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Line Name Occupation Place of Birth Religion Residence if out of limits Age Sex
 1 Cloutier, Jos. Menuisier Quebec F Catholique   58 M
 2 Marois, Magd.   Canada F Catholique   59 1/2 F
3 Cloutier, Léon Charpentier Quebec F Catholique   24 M
4 Cloutier, Césarise   Quebec F Catholique   29 F
5 Cloutier, Célestin   Quebec F Catholique   17 M
 6 Martinau, Theo.   Canada F Catholique   70 F

Notes have been added to the following lines:
Line 1: Clouthier, J., carpenter, 42 DesPrairies, as per Marcotte directory 1852.
Line 2: Magdelaine Marois married to Joseph Cloutier in l'Ange-Gardien, as per BMS2000.

Alternate surnames have been suggested for the following lines:
Line 6: the enumerator recorded the surname as Martinau, a suggested alternative is Martineau
This note applies to this line only.
Sources supporting this alternate name are: Usual surname
This alternative name was suggested by: Michel Dubois

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