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1921: LeBlanc, Pascal age: 62 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (Pascal, Obeline, Emery, Irene, Erose, Degeneraine, Herald)

1901: Leblanc, Pascal age: 39 subdistrict: Botsford (93/10) 01 (Pascal, Josephine, James, Simon, Willie)

1901: LeBlanc, Pascal J age: 40 subdistrict: Moncton (52/187) 901 (Pascal J, Obelline, Elizabeth, Modeste, Irenae, Emorie, Erase)

1891: LeBlanc, Pascal age: 32 subdistrict: Moncton Parish D-1 (173/1) 901 (Pascal, Obéline, Bessie, Edgar)

1881: LeBlanc, Pascal age: 22 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-1 (Silvain, Clotilde, Agnes, Benoit, Pascal, Dophine, Lablanche, Barnabe, Leline, Eloie)

1881: LeBlanc, Pascal age: 22 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-1 (Francois, Pascal)

1871: LeBlanc, Pascal age: 13 subdistrict: Moncton (Joseph M, Dilley, Benjamin, Silvang, Rufeen, Dill, Elizabeth, Pascal, Daffeen, Mary, Barnaby, Matha Ann)

1861: Leblanc, Pascal age: 4 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (Reuben Wilson, Joseph Jnr, Delila, Bennedict, Sylvan, Ruth, Dolphin, Elizabeth, Pascal, Dauphin)

Too young to appear in 1851 and earlier censuses.

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