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1921: Trites, Alice age: 39 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (3/2) 9012M (Henry, Alice, Edith, Lloyd, Mamie, Wilma, Harris)

1921: Trites, Emily Ann age: 38 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (7/3) 12 (Irvin, Emily Ann, Rowland, Mina E, Henry, Clarence, Bulah, Ethel, Beatrice)

1921: Trites, Arthura age: 41 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (8/6) 012 (Rufus, Arthura, Rettia, Violala, Richard, Ellmore, Annie, Whilla, Lowell, Raymond)

1911: Trites, George A. age: 31 subdistrict: Salisbury Parish (83/35) 01 (Idolette, George A.)

1911: Trites, Bessie A. age: 33 subdistrict: Moncton (Spurgeon F., Bessie A., Joy L., C. LeRoy, Marjorie M.)

1911: Trites, Arthisa age: 30 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (124/26) 012 (Rufus, Arthisa, Rita, Viola, Richard, Elenor)

1911: Trites, Alice age: 29 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (130/26) 9012M (Henry, Alice, Estella)

1911: Trites, Emily A age: 28 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (56/26) 12 (Rowland, Maria E, Mabel P, Laura, Russell O, Irvin O, Emily A, Henry E, Clarence H)

1901: Trites, G. Allison age: 20 subdistrict: Salisbury (69/122) 01 (Idolette, G. Allison)

1901: Trites, M Alena age: 28 subdistrict: Moncton (City/Cite) (E James, Annie, M Alena, B Charles, Kate, W Gorden, Catherine, Laurie)

1901: Trites, Abram S age: 23 subdistrict: Moncton (8/19) 890 (Chipman, Martha, Caroline, Solomon, Abram S, Annie E, Lenord T, James J)

1901: Trites, Evelyn A age: 21 subdistrict: Moncton (9/19) 01 (Oscar H, Evelyn A, Walton S, Laura S)

1901: Trites, Maggie A age: 23 subdistrict: Moncton (33/19) 8901* (Charles, Rosannah, Maggie A, Maye, Dora C, Heretta)

1901: Trites, Arthusa age: 20 subdistrict: Moncton (53/19) 012 (Rufus, Arthusa, Reta S)

1901: Trites, Bessie A age: 20 subdistrict: Moncton (John S, Emily A, Bessie A, Louise C)

1891: Trites, Andrew R age: 18 subdistrict: Moncton Parish D-2 (132/2) 89 (Howard, Priscilla, Alfred, Andrew R, Florence K, Felicia)

1891: Trites, Abram age: 13 subdistrict: Moncton Parish D-2 (203/2) 890 (Chipman, Martha, Moses, Caroline, Solomon, Abram, Annie, Leonard, James)

1891: Trites, Maggie age: 13 subdistrict: Moncton Parish D-2 (206/2) 8901* (Charles, Rozanna, Maggie, Ella M, Dora C)

1881: Trites, Andrew age: 8 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-2 (173/2) 89 (Howard, Pricilia, Abner, Alfred, Allison, Arthur, Florence, Felicia, Andrew)

1881: Trites, Abram age: 3 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-2 (238/2) 890 (Chipman, Martha, Moses, Caroline, Chipman, Solomon, Abram)

1881: Trites, Maggie A age: 3 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-2 (244/2) 8901* (Charles, Rosanna, Maggie A, Matilda)

Too young to appear in 1871 and earlier censuses.

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