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1911: Trites, George B age: 52 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (27/27) 8901* (George B, Heneretta, Geo A, Harry L, Emma A, William, Charly B, Herbert C, Beulah C)

1901: Trites, George B age: 42 subdistrict: Moncton (21/186) 8901* (George B, Heneretta, Danil R, Bella M, Josephin G, Mary J, Buel C, George A)

1891: Trites, George age: 31 subdistrict: Moncton Parish D-3 (165/3) 8901* (George, HeneryEtta, Daniel, Bella M)

1881: Trites, George age: 17 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-2 (235/2) 78 (Martha, Harmon, Johnithan, Freeman, George, Colin, Ezra)

1881: Trites, George age: 22 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-1 (298/1) 8901* (Lizzie, Ruben, Marianne, Letecia, George, Jacob, Charlotte, Hattie, Emma, Mary)

1871: Trites, George age: 8 subdistrict: Moncton (87/4) 78 (Martha, Botsford, Oliver, Harman, Trueman, George, Jonathan, Colman, Isaiah)

Too young to appear in 1851 and earlier censuses.

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