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District Summary Français
Inverness, Nova Scotia
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1 450 Broad Cove Marsh poll district South West Road, Dunvegan, Rear Dunvegan, South West Margaree, Rear Upper Margaree
2 600 Broad Cove Marsh poll district Dunvegan, Deepdale, Broad Cove Chapel, McEarchern Mills
3 900 Cheticamp poll district
4 800 Cheticamp poll district
5 800 Cheticamp poll district
6 400 Inverness East poll district Upper Glencoe, Dunakym, Glencoe Mills, Rear Brook Village, Rear Skye Glen, Mill River, Skye Glen, Brook Village, Rosedale
7 650 Glencoe West poll district Hillsborough, Mabou, Port Hood, Upper Glencoe, Glencoe, Upper South West Mabou
8 550 Craignish poll district Rhodena, Queensville, Essex, Craignish Rear, Troy, Craigmore, Low Point
9 400 River Dennis East poll district
10 500 River Denys West poll district River Denys Road, Upper Glencoe, River Denys Centre, Melford, Upper River Denys, Victoria Line, Denystown, Borneish
11 400 Hillsboro No. 5 West poll district Smithville, Black River, Mabou, Blackstone, Glendyer
12 450 Hillsboro No. 5 East poll district Brook Village, Centreville, Skye Glen, Melrose Hill, Hay`s River, Mount Young
13 950 River Inhabitants poll district Riverside, Princeville, Askelton, McIntyre Mountain, Glenora, West Bay Road, Glendale, Big Brook, Kingsville, West Bay, Maple Brook, Cleveland
14 750 Judique no. 2 sub-division no. 9 poll district Marktown, Banks, Centennial, Long Point, Rear Long Point, Rear of Judique Chapel, Campbell, Rear Campbell
15 650 Judique no. 2 sub-division no. 27 poll district Upper South West Mabou, Judique Chapel, Rear of Little Judique, Denystown, Judique Intervale, Rear of Judique Intervale, Hillsdale, Little Judique, Judique Ponds
16 550 Lake Ainslie East poll district Lake Ainslie South, Egypt, Lewis Mountain, Trout River, Upper East Ainslie, South West Margaree, Scotsville, Piper Glen
17 300 Lake Ainslie West poll district Mason Point, Lake Ainslie South End, McCormack, Lake Ainslie Chapel, Hays River, Claverhouse
18 750 Margaree Harbour poll district East Margaree, Belle Côte
19 600 Margaree South West poll district Margaree Forks, St Rose, East Margaree, Magaree Ford, Millbank
20 400 Margaree North East poll district
21 700 Margaree North East poll district Harvard Lakes
22 550 Margaree Harbour poll district Chimney Corner, Dunvegan, St. Rose
23 300 Margaree South West poll district Upper Margaree, South West Egypt, Mount Pleasant
24 700 Whycocomagh South poll district no. 18 Orangedale, Ashfield, Blue Mills, Wilburn, Orangedale East, Alba, Alba West, Gillis Cove, Iron Mines, Whycocomagh Portage
25 300 Pleasant Bay poll district Meat Cove, Cape St Lawrence, Low Lands, Pollett Cove, Fishing Cove
26 400 Poplar Grove poll district Glenora Falls, Mahon, Mahon North East, South Highlands, South Cape, Alexander poll district
27 400 Poplar Grove poll district Mahon Mines, Mahon Harbour Mouth, Sight Point, North East Glen, McKinnon Brook, Mahon Coal Mines, North East Mahon
28 800 Port Hastings poll district Troy, Lexington, Long Stretch, Sugar Camp, Queensville, McIntyre Lake, Melville, North West Arm, Crandall Road
29 700 Port Hawkesbury
30 1400 Port Hood poll district West Mabou Harbour, Glengarry, Rear Little Judique, Little Judique, Seaside, Port Hood Mines, Little Mabou, Port Hood South West, Rear Port Hood, Port Hood Island, Hawthorne, Dunmore
31 1100 St. Joseph poll district Grand Etang, Rear Grand Etang, Friars Head Chapel, Friars Head
32 600 Strath Lorne poll district Broad Cove Banks, North Highlands, Deepdale, South Highlands, Glenville, Port Ban, Foot Cape, Deepdale
33 550 Strath Lorne poll district Scottsville, Loch Ban, North Ainslie, Glenville, Kenloch, Deepdale, Upper Magaree
34 1150 West Bay poll district South Side River Denys, Militia Point, Big Harbour Island, Marble Mountain, Morrison, Lime Hill, Marshes, Malagawatch
35 500 Whycocomagh poll district no. 21 Stewartdale, Roseburn, Kemstoke, New Canada, Skye Mountain, Soapstone Mines, Skye Glen, Campbell Mountain
36 1600 Inverness
37 1150 Inverness
38 1100 Port Hood
39 600 Whycocomagh Village Northside Whycocomagh, Logans Glen, Melford Road, Little Narrows, Aberdeen, Ainslie Glen, Lewis Mountain, Skye Glen, Stewartdale, Rear Skye Glen, Whycocomagh Mount
40 200 Whycocomagh Indian Reserve Malagawatch Indian Reserve