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1921: Blakney, Perarl E age: 39 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (84/8) 012 (Irven I, Perarl E, Walter S, Hilda G, Milton L, Mary P)

1911: Blakney, Edna P age: 29 subdistrict: Moncton Parish (123/27) 012 (J Irving, Edna P, Walter, Hilda)

1901: Blakney, Ella age: 19 subdistrict: Salisbury (G. M., Alice, Alice M., Ella)

1901: Blakney, Clendina E. age: 15 subdistrict: Salisbury (Charles N., Marenda, Joseph S., Mary M., Huldah M., Clendina E., Charles Y., Daniel E., Alice A., Julitta M., Claude L., Aravessa M.)

1901: Blakney, Elmor S. age: 15 subdistrict: Salisbury (Jeptha, Carrie, Elmor S., Thomas B., Eugene, Elizabeth M., Joseph)

1901: Blakney, Barbara E. age: 16 subdistrict: Salisbury (35/18) 01 (Stephan, Lavicia M., Neomia L., Barbara E., Maud C., Almina H., Keith G.)

Too young to appear in 1871 and earlier censuses.

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