links
McCrimmon(?) Malcolm Links
McCuaig Howard Links
McCulloch Charles Links
McDermid Alfred Links
McDonald Daniel Links
McDonald John Links
McElhinney Joseph Links
McEvoy John H Links
McFadden Jesse H Links
McFadyen Alexander Links
McFadyen Roy Links
McGahey Joseph Edward Links
McGee Frank Links
McGorvan Frank Links
McGorvan Thomas Links
McGregor John Links
McGuinness Fred Links
McIntyre Donald J Links
McIntyre Mark Links
McIntyre William George Links
McKay Leslie Links
McKay Malclm Links
McKay William S. Links
McKee George Links
McKellar William Links
McKenne Adrian Links
McKenzie A. James Links
McKenzie Alister Links
McKenzie George Alex Links
McKenzie Hugh Links
McKinnon Angus J Links
McKinnon Frank Links
McKinnon Robert B Links
McKinnon William Links
McKnight Lockeley Links
McLaughlin Robert Links
Mclean Guy Links
McLean N. Clarence Links
McLean Rena M. Links
McLearn James Alexander Links
McLeish Alexander N. Links
McLennan Bartlett Links
McLeod Alan A Links
McLeod Murdoch Links
McMahon Michael Links
Mcmanus John Bernard Links
McMillan Charles Links
McMillan Ewen ( Edn. AB) Links
McMillan John Links
McMullin Joseph W. Links
McMurtry Eric Links
McNabb David Links
McNally Wallace Links
McNaught A. Claude Links
McNeill George Links
McPhail John Links
McPherson Agness Links
McPherson Donald Links
McQuoid Arnold Links
McRae William Gordon Links
McReegan James Links
McSween Rusell Links
Meek Herbert H. Links
Meikle William Links
Melling William Links
Mercer John Links
Mercer Robert Links
Merlin Edward Links
Mersereau George Links
Meyer H. F. Links
Michaelson R G Links
Micham William Links
Miles John L Links
Millair Normand Links
Millar Arthur F Links
Millecan Lindsay Links
Millen John E S Links
Miller Everett Links
Millions Cecil Links
Milne Clarance Links
Milne James Links
Milne William Links
Milton George Links
Minnagan? George Links
Mitchell Garnet L Links
Mitchell Gordon A? Links
Mitton Percy Links
Mix Robert Links
Moffatt Gordon Links
Moir Clifford J. Links
Moline Arthur Links
Mollard Hanson Links
Monck Ross Links
Montgomery Harold Links
Montroy Emill Links
Mooney Thomas Links
Moore Wilson Links
Morgan Albert N. Links
Morgan David Links
Morgan Henry Links
Morley Lehman Links
Morphy John M. Links
Morrison Ronald Links
Morton Gordon Links
Mortson? Percival Links
Mosher Charles R Links
Moss Clifford Links
Motion Tan P(?) Links
Mount Roy Wheeler Links
Mowbray Cyrel Links
Mowbray James E Links
Mudie Patrick Links
Muir George Links
Mullen Edger Links
Mullin Roy Links
Mumford Cecil Links
Munn Daniel Links
Munro Hugh Links
Murdoch Albert J. Links
Mures Edward W. Links
Murison Jamee Links
Murray Ivor Links
Murray James Links
Murray John Links
Murray John Kennedy Links
Myers John Jr Links
Nadjiwon Paul Links
Napier Earl Links
Napier John Links
Nass Stanley Links
Naylor Herbert V Links
Neal Arthur Links
Neelands Clifford A Links
Neilly Victor Earl Links
Neilly Wesley W. Links
Nelson Andrew Links
Nelson Harold Links
Nesbett Goldwin Links
Nesbitt Arthur G. Links
Nethercott Harold Links
Nevill Ralph Links
Newcomb Clyde Links
Newcomb Michael Jr. Links
Newcombe John Links
Newell Lawrence G. Links
Newman George Links
Newth Roland Links
Ney Mar?ha? Links
Nicholls Thomas Charles Links
Nichols Frank William Rodlfe Links
Nicholson Alex Links
Nicholson Lorancs W. Links
Nicholson Robert Links
Nickerson Walter Links
Nieforth Albert Links
Nightingale Wm Links
Noble Cecil St. Clair Links
Noles? Robert Links
Normand Narcisse Links
Norwest Henry Links
Nutter Lionel W. Links
Olive Alfred S Links
Olnee Allen Links
Olver Albert W. Links
Opperman Lawrence Links
Oshea William Links
Owen William O. Links
Packer George H Links
Packham Earl Links
Packham James Herbert Links
Pall James Links
Pallen John Links
Pallen Joseph Links
Palmer Homer Links
Parker Albert Links
Parker Stanley Links
Parks Cleveland Links
Parrott Reginald E Links
Parson Bernard Links
Partridge Charles Links
Patchell Charles A. Links
Patterson Theron Links
Patterson Willie Links
Pattison John G. Links
Paul Napoleon Links
Payne Harrold Links
Payne John Alexander Links
Peaker Cecil Links
Pearpoint Mervin Links
Pearson Roy Links
Pelchat Louis Links
Pemberton Links
Pentland John A. Links
Peplor Roger Links
Perkins Walter Links
Perry Thomas Links
Perry William Links
Peskitt Edward Links
Peters Fred S. Links
Petersen Gilbert Links
Peterson Herbert Links
Petterson Frank Links
Phfissenen James Links
Philips Rosko Links
Piché Arthur Links
Piché James Links
Piché Randolph Links
Pierie Go?die Links
Pilgrim John Links
Pinch Arthur Links
Pineo Randell Links
Pipher Ross Links
Plocas Fred Th????? Links
Ploethner William Links
Plowman Frederick Links
Pointer Stanley Links
Polleys Edward Links
Pond Ora Links
Poole Bruce Links
Porteous Robert Links
Post Burt Links
Post William Links
Potter Glen Links
Powell Eric James Links
Prefontaine Aurelle Links
Prentice Wilbert Links
Preston Eric Links
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