NOVA SCOTIA, HALIFAX, Portuguese Cove, G(1)

Subdistrict Link Destinations in the 1911 Census

SubdistrictEnum. district# of links
Portuguese Cove poll district24272
Sambro poll district295
Bedford poll district13
Cole Harbour42
Saint John291

Bowers, Andrew

Bowers, Laurence

Bowers, Laurence

Bowers, Lavinia

Bowers, May

Bowers, Serena

Bowers, Susan

Bowers, Susan

Brooks, Elizabeth

Brown, Richard

Burk, Bernard

Burk, Edward

Burk, Hannah

Burk, Jerome

Burk, John

Burk, John

Burk, Sarah

Burk, William

Christopher, Agnes

Christopher, Annie

Christopher, John

Christopher, John

Christopher, Laurence

Christopher, Leo

Christopher, Richard

Christopher, Walter

Christopher, William

Connors, James

Connors, John

Connors, Sarah

Connors, Susan

Fagan, Ambrose

Fagan, Georgina

Fagan, Mary

Fagan, Maud

Fagen, Isabell

Fagen, James

Fagen, John

Fleming, Agustus

Fleming, Albert

Fleming, Ann

Fleming, Aurther

Fleming, Blanch

Fleming, Burton

Fleming, Catherine

Fleming, Catherine

Fleming, Charles

Fleming, Edward

Fleming, Ellen

Fleming, Emanuel

Fleming, Francis

Fleming, Francis

Fleming, George

Fleming, Gilbert

Fleming, Henry

Fleming, James

Fleming, James

Fleming, John

Fleming, John

Fleming, Leo

Fleming, Louis

Fleming, Madelene

Fleming, Margaret

Fleming, Mary

Fleming, Nathinal

Fleming, Neil

Fleming, Richard

Fleming, Richard

Fleming, Richard

Fleming, Sarah

Fleming, Sarah J.

Fleming, Stanley

Fleming, Susan

Fleming, Thomas

Fleming, Vincent

Fleming, Wilfred

Fleming, William

Fleming, William

Gallagher, Alice

Gallagher, Daniel

Gallagher, David

Gallagher, Edward

Gallagher, Edward

Gallagher, James

Gallagher, Jane

Gallagher, John

Gallagher, John

Gallagher, Mary Ann

Gallagher, Miles

Gallagher, Seymour

Gear, Thomas

Hart, James

Holland, Beatrice

Holland, Catherine

Holland, Charles

Holland, Charles

Holland, Emma

Holland, Helena

Holland, Horatio

Holland, James

Holland, John W.

Holland, Lucy

Holland, Richard

Holland, Thomas

Holland, William

Johnson, Alice

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Annie

Johnson, Aurther

Johnson, Beatrice

Johnson, Bernard

Johnson, Bernard

Johnson, Catherine

Johnson, Ceclia

Johnson, Clarence

Johnson, Edith

Johnson, Ellen

Johnson, Ellen

Johnson, Evalyn

Johnson, Gasper

Johnson, Helena

Johnson, Jerome

Johnson, John J.

Johnson, John J.

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Laurence

Johnson, Lydia

Johnson, Lydia

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Micheal

Johnson, Mildred

Johnson, Sabine

Johnson, Susan

Johnstone, Bertha

Kelley, Bridget

Kelley, Catherine

Kelley, Charles

Kelley, Elizabeth

Kelley, Mary

Mackey, Christopher

Mackey, Hanson

Mackey, Susan

Martin, Alfred

Martin, Ann

Martin, Charles

Martin, Charles

Martin, Charles

Martin, Edith

Martin, Eliza

Martin, Francis

Martin, Francis

Martin, Francis

Martin, George

Martin, Gerald

Martin, Henry

Martin, John C.

Martin, Lawrence

Martin, Margaret

Martin, Mark

Martin, Mary

Martin, Mary

Martin, Richard

Martin, Rose

Martin, Stephen

Martin, Thomas

Murphy, Agnes

Murphy, Alice M.

Murphy, Edward

Murphy, Grace

Murphy, Margaret

Murphy, Maurice

Myatt, Alphonsus

Myatt, Elizabeth

Myatt, Ellen

Myatt, George

Myatt, John

Myatt, L'Roy

O'Neill, Charles

O'Neill, Edith

O'Neill, Ferguson

O'Neill, Jennima

O'Neill, Mary

O'Neill, Patrick

ONeill, Charles

ONeill, Francis

Outerbridge, John

Outerbridge, Margaret

Pettipas, Catherine

Pettipas, James

Pittipas, Alfred

Pittipas, Aurther

Pittipas, Catherine

Pittipas, Charles

Pittipas, Douglas

Pittipas, Elizabeth

Pittipas, Mary

Pittipas, Samuel

Pittipas, Sarah

Pittipas, William

Power, Catherine

Power, James

Power, John F.

Power, Lamont

Power, Mary Alice

Power, William

Purcell, Agustis

Purcell, Aubrey

Purcell, Bertram

Purcell, Bresnan

Purcell, Catherine

Purcell, Christopher

Purcell, Christopher

Purcell, Daniel

Purcell, Dennis

Purcell, Elizabeth

Purcell, Ellen

Purcell, Elsie

Purcell, Ernest

Purcell, Francis

Purcell, Frederick

Purcell, George

Purcell, Hildred

Purcell, Irene

Purcell, Loretta

Purcell, Louis

Purcell, Owen

Purcell, Rebecca

Purcell, Sarah

Purcell, Susan

Quan, William

Saddler, George

Saddler, James

Saddler, Mary

Saddler, William

Scallion, Alice

Scallion, Andrew

Scallion, Annie

Scallion, Francis

Scallion, John

Scallion, Mary

Scallion, Sarah

Smith, Agustus

Smith, Benjamin

Smith, Jane

Smith, John

Smith, Lawrence

Smith, Mary Ann

Smith, Theodore

Spears, John

Tuoig, Walter

Welsher, Ellen

Welsher, Francis

Welsher, John

Welsher, Michael

Welsher, Vincent

Welsher, William

Whalen, Irene

Whalen, John

Whalen, Lilian

Whalen, mary

Whalen, Mildred

Whalen, Peter

White, Clarence

White, Francis

White, Margaret

White, Peter

White, Sarah

White, William

Wilkie, Alice

Wilkie, John

Wilkie, John

Wilkie, Margaret