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Notes for this district

Subdistrict Subdistrict 
So Far
Bright A-1 16800
Bright A-2 15750
Canterbury B-1 9450
Canterbury B-2 17850
Canterbury B-3 18900
Douglas C-1 15750
Douglas C-2 16800
Douglas C-3 211050
Dumfries  D  12600
Fredericton (City/Cité), Carleton (Ward/Quartier) E-4 311550
Fredericton (City/Cité), Kings (Ward/Quartier) E-2 221100
Fredericton (City/Cité), Queens (Ward/Quartier) E-3 291450
Fredericton (City/Cité), St. Anne's (Ward/Quartier) E-5 412050
Fredericton (City/Cité), Wellington (Ward/Quartier) E-1 231150
Kingsclear F-1 201000
Kingsclear F-2 12600
Manners Sutton H-1 11550
Manners Sutton H-2 231150
Marysville (Town/Ville)  I  381900
McAdam  G  15750
New Maryland  J  8400
North Lake  K  15750
Prince William L-1 8400
Prince William L-2 11550
Queensbury M-1 11550
Queensbury M-2 8400
Queensbury M-3 10500
Southampton O-1 15750
Southampton O-2 18900
Southampton O-3 15750
Southampton O-4 3150
St. Marys N-1 15750
St. Marys N-2 412050
St. Marys N-3 18900
Stanley P-1 18900
Stanley P-2 19950
Stanley P-3 15750

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