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1921: Harris, Frank Everett age: 44 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (Frank Everett, Margaret Eva, Fred Eli, Neil Emery, Catharine Jane)

1921: Harris, F. Frank age: 47 subdistrict: Sackville Town (F. Frank, H. Grace, Francis, Margaret, Frederic)

1911: Harris, Frank E age: 35 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (47/27) 8901 (Cathrin, Frank E, Duncan C, Mary H, Eli)

1911: Harris, Frank age: 36 subdistrict: Sackville (216/5) 01* (Frank, Grace, Frances, Margaret)

1901: Harris, Frank E age: 26 subdistrict: Moncton (207/186) 8901 (Eli, Catherin J, Frank E, Ethel L, Mary H, C Duncan)

1901: Harris, Frank age: 27 subdistrict: Sackville (15/193) 01* (Frederic C., Emilie C., Frank, Frances F.)

1891: Harris, Frank age: 15 subdistrict: Moncton Parish D-1 (8/1) 8901 (Eli, Kate, Frank, Ethel, Mary, John A.)

1881: Harris, Frank age: 5 subdistrict: Moncton Parish G-1 (243/1) 8901 (Eli, Kate, Frank)

Too young to appear in 1861 and earlier censuses.

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