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1852 Census of Canada West (Ontario)
District 11 Grey (county)

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Subdistrict Schedule Link Description Info
84 Artemesia township A LAC Artemesia township
85 Bentick township A LAC Bentick township
86 Collingwood township A LAC Collingwood township
87 Derby township A LAC Derby township - includes sub-district 99 (Indian Territory) - Indian Territory north of township Derby
88 Egremont township A LAC Egremont township
89 Euphrasia township A LAC Euphrasia township
90 Glenelg township A LAC Glenelg township
91 Holland township A LAC Holland township
92 Melancthon includes sub-distri... A LAC Melancthon includes sub-district 95 (Proton)
93 Normanby township A LAC Normanby township
94 Osprey township A LAC Osprey township
95 Proton see sub-district 92 for... A LAC Proton see sub-district 92 for Melancthon
96 St. Vincent township A LAC St. Vincent township
97 Sullivan township A LAC Sullivan township
98 Sydenham township A LAC Sydenham township
99 Indian territory see sub-distr... A LAC Indian territory see sub-district 87 for Derby