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1921: McDonald, John age: 47 subdistrict: Westmorland Parish (John, Agness, Mertil, Edna, Guy, Major, Bliss, Harry, Herman)

1921: McDonald, John W. age: 52 subdistrict: Sackville Town (John W., Edna M., Doris G.)

1911: McDonald, John age: 44 subdistrict: Moncton (John, Margaret)

1911: McDonald, John age: 42 subdistrict: Botsford Parish (140/9) 01 (John, Bessie, Roy, William, Russel, Agnes, Myrtle, Hector, Major, Edna, Guy)

1911: McDonald, John age: 38 subdistrict: Moncton (Ernest Peters, John)

1911: McDonald, John W. age: 38 subdistrict: Sackville (152/5) 01 (John W., Edna, Harry, Doris)

1911: McDonald, John age: 37 subdistrict: Dorchester Village (Arthur B. Pipes, Charles, Daniel, Philip, Colin, Angus, Margarite, John, John, Joseph)

1901: McDonald, John age: 27 subdistrict: Botsford (John J Sweeney, John, Mary)

1901: McDonald, John J age: 36 subdistrict: Moncton (City/Cite) (John J, Margrett)

1901: McDonald, John W. age: 31 subdistrict: Sackville (46/193) 01 (John E. Ford, John W., Edna, Harry R.)

1901: McDonald, John age: 31 subdistrict: Westmorland (26/198) 01 (John, Bessie, Roy, Lewis, Russell, Agnes, Arther)

1901: McDonald, John L age: 27 subdistrict: Moncton (City/Cite) (Annie Nowlan, John L)

1881: McDonald, John age: 12 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-1 (John, Jane, Maggy, John, Stephen, Alexander)

Too young to appear in 1861 and earlier censuses.

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