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1852 Census of Canada East (Quebec)
District 1 Beauharnois (county)

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Subdistrict Schedule Link Description Info
1 St. Anicet parish A LAC St. Anicet parish
2 St. Régis mission A LAC St. Régis mission, includes the indian village of St. Regis and theMission of St. Regis with the exception of the Indian village of thesame
3 Elgin township A LAC Elgin township
5 Hinchinbrook township A LAC Hinchinbrook township
6 Huntingdon (village) village A LAC Huntingdon (village) village
7 St. Urbain parish A LAC St. Urbain parish
8 Godmanchester township A LAC Godmanchester township
9 St. Timothée parish A LAC St. Timothée parish, includes 1 island and 5 concessions
10 St. Clément parish A LAC St. Clément parish, includes concessions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and part of theCôté de la Beauce
12 Hemmingford township A LAC Hemmingford township
13 St. Louis de Gonzague parish A LAC St. Louis de Gonzague parish
14 St. Jean Chrysostôme parish A LAC St. Jean Chrysostôme parish
15 Russelltown township A LAC Russelltown township
16 St. Malachy parish [St. Malach... A LAC St. Malachy parish [St. Malachie]
17 Ste. Martine parish A LAC Ste. Martine parish, including one part of the north side of Beech Ridge -including the end of Beech Ridge and one part of the north side ofNorton Creek - including the end of Norton Creek and one part north ofthe Châteauguay river and one part south Ang