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1911: Leger, Joseph age: 36 subdistrict: Moncton (Joseph, Alice, Solomon, Elise)

1911: Leger, Joseph age: 32 subdistrict: Shediac Parish (Joseph, Olive, Alire, Henrie)

1911: Leger, Josephine age: 28 subdistrict: Shediac Parish (108/43) 01 (François, Josephine, Pacifique, Romuald, Marceline, Madelaine, Denis)

1901: Leger, Joseph age: 21 subdistrict: Shediac (Dosithé, Barbe, Philomine, Joseph, Albeni)

1901: Leger, Joseph age: 28 subdistrict: Moncton (City/Cite) (Patrick Galeghar, Zoel M, Joseph)

1901: Leger, Joseph age: 28 subdistrict: Shediac (119/216) 01 (Joseph, Evangéline, Georgina, Lida, Amedée)

1901: Leger, Joseph age: 26 subdistrict: Shediac (Mearice Boudreau, Joseph)

1891: Leger, Joseph age: 13 subdistrict: Moncton Parish D-1 (Henry, Sara, Emelie, Louise, Joseph, Peter, Charles, Mary)

Too young to appear in 1871 and earlier censuses.

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